Saturday, December 26, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Rhett: a forbidden friends to lovers romance stand alone (Signature Sweethearts) by [Kelsie Rae] *


*Can be read as a standalone. Does not contain cheating.*

I've always been a routine kind of girl. I bake in the morning, then go for a quick run in the evening before I'm in bed by seven since I'm always up at the butt crack of dawn to––you guessed it––bake some more. 

Just. Like. Clockwork. 

Then my new neighbor ruins everything. 
My sexy new neighbor. 

My sexy new neighbor who happens to visit my bakery every morning with a cocky smirk and a suggestion that I butter his biscuits.

Oh, and did I mention the worst part?

He works with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend who is completely oblivious that every time he bails on a date and sends Rhett in his place, I'm pushed closer and closer to the edge of falling for someone that isn't him.

But I'm not a cheater. And neither is Rhett. So where does that leave me?

It leaves me screwed. Well, not literally, but you get my point.
They say the grass isn't always greener on the other side. But... what if it really is?  AMAZON LINK


This was a sweet, charming story. Some of the sweet  also came from her bakery.  One suggestion that I might make is not to be reading this book when you are hungry or craving sweets.   The food talk might just push you over the edge.  Kidding and not kidding about that.  *Smile.

Some fun comes from  the new women that Indie hires for her bakery.  Sophie and Natalie add some smiles, and also some naughty sass from Sophie.  They all become friends as well as employees as the story goes on. 

Tony was clueless but it seemed like he liked having his head in the sand.  It seemed to serve him well.  Jerk.  

What's not to like about Rhett?  He's a good guy with a core of honor.  He also has one hard rule that he doesn't ever break.  He doesn't mess with someone in a relationship. 

After working through some painful confrontations, there is a H.E.A. and Epilogue.


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