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Dutch Sheets: Let Only God Define Your Destiny

Dutch Sheets: Let Only God Define Your Destiny

It has been said that one of our great purposes in life is to give birth to ourselvesWe have to find the purpose for which God created us, and allow Him to give birth to it. Along the way, we must be very careful about what we allow to define us.
Throughout my life, I've had my fair lot of heart-wrenching situations, including the loss of loved ones, abandonment, rejection, and betrayal from those whom I thought were trustworthy friends. The list goes on and on. Each of those circumstances tried to paralyze me and imprison me, defining my destiny. But, each time, God broke in, offering me a way to freedom.
Facing Giants
Every time you are faced with a giant of opposition, you must decide whether you will allow God—or the giant—define who you are and what you will become.
In recent months, the Lord has had me teach several times on David and Goliath. I've become intrigued with the fact that the name Goliath means "expose; reveal." When the impious Philistine giant came against the nation of Israel, the cowardice of Saul and the Israelites was exposed, while the courageous, warrior heart of David was revealed.
Life's giants expose our hearts and character, revealing who we are. When we face crisis, trials or opposition, those circumstances either reveal and amplify the greatness of God within us, or expose our weaknesses.
When God's greatness within you is revealed, run toward the giant with whatever stones God has placed in your hand. And when your eyes are opened to the weaknesses that lie within, you are presented with great opportunity to be made strong in Him (2 Corinthians 12:9-11; Philippians 4:13).

When we position ourselves with the Lord, circumstances around us lose their power to paralyze and imprison us. His love and power strengthen us.If we humbly yield to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, in time we can overcome our weaknesses, conquer our giant, and take hold of the inheritance provided by God (Hebrews 9:13-14; 13:20-21).
Let Only God Define You and Your Destiny
You don't have to let divorce, rejection, disappointment, disability, or any other impious giant define you. The power of the past to dominate your present and determine your future, is broken by the Blood of Christ.
Choose to be forward-focused and not past-possessed. Profit from the past, invest in the future. Let those mountains of opposition become stepping stones toward your destiny.
Know that when the enemy had you pinned to the mat, and people were counting you out, God was making you into a Joseph, an Esther, a Paul—for such a time as this! Allow those heart-wrenching circumstances to shape you into who God has called you to be.Let only God define you and your destiny.
Don't rob us of the amazing you God made! He deposited something in you we need. You are pre-destined by God to do amazing things. He is calling you to rise up out of the ashes of opposition, face your giants with bold faith, and cross over into your destiny!
How will you respond to that which is revealed when giants take the stage?
Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

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How are Warriors Created?

Warriors Poster

The Coziest Crocheted Baby Blanket Ever |

The Coziest Crocheted Baby Blanket Ever |

Blanket measures 30” x 32”.
  • RED HEART® ―Buttercup™‖ 1.76 oz (50 g), 72 yd (66 m) balls: 8 balls 4273 Light Yellow Multi
  • Crochet hook, 8mm [US L-11]
  • Yarn needle
GAUGE: 8 double crochet = 4‖; 5 rows = 4‖. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

Chain 61.
Row 1: Double crochet in 2nd chain from hook
and each chain across – 60 double crochet.
Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as double crochet), turn, working in front loops only, double crochet in each double crochet across.
Rows 3-41: Repeat Row 2.
Fasten off.

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We were made to solve problems by getting ABOVE them

"Much of our Christian experience cannot be successfully dealt with if we are always contending with it on the same level that it appears. We never deal with negativity directly. It comes at us from a lower level of existence than our placement in Christ. If we respond on the same level we become tethered to that thought and its oppositional perception. 

Everything about being in Christ is concerned with elevation. To solve your problems, you must get above them."


Graham Cooke (FB)

Photo: Now that fall is here, what better time to embrace the BRILLIANT nature of change?

Act as if your Choices have Eternal Significance

Act as if your choices have eternal significance; they do; pray as if your life depends on it; it does. Praying in accordance with the will of God - to know Him, to walk in the light of his love and to be filled with wisdom, patience, kindness, and so on, will assuredly move heaven and earth (1 John 5:14). God is faithful and always hears those who call out to him with sincerity of heart: "The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth" (Psalm 145:18). Rouse then your heart! Boldly draw near to the throne of Grace to find help in your present hour of need (Heb. 4:16). Cry out to God Most High (לֵאלהִים עֶלְיוֹן), to the very One who will fulfill his purpose for you (Psalm 57:2).

Hebrew for Christians



"Happy Girl": Crochet Baby Booties

Happy Girl Booties 
Happy Girl Booties Pattern from Red Heart


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A Breakthrough Assigned to You- Graham Cooke

"There is a breakthrough that has been assigned to you. There is an outcome assigned already. There is a victory assigned to you. Brilliant thinking means going to worship the Lord until you get a revelation of what that is, and THEN you are going to move!"

Graham Cooke (FB)

Candy Puff Crocheted Beanie |

Candy Puff Crocheted Beanie |
crochet beanie

  • 1 ball Caron Simply Soft yarn
  • Size M 9.0 mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Ch Chain
  • Sl St Slip Stitch
  • Sc Single Crochet
  • Hdc Half Double Crochet
  • Cluster Stitch - Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops.

  1. Using 2 strands of Yarn
  2. Magic Circle
  3. Ch 2, place 7 hdc into the loop, sl st to join (8)
  4. Ch 2, place 2 hdc into each stitch, sl st to join (16)
  5. Ch 2, *hdc in the next 3 stitches, 2 hdc into the next stitch* Repeat ** around sl st to join (20)
  6. Chain 3, *skip the first stitch, cluster stitch into the next stitch, cross over by placing a cluster stitch into the previous skipped stitch* Repeat ** to the end of the round and join with a slip stitch into the beginning chain. ( 10 Crossed Clusters)
  7. Chain 3, *skip the first stitch, cluster stitch into the next stitch, cross over by placing a cluster stitch into the previous skipped stitch* Repeat ** to the end of the round and join with a slip stitch into the beginning chain. ( 10 Crossed Clusters)
  8. Chain 3, *skip the first stitch, cluster stitch into the next stitch, cross over by placing a cluster stitch into the previous skipped stitch* Repeat ** to the end of the round and join with a slip stitch into the beginning chain. ( 10 Crossed Clusters)
  9. Chain 3, *skip the first stitch, cluster stitch into the next stitch, cross over by placing a cluster stitch into the previous skipped stitch* Repeat ** to the end of the round and join with a slip stitch into the beginning chain. ( 10 Crossed Clusters)
  10. Chain 1, *sc into the next stitch, 2 sc into the next stitch* Repeat ** to the end and join with a sl st. (30)
  11. Chain 1, sc around join with a sl st
  12. Chain 1, sc around join with a sl st
  13. Chain 1, sc around join with a sl st
  14. Tie off and weave in the ends

Additional Size Patterns (FREE)  on this SAME page link as well:

Cozy Winter Headband |

Cozy Winter Headband |
Cozy Winter Headband  CROCHET

Quit Petting Demons

Love this!!!
Becky Fischer (FB)

Book Review: Blessings for the Evening: Finding Peace in God's Presence

Blessings for the Evening: Finding Peace in God's Presence

This is a Beautiful, Gift quality book of encouragement. It has beautiful pictures on every page as a back drop to the words of life.  There is scripture on one side and a short prayer-like encouragement on the other.  At the back of the book are some other specific encouragements that are aimed at Grief, Disappointment and Christmas, just to name a few .
What an awesome way to spend a few moments and quiet your soul before bedtime.  I first became aware of the author, Susie Larson,  when I found her site on Facebook and still visit her page often.
When her book, came up as a choice to read for review, I was quick to snap it up.  It didn't disappoint.  I plan on "gifting" this to a friend, who I know will enjoy it as much as I did.  I plan on remembering this book for Christmas, Birthdays and other special days of friends and family.  

I received a free copy of this novel from Bethany House Publishers as part of their book review program, and I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

"Push Back the Darkness"

The Hebrew word for "darkness" (i.e., choshekh: חשֶׁךְ) can be rearranged to spell both the verb "to cringe" (i.e., kachash: כָּחַשׁ) and the verb "to forget" (i.e., shakhach: שָׁכַח). To forget the Word of God is to be surrounded by darkness, as it says, "For the commandment (מִצְוָה) is a lamp, and the Torah is light, and the reproofs of discipline are the way of life" (Prov. 6:23).

Hebrew for Christians

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Earth Music

Green Tidings's Page (FB)

Walking like the Beloved

"Love is an accelerant. When you know that you are accepted in the Beloved, something happens to you, something changes in you, and you relax. Maybe for the first time in your life you don't have to prove that you are worthy, and you don't have to live as unworthy if you are not doing well. You know that you are accepted in the Beloved."

Graham Cooke  Graham Cooke (FB)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

eBook Review: Fatal Judgement

Fatal Judgment (Guardians of Justice #1)U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he'd rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward Liz haven't warmed in the five years since she lost her husband--and Jake's best friend--to possible suicide.  How can Jake be expected to care for the coldhearted workaholic who drove his friend to despair? 

I was astonished how quickly I was drawn into this story. It pulled me in right away! Fast moving with lots of action, and intensity. I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn't hardly wait to get to the end to see how they brought all the drama and chase to a close. Of course, once it was over, there was the let down of "It's over". I enjoyed the "I can barely stand you but I'm a professional and I'll do my job" attitude of Marshall Jake Taylor towards Judge Liz Michaels. Liz really doesn't understand his cold attitude towards her but someone is trying to kill her. Staying alive and finding the killer before he strikes again,is Priority #1. The more Jake is around her the more the things he thought he knew about her just weren't adding up. Great mystery, great forming friendship and romance was woven together in a way that I totally enjoyed. The other agents in the story were well drawn and enjoyable as well. Since this is Book #1 in this series, I'm thinking some of the family members introduced here, will get a shot at telling their stories in the upcoming books. Looking forward to it.

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Dullness is not always caused by sin

Graham Cooke (FB)    

"Dullness is the absence of brightness in our soul; where people have lost that sparkle and that joy. Sometimes I think that sin is not necessarily immorality or selfishness. Sometimes it just means we live drab, colorless, stale, and unimaginative lives before God. There is only one way to live in Christ and that is with a sense of wonder and awe!"

Meet Momo, the dog that hides in plain sight | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Meet Momo, the dog that hides in plain sight | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


"There is a power in delight that releases everything in your path. You can completely debilitate the enemy by having a sense of wonder because he can’t intimidate you, he can’t make you fearful, and you affect everything he’s doing just by being there. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything; just you being in a room changes the atmosphere."


Graham Cooke (FB)

Graham Cooke

(M)Chris Tomlin - Lay Me Down (Lyrics)

(M)Chris Tomlin - Awake My Soul (with Lecrae) [Lyrics]

(M)Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies] [Lyrics]

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Francis Frangipane: A Special Word to the Women of God

Francis Frangipane: A Special Word to the Women of God

Author Note: Before I begin this message, let me provide a short disclaimer: although I do encourage women to move freely within the order provided by God in their local churches, my goal is to exalt and celebrate a primary grace that God has placed specifically within women, which the Lord Himself has used in past times to release revival.

The Chloe V Puf Stitch Slouch (Crochet)

free crochet slouch hat pattern- the chloe- v puff stitch slouch by cre8tion crochet


 Hebrews for Christians (FB)

Brother Lawrence said, “If I were a preacher, I should preach nothing else but the practice of the presence of God. There is not in the world a way of life more sweet, more delightful than continual converse with God.” Indeed, do not most of our problems come from just this – losing sight of reality, failing to open our hearts to God’s Presence? Yeshua said, “Live in me, and I will live in you” (John 15:3). We must make a sacred resolution to abide in reality, to stay united with Him. As David said: shiviti (שִׁוִּיתִי) - "I have set the LORD always before me - because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken" (Psalm 16:8). But how did David "set the LORD" before Him if He did not choose to open the eyes of faith to behold God's hidden Glory?


"Throughout the day, I always stop and take a few moments to worship Jesus and His presence comes upon me. I can be going along with my daily routine, but God's presence will flood me once I start worshipping Jesus. When we are desperate to stay in God's presence, we will know God's will for our lives."

Get a Grip - Zona Hayes-Morrow

As I go to Sleep can I leave all my trouble with you Lord?

Biblical Direction for Singles on Facebook

A Good Word for everyone!   All day, all night!

The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is Different

"Life can try to contain us, reduce us, narrow us down and cut off our options, but life in the spirit is not like that. The spirit of life in Christ Jesus is continuously creative. The spirit of life in Christ Jesus puts you in touch with the huge generosity of God, with abundance, with fullness and with majesty."

Graham Cooke

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Knitting Soothes (Photo)

Photo: Can you relate? 

Repin =>
AllFreeKnitting (Facebook)

Jingle Bells Door Hanger Crochet Pattern

Jingle Bells Door Hanger     CROCHET- INTERMEDIATE
Jingle Bells Door Hanger

Out of Sync with God? Graham C.

"Many people get out of sync with God 

because they are hurrying.

 They are too busy to pray, 

too busy to worship, too busy to meditate, too busy 

to enjoy intimacy with God.

 Humans can become so hung up with the 

destination of where they want to go 

that they completely forget to enjoy the 



Graham Cooke

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FREE Crochet Pattern: Elegant Hat

Elegant Hat



Although people grieve differently, experts have identified several common reactions. 
 As you are embarking on your journey, realize you may experience many reactions, including some not  listed there. 
Physical reactions you may have are:

  • Change in appetite-weight loss or gain
  • Insomnia & sleep disturbance
  • Edginess & Irritability
  • Deep Sighing
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle tension
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Fatigue, Exhaustion & lack of energy
  • Headaches

In addition to physical reactions, you may experience:

  • Difficulty focusing
  • An increase or decrease in the number of dreams you experience
  • Frequent crying episodes
  • A sense of loneliness or sadness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Shock, guilt and/or fear
  • Hostility & frustration
  • Lack of Motivation
  • A feeling of "going crazy"
  •  Numbness
  • Depression

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AUTHOR UNKNOWN- It's about Grief

I saw this in a newsletter recently & thought to pass it on for others who are working their way through the loss of a loved one:

I seem to be falling apart.
My attention span can be measured in seconds.
My patience in minutes.
I cry at the drop of a hat.
I forget to sign checks.
Half of everything in my house is displaced.
Feelings of anxiety and restlessness are my constant companion.
Rainy days seem extra dreary.
Sunny days seem an outrage.

Other's people's pain and frustration seem insignificant.
Laughing, happy people seem out of place in my world.
It has become routine to feel half crazy.
I am normal I am told.
I am a newly grieving person.
-Author Unknown-

I am so happy that I have had Jesus & some close friends to help me walk through this. And I know it won't be the only time that it will happen. Some of these things I did not experience but most of them yes (times 10 it seems like) For those who are currently going through this I pray that the healing hand of Jesus would touch you as you read this.

Is Clutter Your Legacy? FLYLADY
Morning Musing Graphic
Dear Friends, 
The sad part is that clutter is what we were given by our ancestors. This attitude of "we might need this someday", so we had better hang on to this. So you see how we have been affected by the past. Do you intend to do this to your family too?

This one member that was afraid of leaving clutter as her legacy, was looking a the physical mess that was in her home and others having to come in afterwards and sort through it all. Yes that is a problem too, any of you that have had to do this know how tough it is. I am not talking about this, even though it is a subject we need to face.

My thoughts have to do with what we teach our children. Yes we were
given the legacy of hoarding, but now that we know that this is a
serious problem for our homes, health and families, it is time to let
go of the things that are hurting us.

You cannot help how you were raised, but you can refuse to allow your
children to be saddled with these feeling of "we might need this
someday". This attitude was developed because of going though hard
times. We can all plot our family trees by this, a mother or father,
grandmother or grandfather. These folks have given you this legacy.

Do you want your children to have to deal with all of this clutter in
their homes. The worst part is the clutter in their heads. It is time
to put an end to this once and for all. The last time I looked, there
were no storage units at the cemetery. We can't take it with us. It
is the attitude that I want to help you release.

This attitude keeps us from being able to clean and organize our
homes. With all of this stuff, we no longer have any place to put
another thing, so it gets piled in our basements, on our floors,
filling all of our closets and drawers.

Yes it would be awful to leave our families with all of our clutter.
It is such a burden for them, but if we start now, we can change our
homes and train our families in the art of Less is More, and give
them the overall feeling of prosperity and faith. As they see us
releasing our the clutter that has clogged our lives, they will see a
new way of living Free. Free from the clutter and the CHAOS that came
with it.

Are your ready to release this clutter from your lives and create an
atmosphere of Peace that will transcend generations as your legacy to
the ones you love.

It's time to FLY,


eBook Review: A Simple Amish Christmas

Annie Weaver always planned to return home, but the 20-year old RN has lived in Philadelphia for three years now. As her time of rumschpringe is about to come to an abrupt end, bringing for Annie an overwhelming sense of loneliness. She returns home to tend her injured father and finds herself face-to-face with a budding romance with an Amish farmer and important choices to make.

I really, really liked this story.  I also wish I could have given it a 4.5 rating. It held my attention and interest. I like spunky characters and Annie was definitely one of those. The family dynamics was interesting, where there seems to be more affection shown within the family.  The sensitivity of Annie's mom is one example.  She was a woman of faith, but not shown as harsh as some of them are in other stories I've read.  There was also respect for the gifts people were given by God, regardless of male or female.  I'm not saying that the story showed it was easier for women, just the ability to use some of it certain times to benefit their community.   The pull and resistance between Samuel and Annie when it comes to the Romance Department was pretty well written.
He was a jerk in the beginning towards Annie but she managed to hold her on and even get some good hits back, something I thought was probably not all that welcome there.  Annie was direct like her mom, but had a compassionate heart as well.  Annie's  return home to help her father after his accident, only increases her desire for the simpler lifestyle of the Amish that she was raised in.
For anyone that is concerned about the story might be hard to understand because of too many Amish/Dutch easy, it was easy enough to understand (or even guess at) and there was also a short glossary at the back of the book.  You will also find a  section at the back of the book with Discussion Questions.  

Pink Boa Scarf |

Pink Boa Scarf |

  • Bernat® Boa (100 g/3.5 oz; 130 m/142 yds) #00416 (Chick) 1 ball
  • Knitting Needles: Size 5.5 mm (U.S. 9) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge.
Size: Approx 6 x 48 ins [15 x 122 cm].
Gauge: 14 sts and 17 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] in stocking st.
Cast on 21 sts.
Knit 4 rows (garter st).
Next row: (WS). K3. Purl to last 3 sts. K3.
Next row: Knit.
Rep last 2 rows until work from beg measures 47 ins [119.5 cm], ending with a WS row.
Knit 4 rows. Cast off knitwise.


Bible God Quotes

Makin' Bacon Scarf Pattern

Here's a scarf that's truly bacon inspired. For this adorable knit craft, follow the simple pattern and you'll love the results. Enjoy your Makin' Bacon Scarf this winter!
Makin' Bacon Scarf
  • STITCH NATION by Debbie Stoller™ “Alpaca Love™”:
    2 balls 3920 Ruby A, 1 ball 3101 Vanilla B.
  • Circular Knitting Needle: 5mm [US 8] 36”.
  • Yarn needle
Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4” in ripple pattern.
Check your gauge: Use any size needles to obtain the gauge.
With A, cast on 272 sts.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K1, purl across to last st, k1.
Row 3: K1, *[k2tog] 3 times, [yo, k1] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times;
repeat from * across to last st, k1.
Row 4: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1–4, changing color as in following color sequence:
Work 8 more rows with A (for a total of 12 A-colored rows), [4
rows with B, 4 rows with A] 2 times, 4 rows with B. Bind off.
Weave in ends. Steam block gently, if desired.
The scarf is worked from long edge to long edge. Work back and forth on circular needle, as if working on straight needles.
The stitch pattern creates ripples across the fabric. After several row repeats, 15 ripples should be apparent.