Sunday, October 21, 2018

Prayer Worksheet to Resolve Brokenness Using Words of Knowledge

Prayer Worksheet to Resolve Brokenness Using Words of Knowledge

Checklist for Exploring Where Blessings and Curses Are Present in Your Life…

Checklist for Exploring Where Blessings and Curses Are Present in Your Life…

BOOK REVIEW- NABVAN (Warriors of Milisaria) (A Sc-Fi Alien Abduction Romance) by Celeste Raye

Nabvan (Warriors of Milisaria) (A Sc-Fi Alien Abduction Romance) by [Raye, Celeste]
He was forced to guard the kidnapped human meant to be the king's wife,
but whose side was he really on?

Alexis Fisher wanted to work for NASA, but she wasn't treated as an equal due
to her young age and gender. In a desperate act of defiance, she became a mail
order bride for an alien species. On Arkani, a peaceful planet, there might have
been a chance to show her scientific skills. All bets were off when her spaceship
was captured by the warriors of Milisaria and the king chose her as a mate.

Nabvan was the king's second in command. He felt dishonored by the king's order
to act as a simple guard for the human female. Humans only interested him as
allies in war. But, this one began to get under his skin. She withstood cruelty and
pain in order to uphold her self-respect. In doing so, she gained his as well. 

Alexis didn't want to marry the king. He had far too many concubines already.
Her defiance brought out King Shene's cruel side. He had her beaten and starved.
Nabvan couldn't afford to show his displeasure to the king, but he also couldn't
allow the human to suffer. 

Would the mighty warrior defy his king for a mere human? Was Alexis worth
dying for?   AMAZON 3 STARS

I had mixed feelings on this one. This book had so much potential but it didn't feel like it hit all the marks.  It did leave me feeling like some things were missing and even at the end of the book it felt a bit the same. I don't want to give any of the plot away so I will just say, that there were some lingering questions that kind of got glossed over.
That said, Alexis and Nabvan were good main characters.  And their struggles was made very clear.  First struggle of course came with trying to communicate.  The world building could have been a bit deeper but to be honest, for a while Alexis was just trying to stay alive.  We did get to see inside their ranks, appearances and  some of their ways of thinking.
The book did come at the story with a few unexpected surprises, so that was something that I enjoyed.
And yes readers, there will be alien sex but it doesn't end up being the main focus.  

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cutting Back Perennials // Garden Answer

BOOK REVIEW- WANTED (The Marshals of Maverick County Book 6) by Delores Fossen

Wanted (The Marshals of Maverick County Book 6) by [Fossen, Delores]
A woman he's never met is carrying his child in USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen's The Marshals of Maverick County miniseries 

When U.S. marshal Wyatt McCabe tracks his target to a Texas ranch, he isn't the only one with Lyla Pearson in his sights. But Wyatt has a powerful reason for keeping the beautiful CSI director out of the line of fire—he may be the father of the child she's carrying. 

The mother-to-be doesn't know who to fear more—the gunmen surrounding her house, or the stranger claiming paternity of her in vitro baby. Holed up together at his family homestead, Lyla struggles to fight her attraction to the sinfully handsome lawman. But with a killer stalking them, it may tear their new family apart….AMAZON 4 STARS

This book had plenty of action and mysteries in it.  In fact, even the beginning chapter opened up right into some pretty dramatic action. 
Wyatt and Lyla were both good main characters who started out with some really big trust issues at first.  There was plenty of danger going on so they were right about  being cautious.  There is a romance that develops between them because of their attraction to each other.  But more focus was on the threats, danger and attacks against them and the family.  They were just trying to stay alive will they figured who was behind it all.  There were plenty of people to look at and also some false trails to sort out. 
Wyatt had a large family that included foster brothers who also were federal marshals.  You don't always see that happen in a book but it was handled well. 
One thing that I found a bit irritating was the overuse of the word, "Mercy" in the way someone responded to an emotional thought or action.  

The villain is found out, lives saved and a H.E.A. for Wyatt and Lyla.  What's not to like about that?

Friday, October 19, 2018

(Surrounded) Fight My Battles | Josh Baldwin | Bethel Church


Book Cover
The first spaceship was sent to seek life on alien planets. Off course and malfunctioning, it crashed on a planet of mighty warriors. The Milisarian Knights were conquerors of other worlds. Quinn, the sole survivor of the crash, had to face these warriors alone and unarmed. Surprisingly, her guard and ally, a Knight's reject, became her salvation.

This was a quick, enjoyable story.  I guess it could be said that it wasn't super deep but it did have a story-line with good world building and good main characters.  
I liked that there actually was a story and not just something written as an excuse for time after time of mindless sex.  

It also ended well and included an unexpected but believable twist. 

I received a copy of this book when I signed up for the author's Newsletter.  This is my honest opinion of it.