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BOOK REVIEW- HOME BY DARK-Rachel Weaver Mason is finally going home to Deer Run, the Amish community she left behind so many years ago. Recently widowed, she wants desperately to create a haven for herself and her young daughter.
But the community, including Rachel's family, is anything but welcoming. The only person happy to see her is her teenage brother, Benjamin, and he's protecting a dark secret that endangers them all.
Determined to keep Benjamin safe from a suspected killer, Rachel has no choice but to turn to the one man she wanted to get as far away from as possible. Colin McDonald was her late husband's friend, and the man who came between them. He's never forgotten her and would do anything to keep her and her family safe. Rachel doesn't know if she can trust Colin, or her growing feelings for him. But as they hunt for the killer, the tension between them builds and soon both their lives, and their hearts, are on the line.  AMAZON

I liked  this story, just had to get used to the fact that it is a slower paced one.  Slowly building some of the background stories of life when Rachel was still considered Amish.  It also went on to show some of  the struggles she was having on returning to the town.  I liked the main characters, Rachel, her daughter Mandy and Colin.   It seems Rachel and Colin have been laboring under more than one misunderstanding for years.  Rachel just wants to get her life together, get her bed and breakfast up an running without any complications, especially a complication named Colin.   Colin on the other hand, just wants to help Rachel and her daughter.  That definitely causes tension between the two of them.    Tension of course comes in when it comes to Rachel's Amish family.  Most of them who are not interacting with her.  Her 14 year old brother Benji was one of the exceptions and he was an interesting character. Good, secondary characters in the story as well.
There ended up being more than just one mystery that needed to be solved and there was a really great twist towards the end.

I like how at one point, Benji was describing directions to an old barn to Colin.  A place that he and some friends went to  What I liked was this, "He was trying to follow them in his mind's eye, trying to figure out exactly where they had been."    Don't we all do this?  Its just that I don't ever remember it being mentioned in a story before. It was kind of nice to see that detail included.

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BOOK REVIEW- "Dreams Deferred

BOOK REVIEW- DREAMS DEFERRED-Ivy Brooks was always attracted to the bad boys until one day, she met the worst of them all and landed in prison as a result. Now, three years later, more mature and the mother of a beautiful little boy, she’s determined to make a better life for herself and her son. She’s also determined to make better choices when it comes to men and she’s not sure her former cellmate’s drop dead gorgeous brother Luke – a former bad boy who professes to have turned over a new leaf – is the right choice. 
Just when she believes she’s made a fresh start, her son’s father, Zeke, finds out about her secret baby and sues for full custody. She kept her mouth shut when the police found jewelry from the heist committed by Zeke in her apartment. But now, to save her son from a life of misery, Ivy has no choice but to testify against Zeke. Luke is determined to protect Ivy and her son at any cost. Will she stay alive long enough to testify? And can she trust Luke to stand by her side without being drawn back into a life of violence?   AMAZON

Good read about the results of  making bad decisions and then overcoming them.  I liked how Ivy worked so hard to turn her life around afterwards.  Her jailhouse buddy Karen, proved to be a loyal but slightly ditsy friend.   But Karen is also looking to put her life back together again.  Her brother, Luke, although he wasn't a felon had already turned his life around.  He still puts off that bad boy vibe that Ivy so likes.   You could feel the attraction between Ivy and Luke and how they danced around it.  Ivy, was unsure of her ability to pick a nice guy, and also she was super busy.  She had her son,her work, school  probation and now some legal problems.  There's also the tricky problem of keeping her son and staying alive.  Luke was doing his best to help her.  The friendship came first,which was nice to see.   Ivy had some good family support.  
I did question one thing about the story.  Because Ivy was on probation, was she really allowed to interact with Karen?  Karen was also a felon, I thought maybe that wouldn't be allowed.  You know, the thing about not associating with known felons. .....

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Rescued blind pug

Mikey, the blind pug
Rescued blind pug will light up your day
If you looked at Mikey the pug's health records, you can see why he was considered a prime candidate for euthanasia. Mikey had demodectic mange and a severe case of glaucoma that left him mostly blind and in serious pain. But fortunately, the volunteers at the Michigan Humane Society looked beyond Mikey's health records and directly into this loving dog's heart and soul. The decision was made to save Mikey's life by removing his eyes.
Still, the opportunities for adoptions for blind dogs are slim, because dogs in this condition require special care and treatment. But that did not deter Judge Sabrina Johnson who adopted Mikey in March. As Johnson explains in a video produced by the Humane Society, Mikey's transition into her life was seamless.
"When I first brought him home, I took him around on a leash, maybe three times. And he does not bump into anything." Johnson goes on to explain what a pro Mikey is about learning new environments quickly. And when he does have the occasional setback, Mikey just takes a little Taylor Swift advice and shakes it off.
"Sometimes when we're walking in the park, he'll get going and run into a tree,” she says. “He simply backs up, shakes it off and keeps moving. He really has taught me about how to live life.”
Mikey has not only won the heart of Judge Johnson, he also brings joy to the lives of other employees and visitors to Johnson's district court in Inkster, Michigan.
"When people meet him, they melt. I've seen very tough police officers just get down on their hands and knees, just play with him,” Johnson says. “He brightens everyone’s day."
And as if we didn't already know, Johnson fills us in on how much happiness Mikey has brought into her life.
"I got him from rescue, and he really rescued me," Johnson commented. "He's just the love of my life,"
Want to see Mikey the adorable rescue pug in action? Of course you do. Here's the video.


Justice is Blind

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BOOK REVIEW- HEARTS DON'T LIE-Mitch MacLaren has reasons for avoiding relationships, and in his opinion, they’re pretty darn good. As the new president of RTC Bucking Bulls, difficult challenges occur daily. He certainly doesn’t need another one in the form of a fiery, blue-eyed, redhead. 
Dana Ballard’s new job forces her to work with the one MacLaren who can’t seem to get over himself and lighten up. Their verbal sparring is second nature and entertaining until the night of Mitch’s departure when he surprises her with a dare she doesn’t refuse.  
With his assignment in Fire Mountain over, Mitch is free to return to Montana and run the business his father helped start. The glitch in his enthusiasm has to do with one irreversible mistake—the dare Dana didn’t ignore. Now, for reasons that confound him, he just can’t let it go. 
Working together is a circumstance neither wants, but both must accept. As their attraction grows, so do the accidents and strange illnesses of the animals RTC depends on to stay in business. Mitch’s total focus should be on finding the reasons and people behind the incidents. Instead, he finds himself torn between his unwanted desire for Dana and the business which is his life.  
In his mind, a simple proposition can solve one problem. Will Dana make the smart move and walk away? Or take the gamble and expose her heart? 
Hearts Don’t Lie, Book Six in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary series.    AMAZON

Hmm, I've read a few of the other books in this series.  So I thought it wouldn't be too hard to just catch up fast on this one.   Sorry, to say it wasn't quite that easy for me.   Although this is a stand-alone novel, I kept getting lost every so often with the fairly large cast of characters.  Now, that doesn't mean I didn't like it.   I did, it just probably wasn't my favorite out of all of them  have read so far.   There was a good mystery when it came to all the trouble that RTC Bucking Bulls, seemed to keep encountering.  A good twist when it came to the who and the why of the source of that trouble.  Mitch was one tough, gruff, moody man with a commitment phobia.  He had plenty of reasons why he was that way.  Just too much betrayal from women, beginning in his life from his teen years.  I did like how the story showed that not only was he a talented businessman but also that he had some hidden creative talents too.    Dana was such a warm, loving person who took some incredible risks with her heart, when she entered into a basically "friends with benefits" relationship with Mitch.   She was hoping for more but knew she might just have to get as much of Mitch as she could until he got tired of her.  
There was a satisfying ending to the story. 

"I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review." 

"God & Government" Transformation Michigan

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Kroger announces recall of 4 spices over salmonella concerns - WNEM TV 5

Kroger announces recall of 4 spices over salmonella concerns - WNEM TV 5

In a press release Saturday, the grocery store chain announced they are recalling the following products:
  • Kroger Bac'n Buds: 12 oz containers
  • Kroger Coarse Ground Black Pepper: 17.1 oz containers
  • Kroger Ground Cinnamon: 18.3 oz containers
  • Kroger Garlic Powder: 24.7 oz containers
Kroger says the products may be contaminated with salmonella and, if eaten, could result in severe illness to those individuals who may consume this product.
Kroger says they have removed the potentially affected items from store shelves and initiated its customer recall notification system that alerts customers who may have purchased recalled Class 1 products through register receipt tape messages and phone calls.
Customers who have purchased the above products should not consume them and should return them to a store for a full refund or replacement.

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BOOK REVIEW- A Cowboy Unmatched

Book Review- A Cowboy Unmatched-  Neill isn't sure who hired him to repair Clara's roof--he only knows Clara desperately needs his help. Can he convince this stubborn widow to let down her guard and take another chance on love?   AMAZON

I liked this story.  Clara had been given such a raw deal after her parents death.  She married the first man who asked her.  Too bad, he was bum when it came to how he treated her.  Oh, he came from a wealthy background.  He was the heir to his father's ranch but was only a sometimes husband to Clara.  He married her to spite his father, it added the sting to his father because Clara was part Comanche.  After his son's death, his father meant to get a hold of his unborn grandson.  He was so sure that it would be a grandson.  And he wasn't a man to play fair, he meant to buy or steal him after his birth.    Neill, was a man trying to be seen as a man of worth and earn money to buy his own place. He had older brothers, he was the youngest and was tired of living in their shadows.  He loved them by wanted to leave his own mark.  Clara and her struggle changed everything for him.
Yes,their romance was fast but I enjoyed it anyway.

Gifts? Don't Neglect (p)

Streams Ministries International


What if following your heart means failing your family?
Eila Sood leaves India for the U.S., hoping to unite her family and mend fences with her estranged older sister. She soon learns that her sister’s intercultural marriage, which outraged their parents, has hit rock bottom. To help pay the bills, Eila accepts an accounting job at a strip club, working for the fascinating yet infuriating Brett Wright.  As their friendship and mutual desire builds, Eila chooses keeping family peace over following her heart. After Brett misinterprets her fears and accuses Eila of prejudice, his ex-girlfriend steps in to offer solace.  Eila realizes that whichever choice she makes will rip her life apart. What will Eila choose? Love of her life or a life ruled by tradition?   AMAZON

I really liked this one.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the main character, Eila at all.  Sure she was cute in her awkward at times kind of way.  And at least one person in the book said she was a "trouble magnet" which she was.   Although not in an evil way.  No, it wasn't any of that but how cold and rude she was to her brother-in-law Steve.    I had to keep reminding myself (and the book helped me in this) that she blamed everything on Steve for her family's breakup.  To her, he was the enemy. I found that my feelings about her changed pretty quickly because I got to see the really good parts to her.  She was funny, quirky, mouthy, spunky in her own way and loving.
The clashes between Eila and Brett were fun and they really didn't cut each other much slack.  Eila often ended up embarrassed and Brett often had a "wicked glint" in his eyes around her.  It just made their "non" dating relationship very interesting. Oh, the attraction was there but so where the difficulties.   
Eila had an unusual sense of humor, that the reader gets to hear, even in her internal conversations.   That was something that I really enjoyed.  

I loved the humorous turn of words that the author used to describe some things.   I just have to give at least one example of it.  So here it is, " But not being a morning person, she displayed all the traits of an inebriated money dancing on a tin roof."  This and other similar comments made me smile.   Its so hard not to add another one because I had a second best liked phrase.  But the nice thing is that although they appear in the story, it didn't feel like it was overdone.  The additional cast of characters were enjoyable as well.  I did learn a thing or two when it came to some of India's  customs and some of the foods that were added in the story. 

The  meaning of the title became clear fairly soon and I think really fit the story.   

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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BOOK REVIEW- Always the One (Meadowview Book 6)

BOOK REVIEW- Always the One (Meadowview Book 6) -After five years locked up for a crime she didn’t commit, when wild child Coraleen Pettigrew returns home to the small town of Meadowview, it’s with a crash and a bang. 
Straight and narrow Sheriff Remy Toussaint is up for reelection, but the reappearance of Coraleen and the fact that she can’t seem to keep her sexy rear out of jail could cost him the election. Doesn’t help that he’s falling for the girl who’s his opposite in every way.  When the by-the-books sheriff and the former convict connect to prove her innocence, sparks fly and mayhem follows. But after one too many of Coraleen’s hijinks threatens Remy’s reputation, she’s faced with a choice: stay and put Remy’s campaign at risk, or leave and break her own heart. Sometimes love means rules can be broken…but will Remy learn this in time to stop Coraleen from leaving Meadowview for good?    AMAZON

I really liked what one of Coraleen's friend said that," when Coraleen loved, she loved hard".   And it was true.  There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for someone she loved.   She'd done just that and given up so much.  She spent 5 years in prison and then she came back to her hometown.  Just a quick trip in, buy her horse back and she was going to leave again.  But this is the place where most of the people thought she really was guilty and hated her for it,  She did have a few people who still loved her and thought she didn't do it there didn't seem to be too many of those.  It was hard for her to deal with all the judgment that she encountered.   The last thing that she wanted to do was run into Remy, as much as she cared for him, there just wasn't any hope for them.  When she confessed 5 years ago, she was already in love with him.   But she had to tear him  out of her life and send him on his way because what life could a former convict and sheriff have together?    But of course they do meet up almost at once and its in dramatic way too!  The author wrote in such a way that you can feel Coraleen and Remy's pain and yearning.    There were some good secondary people as well.  Add to that the "secrets/mysteries" that just need to be unraveled.  There's definitely ''something rotten in Denmark.''   Okay, make that "Something rotten in Meadowview".  There are some people who will do just about anything to keep the truth from coming out. They have already done quite a bit to Coraleen already, behind the scenes of course. There's quite an interesting twist toward the end as the truth does get forced out, in a smile worthy way.   At least it made me smile!

“I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

Worship & the Brain

And science shows worship fires

up the frontal lobe of the brain 

increasing wisdom!

Lana Vawser: 'Creativity is Being Unlocked and Bringing Healing'

Lana Vawser: 'Creativity is Being Unlocked and Bringing Healing'

 On a recent morning, I felt the Lord say that HE is unlocking creativity in the hearts and lives of His people. Where creativity has been locked away because of trauma or hurt, where it has been squashed because of shame, where it has been stolen by the enemy, where it has been broken because of REJECTION – He is unlocking creativity in HUGE ways.
I saw ANGELIC HOSTS being released from Heaven and they had paintbrushes in their hands. As I watched them heading towards the hearts and lives of His people, a knowing came over me. They were being sent to the people of God to RELEASE UPON THEM the CREATIVE BRUSHSTROKE OF HEAVEN. The creative BRUSHSTROKE of the Father's heart of creativity.
As they soared over the people of God and began to stroke these brushes over their hearts, minds and lives, I saw RIVERS of living waters begin to flow out of the people of God. In these rivers I saw prophetic songs and music, books, paintings, poems, writings, media, DVDs, CDs, and even recipes for entertaining and displaying the heart and creativity of God through food. I saw ballet shoes and ribbons representing prophetic dance and blueprints that were containing creative illustrations for plays and sermons. This river was GUSHING. As the rivers gushed I heard: "INCREASE, INCREASE, INCREASE."(Photo via flickr)
Even though creativity had been held back for whatever reason, the Lord was TURNING these areas of "backlog" into momentum to release this creative wave with GREAT ACCELERATION!!
There was a GREAT unlocking happening right across the Body of Christ from those who were moving in HIGH LEVELS of creativity to those who are only beginning to explore it, to those who have their creativity completely locked away. As this unlocking was happening I saw the people of God begin to dream creatively and something was being awakened deep within them.
ElijahList Prophetic Resources
I then heard Papa speak, "It's time to give new things a go!" As the people of God stepped out, even those who believed they were not creative, they were beginning to move into a wave of deep expression of who they are. They were beginning to learn more about WHO they are.
Deep Healing Happening in Hearts!
As they chose to step away from fear and lies and move into different areas of creative expression, I saw a DEEP healing happening in hearts. The brushstrokes of the Father's delight, approval, love and embrace over them in every area they moved in. Deep healing, deliverance and freedom was coming upon the people of God as they moved in His creative flow!
The increase over creativity is SO significant in ALL areas right now, and there is a creative wave of increase being released and it's time to ride the wave. I felt the Lord say, "I am taking back the mountain of arts and media." (Arts, Entertainment and Media are a part of the seven mountains of culture/influence in society.)
The Lord is releasing such NEW and FRESH creative expression and the expression of His heart through creativity right now, that it is going to see His love and Spirit begin to take back the mountain of "Arts and media". The world is going to begin to see FROM THE PEOPLE OF GOD a NEW and FRESH level of creativity. There is a CREATIVE EXPLOSION upon the Body of Christ RIGHT NOW! (Photo via deviantart)
Step out! It's time to give things a go! The more you step into this wave of creativity, not only will deeper levels of creativity be unlocked within you and be released through you and for many open doors of extravagant favour, HEALING is taking place. Healing of hearts, minds and bodies are being healed as the TRUE YOU, the TRUE EXPRESSION of YOU, comes forth. The YOU He created you to be. Through CREATIVITY, He is CALLING the TRUE YOU out! You are being AWAKENED CREATIVE ONE!
I declare an unlocking of NEW LEVELS of creativity over you right now in Jesus name!
Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser is married to Kevin, and they are living in Brisbane, Australia with their two sons. Lana and Kevin's heart is to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. They have a heart to see people free and walking in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day. Lana is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and over the nations through both the pulpit and the internet. Lana preaches regularly and ministers prophetically calling people into a constant pursuit of His heart and hearing His voice for themselves and others.
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BOOK REVIEW- Drop Dead Gorgeous

BOOK REVIEW- Drop Dead Gorgeous (Dangerous Male (The Donatelli Brothers) Book 1)
Drop-dead gorgeous or drop-dead guilty?  When show girl Sasha Brozynski arrived at the chapel for her best friend's wedding, the bride had disappeared without a trace and the identity of the groom was unknown. Nick Donatelli, son of a crime boss, had a reputation as a ladykiller. As a matter of fact, two of his ex-girlfriends had been murdered. Furthermore, he'd been involved with the missing bride. 
Sasha would do anything to find her friend... even seduce a dangerous male.  AMAZON

I liked the story.  Sasha has just gone through some serious, scary things lately and her close friend JoJo helped her recover.  Now that same friend is missing but no one seems to be taking Sasha's concerns about her seriously.   So even though she's scared she starts investigating on her own.  The first thing she does is try to get a job at the same nightclub that JoJo had worked at.    From there she figured it would be easier to ask questions and scope out the area.  Unfortunately, it also places her so much closer to Nick Donatelli, the owner.  He's hot, gorgeous and has his eye on her.  He knows she's up to something because of course in his experience all women are.  Yes, he knows she's looking for her friend  but what else is she up to?  That's what he is wondering but he's willing to play along for awhile because he likes what he sees.  Sasha is so confused, there are so many conflicting ideas about Nick and his family.  She's afraid to get any closer because of that and the fact that she is attracted strongly to Nick as well.  I liked Sasha, she just never gave up when it came to looking for the truth.  This story had some really good mysteries and red herrings when t came to "who is good and who isnt".   There were plenty of people with their own motives, that really kept me going as to what happened to JoJo and whodunit.  

"I’m Broken With a Purpose!" Richard Crisco

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Springen O'Flaherty has the ability to see auras. As a child she lived in a Popsicle world where the kids were swathed in brilliant colors and the grown-ups were a fuzzy pastel. Later, her psychic powers multiplied and resulted in a life of secrets and half-truths–of otherworldly sights and experiences. Spring was resigned to the status quo until she met Jed Collinsworth. Now she wants that two-kids and a minivan life, but to accomplish her goal she has to be honest with the man she loves. But first she has to come to terms with her unique abilities.   The sudden loss of her dad plays havoc with Spring's well-laid plans. Ready or not, Jed is about to be introduced to the O'Flaherty clan of western Virginia with all their eccentricities and quirks–tent revival preachers, gospel musicians, healers, heroes, and pot growers. When faced with the truth will Jed help Spring discover the elusive sense of peace and acceptance that she's always wanted? And will she finally make peace with her God?   AMAZON

Wow, what can I say about this book?  Not sure what I was expecting exactly but it was really different.  To be honest in the beginning of the book, I wasn't sure I was even going to like it.  So much of Spring's childhood experiences were in the book, but as time went on I could see why.  It was an important part of the full story.   Reading about Spring and her sister's Maeve and Fiona's relationship was fun especially as they worked together towards the end of the book.  They got in trouble of course but they did prevail.  The whole family was a hoot.  Not only her mother and father, her twin brothers but also some of the other family members.  Unique but also incredibly loving, that includes their extended family and those they have unofficially adopted.
Spring was holding back part of her life (secrets) from Jed and he knows it.  He just doesn't know what it is.  Yet.  Spring has had some scary experiences linked with her "gift".  She's not so sure its such a great gift, feeling it might be more like a curse.  She's afraid to let strangers hug or touch her because that hasn't always worked out well for her.   She doesn' understand it, doesn't know what to do with it.  To top everything off, she can't ask God because she's still mad at him and hasn't talked to him in awhile.   While from my standpoint of faith, I don't agree with some of the things expressed in the book, I still have to say that it was well written.   Putting that aside, there was family loyalty, mysteries to be solved, bad guys to be caught and there was a  love story or two.  I really liked Spring and Jed together and  I'm counting Spring's mom and dad as one of those romances.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When You Walk Into The Room & Spontaneous - Amanda Cook - Bethel Music W...

Bill Johnson| Dad Wants You to Fulfill Your Dreams | Bill Johnson 2015

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BOOK REVIEW- Just a Theory: a quantum love adventure

BOOK REVIEW- Just a Theory: a quantum love adventure-Just when Martin thinks his life will never go anywhere remotely interesting, he meets an eccentric quantum physicist who gives him the ability to travel to his parallel lives where, in one of them, he runs a successful bed and breakfast with his beautiful wife in Italy. Problem is, he has no control over any of it.   AMAZON

If someone wanted me to describe this book in one word it would have to be, "Different".  With the subtitle of Quirky in a good way.  Martin was so  hopelessly clueless, an underachiever in every area of his life.  He was depressed and felt that nothing good would ever happen for him, so why even expect it.  He was firmly parked behind that wall.  But still, it just made me want to see things change for him.  Then all the mini-adventures happened.  He found one he really wanted but just couldn't seem to stay in it.  This was a quick read for me.  I think not only because of it being about 136 pages, but because I was enjoying it. I'm not into seeking, out-of-body experiences but it didn't go into deep details of the practises.    As a Christian, its not something I believe in doing, but for the sake of entertainment, it had its place in the story.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wow,Never Saw This Before (p)


Twin babies adorably perform Irish dance

Cool Stuff Distractions (p)

HOT 104.5


BOOK REVIEW- LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP-Dutiful daughter Faith Baxendale just wants to please. Faith isn’t as adventurous as her younger sister, Hope, gadding about the Continent with their aunt, nor as rebellious as her elder sister, Honor, who planned to become a card sharp. And Faith couldn’t lose herself in her art like sixteen-year-old, Charity. Even Mercy, at fourteen, shows more backbone!  After Faith’s first Season ends, her father urges her to marry the man of his choice. But when Lord Vaughn Winborne, a neighbor Faith had a crush on while still in the schoolroom, arrives home for the Brandreth’s hunt ball, surprising even to herself, Faith is drawn again towards a man her father would never consider.  The youngest Brandreth male, Vaughn, is the black sheep of the family. His elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, still looks upon him as a reckless youth, and Vaughn is determined to prove him wrong.  A chance comes in the form of a scandal not of Vaughn’s making, and he must learn to trust Faith, who, when all’s said and done, has always known her own mind.  AMAZON

I found this book to be a charming book with just a few surprises.  It was enjoyable although somewhat predictable.    Both main characters, had their POV's shared in a way that flowed smoothly.    Faith has seen herself as being in love with Vaughn for years.  Her love for him began as a young girl, when he helped her down from a tree.  Even though she hadn't seen him in awhile, the attraction is still there when she sees him again.  Her father's pressure to marry has brought many suitors to her door to ask for her hand.  She keeps saying "no" which causes more tension at home with her father.

Problem #1-Faith wants to marry for love, but isn't too sure how long she has before she might be forced to choose a man without being in love with him. 

 Problem #2-As time goes on, Vaughn is drawn more and more to Faith but knows there is no way her father would ever approve their match.   Vaughn's not even sure she loves him. 

 Problem #3- Vaughn's inheritance is being held up by his eldest brother.    

 Problem #4 A villain who has been lurking in the back ground is still stalking Faith. 

 There are other things going on with both of the families which add to the story.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

Prophets Are Not Psychics or Witches or Shamans

Prophets Are Not Psychics or Witches or Shamans

Jennifer LeClaire is now sharing her reflections and revelations through Walking in the Spirit, a new podcast from Charisma. Listen at

Every day I get at least a handful of digital requests from precious people all over the world desperately seeking a prophetic word. As I've said before, some come begging. Others come demanding. Still others come with money in hand to buy a prophecy or dream interpretation.
don't sell prophecies and dream interpretations. I'm not a psychic. I don't read crystal balls. I'm not a shaman. I don't divine the hidden. I'm not like Buddha. You can't rub my belly for good luck. Honestly, as much as my heart goes out to people who are desperate to hear the voice of God, if I endeavored to "go to the throne" to get a word from God for everyone who inquired, I'd have to isolate myself in a cave and live on bread and water.
Don't get me wrong. I am not against personal prophecy. I prophesy over people at the Awakening House of Prayer and various conferences all the time. But as I've said many times, prophetic ministry doesn't operate like a gumball machine. You can't put in a quarter—or send an email or Facebook message—and out comes a prophetic word. It just doesn't work that way.
Phony, Fake Prophets
True prophets don't work to make you dependent on their gift to guide you. Phony prophets specialize in this area. True prophets live by the Ephesians 4:11 model: to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Phony prophets specialize in clever marketing schemes to put a quick buck in their pocket in exchange for a prophetic word that may of come from their spirit—or a familiar spirit—but isn't likely to have originated with the Spirit of God.
I recently ran into one of these phony prophets. We'll just call her Jade. Perhaps ironically, this all-powerful Internet prophetess purchased prophetic training materials from my website. Apparently, the post office dropped the ball and delayed the delivery. My office checked the tracking and let Jade know that the materials were definitely in transit and apologized for the delay.
We didn't hear back from Jade until seven months later, when she suddenly surfaced with a complaint that she hadn't received the printed materials. Jade also shared how she felt stuck and had so many issues to deal with in her life. She was frustrated and unhappy. We tried to minister to her and checked on the order with the Post Office.
Meanwhile, we noticed Jade sells prophetic words on her website. Shocked to come email to email with an Internet prophetess, we asked her how much she charged for personal prophecy. To our amazement, Jade then offered to "get a prophetic word" for us but warned that "I own my own business and work day and night, so sometimes it takes me a long while to deliver the prophetic words."
According to the Post Office, the package was delivered over half a year ago! Nevertheless, we refunded her money immediately for the entire order, including the digital materials she had already received. Then we got our prophetic word, but it was word curses from the pit of hell. We broke those words, in Jesus' name. But that got me wondering, do phony, fake Internet prophets offer a satisfaction guarantee for their prophecies? Selah.
Thankfully, we didn't pay for any prophecy, but I know many people do. They pay prophets for bogus words and make major life decisions based on those words and wonder what went wrong. I talk about this in my book: Did the Spirit of God Say That? Again, I don't sell prophecies and dream interpretations. I'm not a psychic. I don't read crystal balls. I'm not a shaman. I don't divine the hidden. I'm not like Buddha. You can't rub my belly for good luck.
The Holy Ghost Is Not for Sale
Of course, not all fake, phony prophets are on the Internet. I recently heard of a well-known prophet who would not prophesy at the altar until he received an offering from each individual who wanted a prophetic word. There were even credit card machines for easy swiping so folks wouldn't hold up the line. Yes, really.
When I get phone calls, emails and Facebook messages begging, demanding and offering to pay for prophetic words, it grieves me because I can see clearly that there is still a major misunderstanding about prophetic ministry in the body of Christ. And that can put these precious believers in danger of getting merchandised, deceived and otherwise steered in the wrong direction in the name of sincerely "seeking God." I don't have time to respond to each and every one in detail about the role of the prophet, why it's inappropriate for prophets to charge for prophecies or how to hear from God.
But let me assure you of this: God wants to speak to you. In fact, He's probably speaking to you more than you realize. I have a free prophetic teaching series on YouTube about how to discern the voice of God. It's old and the quality isn't the greatest, but it may help you. There are also many books on the topic.
Precious saints, God wants to speak to you directly. Don't run to a prophet—and don't pay a prophet—for prophetic words. Run to God and sow your time into fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. You won't be disappointed and you won't walk away with a manufactured poor prophecy that leads you in the wrong direction. The Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth (John 16:13). That's a promise from King Jesus. Amen.
Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma. She is also director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and author of several books, including The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual AwakeningMornings With the Holy Spirit, Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of GodThe Making of a Prophet and Satan's Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft. You can visit her website here. You can also join Jennifer on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.
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Friday, July 24, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- THE IDEAL MAN-Dr. Ellie Sullivan has witnessed the shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of a ruthless modern-day Bonnie and Clyde known as the Landrys. The only person to see the shooter’s face, Ellie is suddenly thrust into the center of a criminal investigation spearheaded by the no-nonsense, by-the-book, and tantalizingly handsome agent Max Daniels. 
With the Landrys captured, she’ll be called to testify. But the Landrys have been caught before, and each time the witnesses are scared into silence—or disappear. Now Max vows to be Ellie’s shadow, promising never to leave her side until the trial. But that could be dangerous for both of them, and it isn’t long before the sparks—and the bullets—fly.  AMAZON

One of the people in the book said that Ellie just couldn't seem to catch a break.  I couldn't agree more.
Ellie had trouble coming from several different directions and extra grief from her sister Ava.  
Elle was such an interesting character, smart, caring and she had a really good sense of humor that wasn't always 100% appreciated by all.  She was a child prodigy but was still so darn likable.  When it came to her profession she didn't suffer fools gladly, although she sometimes had to put up with a lot.  Even then, she often seemed to get the last word.   Max was very well written as well and he had an interesting story, both personally, as an FBI agent and his interactions with Ellie.  Now there were some humorous times; Max and Ellie's talks and interactions.  Made me smile more than once.
This story had plenty of action on several different fronts with everything completed at the end without any cliffhangers.   I really liked it; it kept me totally involved.
I really enjoyed Elle's quirky family,.  What was really funny was her dad and his quest for The Great Deal.  It was the only way he would buy things was if he could get it as a really great deal and caused some really funny things to happen.  Ava, the "Bridezilla", seemed to have been born a "Zilla", she was  unrepentantly something else.  I wanted to smack her more than once for her overbearing ways.  Ellie's other sister, Annie was the total opposite of her overbearing twin, but she had her own drama going on too.

Included  at the end is an excerpt to the Book, "Fast Track".

The Authors Billboard

The Authors Billboard

PS22 Chorus "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" Martina McBride

They are singing to a teacher who is battling cancer.

Hurt Feelings from Words (p)

Dr. Caroline Leaf
Words really do hurt or heal! 

Watch what you say! for citations

Thursday, July 23, 2015

BOOK REVIEW-Welcome Reluctant Stranger

Frantic flight, peaceful life. Act of treason on an island country. Cauldron of warring emotions. Exotic beauty, ace with a gun. Geeky hunk with gifts for mockery and cooking. 
Nine-year-old Leilani and her family mysteriously flee their country, leaving her father. Eighteen ears later, her peaceful solitary life ends when she rescues Justin Halverson from thugs and learns her father plotted to kill the murderous Costa Moran president. 
With Justin, she returns to smuggle her father quietly out of Costa Mora, where she reconnects with her roots. But can she forgive her father, accept him for who he is? Can she finally be at peace with who she is?   AMAZON

First thing I wanted to say was that I really liked Leilani.  The author helped make that happen right off the bat by introducing you to her when she was a young child.  At least that's the way I saw it.  You see her as a young, sheltered girl, protected from what was even going on in her own country. 
Until the fateful day that her Mama` unexpectedly shows up at her Catholic private school.   Then without explanation, they race to the airport with the rest of her family.  No one knows the fate of her father at that time because he doesn't make it out of the country with them.   I like the unusual way that Leilani meets Justin, making her the "hero" of the piece.  This is also were Leilani meets Justin's sister and her husband.  They were a sweet addition to the story, I enjoyed them as well and wondered what their full story was.  Justin had his own drama that he is going through.  He needs to heal from the situation that  put him in a situation where he needed to be rescued. And also some physical healing from the attack.  I liked this book, the pace was pretty good, except for a few places where it seemed to bog down a bit but not enough for me to stop reading.  Both Justin and Leilani found themselves attracted to each other but there were concerns that maybe things were moving too fast.  Leilani was fighting that attraction but Justin, not so much.  It was cute how Leilani said it was hard for her to have fun and Justin just knew how to bring humor to so many situations.  Their interplay was sweet.  She found that although he kidded about things, he was also kind and compassionate too.     There is the ongoing thread about her father and more information about him is released slowly with a twist or two towards the end of the book.  
 I really like the picture for the cover of this book.  It was attractive and felt like it fit.  

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Epic Mother-Son Wedding Dance

3 Simple Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Your Dog


When you have a dog suffering from itchy skin or ears, you’ll do just about anything to help. I know I have. And the more things we try, the more we buy… and things start getting expensive.
So it’s nice when finding an itch-reliever is as easy as walking to your kitchen cupboard and grabbing some vinegar.
Organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, to be exact.
While apple cider vinegar has been touted to help with everything from boosting the immune system and detoxifying kidneys to helping lower cholesterol, here are three popular ways it can help your dog.
Itchy Skin 
ACV can help relieve itchy skin and rashes caused by yeast and poison ivy. The best way to apply is by making a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle and applying directly onto itchy spots, but NOT open wounds – the vinegar will sting if the wound is raw. If you can’t apply topically and yeast is the main concern, you can feed ACV in your pet’s food or water. According to Donna Starita Mehan, DVM, in The Veterinarians’ Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs by Martin Zucker, yeast does not do well in the acid environment ACV creates, so she suggests feeding 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon twice daily.

Go to site to read more.......

Hear Faith's Roar (p)


Pretend if you have to (p)

Turn Up A Smile

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- LOVE UNBROKEN-Diamond Creek offers Emma Davis the chance to get to know her newfound sister and a fresh start after she escaped a disastrous marriage. Trey Holden blows her away with just a smile. Not to mention that he’s so sexy her defenses melt in his presence, and an amazing single father, wilderness pilot, and lawyer all in one. Falling for a beautiful woman is definitely not on Trey’s radar. Until he meets Emma. Though Emma can’t deny the intense attraction between them, the emotional scars from her past have convinced her she can’t take a chance on love.  The fire between Trey and Emma burns too hot to be ignored. But the ghosts of Emma’s past may have followed her to Diamond Creek. Trey is everything she thought she could never have, so she finds herself pushing him away just when she needs him the most. Can Emma let down her guard long enough to open her heart? Can Trey convince her that what they have is worth it? 
*All novels in this series are full-length standalone novels with an HEA.  AMAZON

This story starts out at a slower pace.  Alaska was almost as much of the story as was Emma, Trey and their challenges.    Alaska and its beauties were well described by the author.  Stuart  Holden was the charming six year old son of Trey, who pulled for Emma almost from the start.  Stuart had some interesting "hobbies" that he enjoyed.   He had the natural enthusiasm of a 6 year old when it came to what he liked to do.  It was nice though to see the closeness between father and son.  Diamond Creek ended up being a tight knit community.  They opened their arms wide open once they got to know you.  Emma was welcomed because of her sister Hannah, but she was slow to open up because of what she had been through.  She slowly begins to realize they WANT to have her back, that she's not being judged for past mistakes.   Yes, the attraction between Emma and Trey blows up pretty hot and they move really kind of fast in their relationship.  This is something both of them realize and even admit to each other.    Emma & Trey may have some reservations about starting something new, but they sure ended up in bed.  Repeatedly.  That part for me was a little bit too much, too often. Emma's ex, Greg, brings plenty of stomach clenching tension into the story.  You can almost feel some of the fear dread and torment Emma did.  

Imprecation.  Hmmm.  I'm not sure I've heard of that word before, especially in a story.  It did show up a few times, but fairly easy to understand the way it appeared in the sentence.
By the way I really liked the Dedication at the beginning of the book.  It made me smile.  
There is also a List of Resources for those trying to escape Domestic Abuse. 

There is an Excerpt from "Love Untamed" after the end of this book. 
Looks like this is Susie and Jared's story.  That ought to be quite the fiery story considering how strong a person Susie was in this book.  

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Sandie Freed: 'We Are Being Prepared for a Fresh Anointing'

Sandie Freed: 'We Are Being Prepared for a Fresh Anointing'

A Story of My Dog Hannah and Fresh Oil!
My one year old dog Hannah is the cutest thing. And let me tell you – she runs the house...well just about! Those of you who love animals understand. Just a few days ago I drove her to her groomer and dropped her off as usual. She was there a long time before they called me to pick her up, in fact I was getting a bit concerned. She is usually there only a few hours, but this time it seemed as if she was there all day! When I arrived to pick her up, one of the ladies that works there said, "Hannah got the special today!" (Photo of Hannah via Sandie Freed)
"The special?" I never ask for the special, in fact I didn't know there was a special! "Yep, she really got the royal treatment." Another lady chimed in. I chuckled I like that term – "royal treatment."

She was brought out on a pillow that resembled something that would host a crown, but instead seated Hannah. Her hair bow was royal purple and her nails also. When I bent down to get a kiss from Hannah, I noticed that she smelled differently. Normally she smells like dog perfume, but this time it was frankincense and myrrh! I bent down to smell again...yes, it was frankincense and myrrh alright. I looked at the groomer and asked if they were using a new dog perfume. She smiled a big smile and answered, "We anointed Hannah with oil today."

I was thrilled...yet a little surprised. I didn't know how many Believers worked there or why they felt compelled to anoint my dog that day. So I asked and said, "That's wonderful! I anoint Hannah whenever she acts sick or when I take her to the vet. Was she sick today? Is that why you anointed her with oil?"

"No, we just felt to anoint her. She must have needed fresh oil today!" My spirit leaped as I heard the Lord say to me: "This is a prophetic demonstration of all I am doing with My people. Just like Hannah was being prepared for fresh oil, I am preparing My people to receive fresh oil. There is a fresh anointing being poured out and upon My people and I am positioning them to receive it."
The Struggle Between the Old and New
Believers, I have always said, "Don't limit how God chooses to speak to you." The way He spoke through my dog's visit to the groomer was absolutely an amazing experience. As I drove home, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me about the struggle we are in spiritually and how it is being used to prepare us for our new season and fresh anointing.

God is bringing us out of the old and into the new. In times of transition we are not completely out of the old, nor are we completely into the new. This is one reason we are struggling. We want out of the that we can experience the new, right? But transition requires that we become determined to come completely out of our old season and follow His lead. (Photo by Robert Bartow"The Open Door" via

God spoke something profound to Samuel and He is saying it to each of us as well. He said, "How long will you grieve over Saul, since I have rejected him from being king over Israel?" (1 Samuel 16:1). Samuel was grieving not just over Samuel, but also an old season in which Samuel had reigned. All too often we look over our shoulders at our own past experiences and grieve over them. There are many things that have reigned over our hearts and lives that God is saying to: Let go and move on!I'm like many of you when I grieve over loss, disappointments and even loss of vision.
I've blamed myself, others and even God! But we are being challenged by the Lord to no longer grieve over the past, but hold onto the promises that God always restores things better than they were...and in His timing. Grieving will keep us pressing forward into our new season. If we don't let go of the old season, grief will manifest strongly and we can experience loss of vision. It was important for Samuel to shift out of this grief so that he could fulfill his own destiny.
ElijahList Prophetic Resources
Fill Your Horn With Oil!
We read further in verse 1, where God gives Samuel further instruction: "Fill your horn with oil, and go. I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided for myself a king among his sons" (1 Samuel 16:1, ESV).
There are three things that are important in this passage to note. Knowing that God has already challenged Samuel to let go of the past, He then says, "Fill your horn with oil," then He says "Go." And lastly He states that He will "send" Samuel to anoint the next king. Keep in mind that all along, Samuel was being positioned to receive a fresh oil so that he could fulfill destiny. First he had to let go of the old season- this is what had to occur so that he was positioned for the fresh anointing which would be needed in the new season.

Believers, we are also being prepared for the same. The word "sent" has an apostolic application of us being "sent" forth to fulfill destiny and divine commissioning. However, we must have fresh oil to be effective and empowered. We must have a fresh supply. Have you ever smelt rancid oil – oil that is old? If you have you have an even greater understanding of how the fresh oil from the Holy Spirit is needed for this new season.
It's Time to Get Focused and GO!
I've heard it said and even said it myself: "If you don't know where you're going, then any road will get you there."
God told Samuel where to go. He said that he was sending him to Jesse the Bethlehemite. God is being very specific in this apostolic season of sending. In the Old Testament we read about Israel coming out of Egypt; they were in a time of transition weren't they? But they also had to come out of the old place to cross over into the new. (Photo via geograph)

If you recall in Exodus 14, there is an account when the Lord told Moses to camp at Pi-Hahiroth (verse 1), which means "the Place of Liberty". Dear reader, God is saying to us today that the new season, the new place, will release a fresh liberty unto us, but if we stay in the old we will be in bondage. 

Another place where the Lord sent them was to Baal-zephon (verse 2), which means "lord of the north". Many times the term "north" is symbolically used to describe judgment. Sometimes the Lord will call us out of an old place and season so that He can judge our enemies! Our enemy may be fear, anxiety, failure, frustration, etc., but let me assure you of this – God is always pursuing us and He desires His best for us – always! If He is calling us out of the old, this means something great is at the crossing over point!
Do You Want a Fresh Anointing?
I believe we are all like Esther and have come forth for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). In my book Destiny Thieves: Defeat Seducing Spirits and Achieve Your Purpose in God, I write an entire chapter on how Esther was prepared for her future role as queen with a fresh anointing. Esther came forth at just the right time, but she had to leave her old season behind in order to enter into the new. She endured much preparation and then opposition came from Haman, the Amalekite, who sought to destroy her and her nation.

Esther's preparation involved deep cleansing, purifying regiments and the process of anointing her body – all necessary processes in order to meet her future husband. Yes, she was anointed, but the word "anointed" in this story actually means that the fragrance oil was rubbed and scrubbed into her skin – to the place where she BECAME the fragrance! I encourage you to read my book to understand the different oils and fragrances that Esther was prepared with.

Yes, there is a fragrance prepared for each of us to enter into our destiny. I know you are ready for a fresh anointing. Let's leave the past in the past...shall we? Destiny awaits!
My empowerment prayer to help get you there: Lord, I pray for each reader today and ask that You ignite a passion within them to cross over into their future. I pray that we let go of our past grief, concerns, and fears and that we boldly declare that we will achieve divine destiny! Thank You Lord for encouraging us in this journey as we step forward in great faith. In Jesus name, Amen!
A time of impartation: Right now, in the name of Jesus, I impart the courage to leave the past behind, see your future and cross over into the Promised Land! I impart the ability to defeat the opposing Amalekite spirit that attempts to steal our destiny and every lying spirit that attempts to cause fear or intimidation. By Your Spirit, Lord, I impart supernatural strength to Go! Amen. (Now simply close your eyes and open your hands and receive this impartation by faith!)
Love and Blessings,
Sandie Freed
Zion Ministries
Co-pastor, Lifegate Church, Hurst, Texas

Dr. Sandie Freed co-labors with her husband, Mickey Freed, doing the work of the Lord as a ministry team. In addition, they are the founders of Zion Ministries Training Center in Bedford, Texas, and Lifegate Church International. Sandie has traveled nationally and internationally teaching dreams and visions seminars and on spiritual discernment. Her ability to adequately prophesy and discern spiritual strongholds over regions has released numerous breakthroughs for individuals and ministries. Sandie has authored, Dream On, and eleven other books, most of which are in several different languages. Dr. Sandie and Apostle/Pastor Mickey are ordained with Christian International Ministries, serving on their Board of Governors. They have been married since 1973, and have one daughter, Kimberly.
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