Friday, April 29, 2016

Now is the Time/ Open Dor

Now is the Time
For indeed says the Lord, I have opened the door before you and it is for you to walk through it. I have arranged the people and circumstances for your good and to make this season easier for you to pass through.
However, you must take action and take a leap of faith. For the circumstances cannot stand still. Life goes on and people will shift in where they stand right now. So do not hesitate and do not look and wonder if you are ready to move forward on this journey. The time to take action is now.
You have waited for the right time and have prepared yourself for such a time as this and now it has risen upon you. So do not be afraid to cease the moment and take this opportunity.
The door that is before you has been opened for you to take, so walk through it now and do not look back. You have what you need to pass through. You are ready and I will give you the grace that you need to walk through this door to opportunity and promotion, says the Lord.    LINK

Know My Power- Colette Toach

Know My Power
By Colette Toach
Oh that you could see my wonders and touch my power, for then you would know that my arm is not weak to save you my child. Often you lean on your own strength and you fall short, but my strength is unfailing! I never grow weak or weary and although the circumstances around you try to crush you, I am able to lift you high above them.
So throw caution to the wind and let me carry you now and lift you into my throne room. For there you will see what is possible and the great things that I am able to do in your life. There you will receive a new picture and hope for the future. For you desire my promises to come to pass, but then allow thoughts of doubt and fear into your heart, which eat up the promises I have made.
So run from the doubt and the fear. Run from them and into my arms. Allow the truth of my promises to drown out the negative voices around you. Allow the pictures I give to you to displace the ones that the world would try to paint. For I am strong and I am capable. I am able and I am willing to lift you up and to provide every promise I made. So come and dwell on those promises today child. Let them fill your heart and mind until they are more real to you than any fear or doubt. Then you will mount up on eagle’s wings and fly high above your circumstances says the Lord. Amen.   LINK

B Strong & Courageous, Ur feelings will catch up

God never says to “feel strong & courageous,” but to “be strong & courageous” (Joshua 1:9). And there’s a big difference. “Feeling” is an emotion that comes and goes, but “being” is a decision. Yes, you can decide to BE strong & courageous, even if you don’t feel like it. Your decision will lead your feelings, and eventually they’ll catch up.    LINK

One person commented: That God actually Commands us to 'be strong and courageous'

Wednesday, April 27, 2016