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Thursday, November 16, 2017


Twins for the Cowboy (Triple C Cowboys Book 1) by [Goodnight, Linda]
“There were regular men and then there were real men. Nate Caldwell was the latter.” 

Her daughters are everything to her...

Single mom Whitney Brookes needs this fresh start. A long-lost relative passed away and left her the ranch that's going to be her saving grace. The only problem--it's full of tiny critters that Whitney has no idea how to care for. She refuses to fail--her twin toddlers need the safety and security... and most of all, a place to belong. 

He's been burned before.

As rugged as the land, Nate Caldwell grew up on the 11,000-acre Triple C Ranch. He's well acquainted with city women and is certain his new neighbor Whitney will bail as soon as her inheritance is settled. But that doesn't stop his traitorous heart from leaping every time the determined redhead gets near. And those twins... they fill up the dormant places in his heart.

When Whitney's livelihood is threatened, Nate realizes just how deep his feelings for her have gotten. But will his help come too late...? AMAZON 4 STARS

I liked both of the main characters who had more in common than they knew.  Both were Christian people who had been burned by other people and they weren't eager to give love a try again.  In simpler terms, they were afraid.   Whitney was the newer Christian of the two but she was moving right along in her faith.  She also had two of the cutest little girls who gravitate to Nate almost from the first moment.  Maybe, they could also feel the goodness in him added to the fact that they really didn't have that many male influences in their lives.  
Nate was as solid a guy as you could want but his self confidence had taken some major hits before his ex-wife left.  It made him question so many of his perceptions about women.  It also made him wonder just when the city girl, Whitney was going to throw in the towel and leave just like others had.  Didn't take long to be pulling for a H.E.A. for him.  And  Whitney too, she was working her butt off and had so much heart even after everything she had been through. 
Soon, "accidents" start happening; like feed overturned, animals getting out, gates unlocked. That makes Whitney wonder at first if she's just been careless or distracted.  Doesn't take long to know that is not the case.  I could almost guess the culprit/culprits but the twists and turns made it interesting.
Nate had a great family who added to the story.
The story kept me interested. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- THE WREN by Kristy McCaffrey

The Wren (Wings of the West Book 1) by [McCaffrey, Kristy]
Captured by Comanche as a child, Molly Hart was assumed dead. Ten years later, Texas Ranger Matt Ryan finds a woman with the same blue eyes.
Ten years have passed since Molly Hart’s ranch was attacked, her folks murdered and she was abducted. Now, at nineteen, she’s finally returning home to North Texas after spending the remainder of her childhood with a tribe of Kwahadi Comanche. What she finds is a deserted home coated with dust and the passage of time, the chilling discovery of her own gravesite, and the presence of a man she thought never to see again.

Matt Ryan is pushed by a restless wind to the broken-down remains of the Hart ranch. Recently recovered from an imprisonment that nearly ended his life, the drive for truth and fairness has all but abandoned him. For ten years he faithfully served the U.S. Army and the Texas Rangers, seeking justice for the brutal murder of a little girl, only to find closure and healing beyond his grasp. Returning to the place where it all began, he’s stunned to encounter a woman with the same blue eyes as the child he can’t put out of his mind.
A sensual historical western romance set in 1877 Texas.  AMAZON  4 stars

Great main characters, with a bit of a different kind of plot.  I enjoyed all of this emotional story.  But don't be afraid to read it thinking that its all about emotion because it also has plenty of action and some mysteries too.   There is a twist or two as well; it kept the story interesting. 

It was also interesting that at least 3 people in the story had quite a lot of suffering and even some of it is physical suffering ones as well.  That would be of course Molly, Matt and his friend, Nathan Blackmore.   There is one other person who who qualifies for overcoming some serious challenges.  Claire is a young woman that Molly befriends and she has her story in another book as does Nathan.  

This is a book that I've wanted to read for quite a while and I was not disappointed in it.