Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dust Your Feet

Dust Your Feet
By Apostle Colette Toach
Sometimes the road you have to walk in life is dirty and dusty says the Lord. Life is full of struggles and conflicts. It is also full of people that will challenge you and frustrate you. Each time that you come into contact with people that oppose you or have a spirit that is not of me, it is like walking that dusty road.
After some time you feel contaminated. You feel contaminated with their bitterness, hurt and their anger. Suddenly you find that you cannot come into my presence any longer. You sit and dwell on the things that they said and did to you and it seems that you only get covered over more with that dirt.
All is not lost my child, because I have a solution for you just as I did for my servant Peter. As I came to wash their feet, I cleansed them of the dust they had collected that day. This is a picture for you too.
Even though the dust and the dirt seems so much, all you need is a moment in my presence to wash away the dirt from your feet. Submit yourself to me and let go of those people that have frustrated you.
Do not be party to their sin or join in with their negative feelings and judgments. Rather run to me and let me wash you! Let me remove the curses and contamination from you. Instead of being angry, respond with love!
This can only happen if you run to me to be cleansed. Confess your sin to me and give me all of your struggles. Then ask me for my wisdom and for my love and I will not hold anything back from you!
However if you insist on trying to push through in your own strength, you will find yourself even further along that dusty road and into a pit the enemy has dug for you.
So escape! Flee from evil thoughts and from things that are not of me. Flee into my presence and let me wash you clean and give you the strength to go on. Then you can step out once again with confidence on the road that is ahead of you. Knowing that I will not allow your foot to slip says the Lord.  LINK

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