Thursday, December 17, 2020

BOOK REVIEW-- Scrooged by the Biker (Love Demands a Holiday) by McKenna Rogue *


Ginger is the pastor’s daughter and off limits
We have history, but I’ve managed to keep my distance

She saunters into my shop with holiday cookies and her Christmas list
She tells me all she wants for Christmas is me
It takes everything I have not to kiss her, mistletoe or not

I know I’m no good for her—I’m leather and she’s lace
But we fit together like mistletoe and holly
We’re both reminded how life is too short
This Christmas, the only thing I’m unwrapping under my tree is her

Scrooged by a Biker is a standalone, interconnected Love Demands a Holiday romance. Charlie really knows how to rev up Ginger’s engine. Christmas is going to get hot even in the middle of a snow storm.



This was a short story that was both sweet and hot at different times.

The stereotypes of big bad biker and pure, virginal pastor's daughter are shown to not be totally accurate.   That was something different.

I have to add that it was refreshing that Ginger's father, Pastor Williams was portrayed in a positive way. So many times in different places that's not the case.  

 I just wish I liked the story more. Although looking at reviews, other people did.  

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