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BOOK- DANCE FOR A DEAD PRINCESS- The people Nicholas Carey has loved are all ghosts: his mother, the world-famous concert pianist; his wife, Deborah, the most beautiful woman in England; and Diana, Princess of Wales, his most trusted friend and confident. How many nights has he spent talking to Diana about his marriage, about her marriage, about his guilt over Deborah, and about the impossibility of being in love? Too many to count. He aches to tell Diana how empty his life has become without her and without Deborah, but he can do nothing to bring them back. Yet he can expose Diana’s killer. Taylor Collins, a Wall Street lawyer, has the tape Diana made naming her assassin, and he is determined to get it. 
Taylor does not want to spend Christmas at Burnham Abbey overseeing the sale of the Carey’s ancestral home to her client, an American school for girls. Nicholas Carey, the Eighteenth Duke of Burnham, holder of a five-hundred-year-old title, is a spoiled selfish international financier; and Taylor would far rather be in New York, pursuing her high-powered legal career and hoping her fiancĂ©, who left her at the alter months earlier, will return. 
But night after night, Taylor hears Nicholas at the piano playing the haunting pavane for all the lost princesses in his life because his broken heart will not let him sleep. By day, she reads the tragic love story of Thomas, the First Duke, knight and liegeman to Henry VIII, who founded the Carey family but who never recovered from the loss of his beloved wife. Just as Taylor realizes Thomas’s unmeasurable capacity to love is hidden beneath Nicholas’s shallow public facade, Lucy, Nicholas’s mysterious ward, turns up dead. Taylor’s heart is stretched to its limits as she searches for the truth about Nicholas and comes face to face with Diana’s assassins.  AMAZON 

A flight on fancy involving Princess Diana and her murder as part of the story.
There are several different dramas going on at the same time that cause you to wonder about the Duke,  Nicholas and his past life.  Not only if he was guilty of harming his now dead wife, Deborah but also if he was the good guy in this present time.  Of course as the reader we get to see some of what  Nicholas and Taylor were thinking and feeling.    Their POV's were done in a way that wasn't confusing or repetitive. There were a couple issues that were repeated because it was part of the mystery.  The old diaries that Taylor found were an interesting addition and at the end of the story you end up finding they also figure into the whole story .  The romance dance between  Nicholas and Taylor was a good one; each one wanting to move forward but both afraid to be hurt by loving again.   Nicholas wasn't the only one with a tragic history; Taylor had a lot of pain that she was hiding inside of herself.   There were plenty of twists and turns to satisfy any sleuth aficionado.    The story also managed to pull on the heartstrings quite often. Especially the music that Nicholas played on the piano; the dance for a dead princess.  I really liked that touch.  And Lucy, who was Nicholas' ward made plenty of trouble all on her own; she was one piece of work.  

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

"Purposes for Tongues!" Richard Crisco

Because of a Soldier (p)

Cold Dead Hands
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a life worth?

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


BOOK- LADY OF THE FLAMES- Perfect lady, disgraced lord, traitor, spies, magic with fire, magic with blades and love (of course!). Magic with is fraught with peril—but so is love. 
Lord Fenimore Trent’s uncanny affinity for knives and other sharp blades led to knife fights, duels, and murderous brawls. Five years ago, he faced a choice: marry Andromeda Gibbons, the woman he loved, or find a safe, peaceful use for his blades by opening a furniture shop—an unacceptable occupation for a man of noble birth. The choice made itself when Andromeda turned to another man. The furniture shop prospered, but now Fen’s partner has been accused of treason. In order to root out the real traitor, he may face another unpalatable choice—to resort to the violent use of his blades once again.   Once upon a time, Andromeda Gibbons believed in magic. That belief faded after her mother’s death and vanished completely when Lord Fenimore, the man she loved, spurned her. Five years later, Andromeda has molded herself into a perfect—and perfectly unhappy—lady. When she overhears her haughty betrothed, the Earl of Slough, plotting treason, she flees into the London night—to Fen, the one man she knows she can trust. But taking refuge with Fen proves to mean far more than getting help—it means learning to believe in love, magic, and the real Andromeda once again. AMAZON

Loved this book!  What a good story, a fun romp. I enjoyed every minute of this story.  Yes a fun romp even amidst two lovers who were separated by a misunderstanding and magic.  Yes, there is magic, betrayal, spies, upper class nobility and those considered to be of the  lower class (by being tradesmen).   Andromeda was only days away from her wedding and she was liking her fiancee less and less as time goes on.  Then she overheard that treasonous conversation by the Earl of Slough (what a great name for such an evil guy).  Andromeda was a smart, likeable person and true to the times that this story is set, unfortunately  no one would listen to just a woman. She needed to get to safety, and get help.  She needed proof and to put a stop to what is being planned against her beloved country. 
Okay so normally I probably wouldn't be into reading stories that included hobgoblin's and etc., but what a charming story.  Even Cuff, was charming and protective in his own way.   It also took us on the journey that Andromeda made to begin to believe in magic again and to find out what her skills were and to learn to control them.    When Fen, (Lord Fenimore ) finally stopped shunning Andromeda, he realized that he believed a lie, for 5 years.  He also realized he never really stopped loving her.   I loved Fen's business partner, Harry Wellcome, he was unique to the core.  Fen's father at times had such a cavalier attitude towards the life and safety of others although a point in his favor was that he did love his son.  He didn't understand him but he did love him.  The romance between Fen and Andromeda was sweet and at times fierce too.  They had known and trusted each other since childhood before things went so wrong.  There is a HEA to their story though. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Keep on Getting Your Healing (p)

LINK- Rev. Barbara Williams

"My son, pay attention to my words, and listen closely to what I say. Do not let them out of your sight; keep them within your heart. For they are life to those who find them, and healing to their whole body." Proverbs 4:20-22 (ISV) 
(testimony in song from brother stone)

Intercessors will U Pray?

Rev. Barbara A. Williams
FAITH FOR FRIDAY: God looks for intercessors...will you pray? In Ezekiel 22 God looks for one to stand in the gap to plead that He not destroy the land, but He found no one. Intercessors are rare. They must bridge that gap continually and without ceasing between a holy God and a sinful world. People will pray for their needs but not so much for what God wants. The intercessor is a who bears and olive branch and brings peace between a holy God and sinful man. God wants peace and reconciliation between Him and mankind. The intercessor is necessary to bring the two sides together. This is God's will. If you will pray, He will answer.  LINK