Thursday, December 3, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Black Lace ( Eternal Love Billionaires #1) by Caitlyn Ashe *


What if being betrayed led to the best thing in your life?

Tiffany Carter is engaged to the love of her life. When he betrays her in the worst way possible, she thinks she could never be healed. Declan McLean has been one of Tiffany's best friends for years. When he comes to comfort her in her time of need, she could never imagine it might lead to something better than she could've expected. Black Lace is a novella about finding love in the most unlikely of places.  AMAZON LINK

 What a beautiful eBook cover this is I loved it.  Too bad I didn't love the story itself more.  Even knowing it's a short story I was hoping for more STORY.  Lots of sex though.  What was there was somewhat predictable but with a good ending.  

One thing that I need to say, is that I hope you like the "F" word because it's used quite freely. 

 I  was given a  free  copy of this book.  There was no review of it required.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.”





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