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Rescued blind pug

Mikey, the blind pug
Rescued blind pug will light up your day
If you looked at Mikey the pug's health records, you can see why he was considered a prime candidate for euthanasia. Mikey had demodectic mange and a severe case of glaucoma that left him mostly blind and in serious pain. But fortunately, the volunteers at the Michigan Humane Society looked beyond Mikey's health records and directly into this loving dog's heart and soul. The decision was made to save Mikey's life by removing his eyes.
Still, the opportunities for adoptions for blind dogs are slim, because dogs in this condition require special care and treatment. But that did not deter Judge Sabrina Johnson who adopted Mikey in March. As Johnson explains in a video produced by the Humane Society, Mikey's transition into her life was seamless.
"When I first brought him home, I took him around on a leash, maybe three times. And he does not bump into anything." Johnson goes on to explain what a pro Mikey is about learning new environments quickly. And when he does have the occasional setback, Mikey just takes a little Taylor Swift advice and shakes it off.
"Sometimes when we're walking in the park, he'll get going and run into a tree,” she says. “He simply backs up, shakes it off and keeps moving. He really has taught me about how to live life.”
Mikey has not only won the heart of Judge Johnson, he also brings joy to the lives of other employees and visitors to Johnson's district court in Inkster, Michigan.
"When people meet him, they melt. I've seen very tough police officers just get down on their hands and knees, just play with him,” Johnson says. “He brightens everyone’s day."
And as if we didn't already know, Johnson fills us in on how much happiness Mikey has brought into her life.
"I got him from rescue, and he really rescued me," Johnson commented. "He's just the love of my life,"
Want to see Mikey the adorable rescue pug in action? Of course you do. Here's the video.


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BOOK REVIEW- HEARTS DON'T LIE-Mitch MacLaren has reasons for avoiding relationships, and in his opinion, they’re pretty darn good. As the new president of RTC Bucking Bulls, difficult challenges occur daily. He certainly doesn’t need another one in the form of a fiery, blue-eyed, redhead. 
Dana Ballard’s new job forces her to work with the one MacLaren who can’t seem to get over himself and lighten up. Their verbal sparring is second nature and entertaining until the night of Mitch’s departure when he surprises her with a dare she doesn’t refuse.  
With his assignment in Fire Mountain over, Mitch is free to return to Montana and run the business his father helped start. The glitch in his enthusiasm has to do with one irreversible mistake—the dare Dana didn’t ignore. Now, for reasons that confound him, he just can’t let it go. 
Working together is a circumstance neither wants, but both must accept. As their attraction grows, so do the accidents and strange illnesses of the animals RTC depends on to stay in business. Mitch’s total focus should be on finding the reasons and people behind the incidents. Instead, he finds himself torn between his unwanted desire for Dana and the business which is his life.  
In his mind, a simple proposition can solve one problem. Will Dana make the smart move and walk away? Or take the gamble and expose her heart? 
Hearts Don’t Lie, Book Six in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary series.    AMAZON

Hmm, I've read a few of the other books in this series.  So I thought it wouldn't be too hard to just catch up fast on this one.   Sorry, to say it wasn't quite that easy for me.   Although this is a stand-alone novel, I kept getting lost every so often with the fairly large cast of characters.  Now, that doesn't mean I didn't like it.   I did, it just probably wasn't my favorite out of all of them  have read so far.   There was a good mystery when it came to all the trouble that RTC Bucking Bulls, seemed to keep encountering.  A good twist when it came to the who and the why of the source of that trouble.  Mitch was one tough, gruff, moody man with a commitment phobia.  He had plenty of reasons why he was that way.  Just too much betrayal from women, beginning in his life from his teen years.  I did like how the story showed that not only was he a talented businessman but also that he had some hidden creative talents too.    Dana was such a warm, loving person who took some incredible risks with her heart, when she entered into a basically "friends with benefits" relationship with Mitch.   She was hoping for more but knew she might just have to get as much of Mitch as she could until he got tired of her.  
There was a satisfying ending to the story. 

"I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review." 

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Kroger announces recall of 4 spices over salmonella concerns - WNEM TV 5

Kroger announces recall of 4 spices over salmonella concerns - WNEM TV 5

In a press release Saturday, the grocery store chain announced they are recalling the following products:
  • Kroger Bac'n Buds: 12 oz containers
  • Kroger Coarse Ground Black Pepper: 17.1 oz containers
  • Kroger Ground Cinnamon: 18.3 oz containers
  • Kroger Garlic Powder: 24.7 oz containers
Kroger says the products may be contaminated with salmonella and, if eaten, could result in severe illness to those individuals who may consume this product.
Kroger says they have removed the potentially affected items from store shelves and initiated its customer recall notification system that alerts customers who may have purchased recalled Class 1 products through register receipt tape messages and phone calls.
Customers who have purchased the above products should not consume them and should return them to a store for a full refund or replacement.

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BOOK REVIEW- A Cowboy Unmatched

Book Review- A Cowboy Unmatched-  Neill isn't sure who hired him to repair Clara's roof--he only knows Clara desperately needs his help. Can he convince this stubborn widow to let down her guard and take another chance on love?   AMAZON

I liked this story.  Clara had been given such a raw deal after her parents death.  She married the first man who asked her.  Too bad, he was bum when it came to how he treated her.  Oh, he came from a wealthy background.  He was the heir to his father's ranch but was only a sometimes husband to Clara.  He married her to spite his father, it added the sting to his father because Clara was part Comanche.  After his son's death, his father meant to get a hold of his unborn grandson.  He was so sure that it would be a grandson.  And he wasn't a man to play fair, he meant to buy or steal him after his birth.    Neill, was a man trying to be seen as a man of worth and earn money to buy his own place. He had older brothers, he was the youngest and was tired of living in their shadows.  He loved them by wanted to leave his own mark.  Clara and her struggle changed everything for him.
Yes,their romance was fast but I enjoyed it anyway.

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