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Life for Lady Adelaide Bell was easier if she hid in her older sister's shadow--which worked until her sister got married. Even with thepressure of her socially ambitious mother, the last thing she expected was a marriage of convenience to save her previously spotless reputation.

Lord Trent Hawthorne couldn't be happier that he is not the duke in the family. He's free to manage his small estate and take his time discovering the life he wants to lead, which includes grand plans of wooing and falling in love with the woman of his choice. When he finds himself honor bound to marry a woman he doesn't know, his dream of a marriage like his parents' seems lost forever. 
Already starting their marriage on shaky ground, can Adelaide and Trent's relationship survive the pressures of London society?   AMAZON   3.5 STARS

Wow, I'm not exactly sure what to say about this book. The best thing to say is that I had mixed feelings.  When I read the information about this book, I wasn't expecting the story to go in the direction it did when they had to get married.  That was different.  Awkward, yes you could feel it.  The way Adelaide and Trent avoided each other and then when they saw each other you could feel the awkward tension..   Adelaide's mother was some piece of work.  She's a user. Not of drugs but of people and especially of her youngest daughter Adelaide.  All of her life, Adelaide was abandoned pretty much.  She was invisible till needed, she'd even been left behind in stores and at church.  She had to find her own way home, that's just sad.  Helena was her older sister and everything on her mother's radar was about Helena.  Both were incredibly shameless social climbers.  
One of the things I liked how opposite Trent's family was.  They were warm, real people who weren't afraid to welcome people and show affection.  It wasn't very long before Adelaide realized she had found a real family, with Trent's.  Each and every one of them was interesting and I enjoyed their interactions.  Trent's older brother, Griffith held the title and he was a good, godly man.  I liked how Trent went to him when he needed help.  Although some of those meetings made me smile.  And sometimes shake my head, Trent was a good man too but often clueless about a lot of things too.  Still, I liked him and how he tried to overcome some of his resentment of his situation.  He did waffle between trying to believe he's married and turning tail and running.  
His way with his household staff was odd to say the least, but it was also funny at times.  It also became another family of sorts to Adelaide too.   One of the things that I really liked was that Trent had an unusual trigger, that caused him to feel tender towards Adelaide.  He found her clothing mishaps endearing.  He took it as far as looking for them and then he would tenderly correct it.  He began to like her individuality as it would pop up every so often.  That included her sometimes untamed hairdo and glasses, all which he thought suited her.  
I guess the part that I didn't like was that for every step that made forward together, they ran backwards so much further.  That went on for quite a while.  A lot could have been solved if they had just talked to each other.  But they were basically 2 strangers trying to learn how to communicate among other things.  I feel Adelaide's sense of everything being thrown at her so quickly and she was trying to find her balance in an unfamiliar world.  It took a while but it was interesting to see her begin to find her backbone.  
All in all, although it wasn't my favorite book, it did have its moments. 
And I really liked the eBook cover for this book; very attractive.

I received a copy of this book via Bethany House and I am giving my honest opinion of it.   


To Tame a Wild Lady: A Duke-Defying Daughters Novel by [Macnamara, Ashlyn]

Lady Caroline Wilde is expected to ride sidesaddle, but she’s not about to embrace convention. She’s also expected to keep a chaste distance from men like Adrian Crosby, the new estate agent, yet she cannot cease her ogling—which is especially irksome considering their ongoing feud. Adrian insists that the fields must be planted; Caro needs those same fields to train her horses. But whenever she tries to put him in his place, Caro looks into his steely gaze and her words simply . . . disappear.
A bastard son who grew up on the Wyvern estate, Adrian was lucky enough to receive an education at the behest of the late marchioness. Now that he has set out on his own, Adrian knows better than to fall for Lady Caroline, the Duke of Sherrington’s daughter. Caroline is at once a thorn in his side and an exquisite temptation, especially when she’s playing the feisty daredevil. Adrian would give anything for a chance to tame her—and with Caro in the saddle, he just might get his wish.   AMAZON 3 STARS

Just Okay.  I really wanted to like it more, but I didn't.  Sure the main characters were good and so were some of the secondary characters too.  Caro's sisters to name 2 people who did add to the story some. Snowley, who was the heir to be, was a twit and not one that even interested me all that much either.  But for some reason it just wasn't my cup of tea.  I didn't hate it, it just seemed to be missing something. Something that I can't quite put my finger on.  Maybe one thing is that the main characters never really drew me into the story all that much.  Probably just my own personal taste.  There will be a H.E.A. for Caro and Adrian, although I wasn't sure how that was going to happen because of their stations in life.
It also was not a clean read because there was several fairly detailed sex scenes.  

I received an advance copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Receiving Fully To Give_By Graham Cooke 2017

34:01 Video Length


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God is incredibly purposeful about the way He loves you. His intention is to make you infinitely confident & secure in His affection.
So much so that it would dominate our life and infect our perception and then, infiltrate itself into our lifestyle & language so that people would be moved by love.
Press play on the video above for more on this!

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BOOK REVIEW- VENDETTA BY Fern Michaels (Book 3 Sisterhood)

Vendetta (Sisterhood Book 3) by [Michaels, Fern]

Once upon a time there were seven very different women who had been broken but not beaten by life. In those tough days of healing, they became the Sisterhood, a group of devoted friends who vowed to change their lives, empower themselves, and be there for each other, no matter what. Now, they're ready to answer the call for the woman who started it all, Myra Rutledge. 
Five years ago, Myra's pregnant daughter was killed by a hit-and-run driver--the playboy son of an ambassador with diplomatic immunity. Myra was left to grieve while the murderer was free to return to his lavish lifestyle with no fear of ever having to pay for his crime. But not for much longer. As the air turns crisp the Virginia hills around Myra's lovely old farmhouse, the Sisterhood has gathered for a little creative planning, and what they have in mind is a gift for Myra of long-awaited and very sweet revenge. AMAZON.  4 STARS

Brilliant and at some times squirm worthy.  The squirmy part of the feelings came in when I read what the women did as his punishment.  Ouch, painful.  Cunning, well planned but brutal and life-long in its effects.   The details could have been worse, I guess and I'm just glad that they weren't more detailed.  The rest of the story, critical planning of the mission, the relationships were close and very well written.  It was good to see the "ladies" of the sisterhood back together, both personally and as a team.  Even Jack, the ex-fiancee of Nikki's was a good part of the story.  He was relentless and very tunnel visioned when it came to trying to catch the sisterhood.  He was diving others around him crazy with his bull dog tenacity.  He had theories, which while they sounded wild to others, they were often so CLOSE to the truth it was almost scary.  He had gut feelings about these things and he was  pretty good at connecting the dots.  He just couldn't seem to get his hands on any real proof.  His partner in their new detective business tries to talk him into being reasonable but most of the time can't slow him down.  So of course Mark gets drawn into the craziness too.
In this story, it was said that this was their most dangerous, intricate mission because part of it involved going into another country, China.

The only thing that I wasn't as keen on was the ghost(?) of Myra's daughter Barbara "talking" with Myra and sometimes Nikki.  

Practice the Presence of God- Graham Cooke

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"If you want the presence of God, don't pray for it - 

practice it."

Then when His presence comes,we need to learn HOW to HOST His Presence.
Often He comes and we leave too quickly.  Its great that you feel His Presence but when then? 
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Kenneth Copeland Ministries - A Salvation Prayer for Others

Kenneth Copeland Ministries - A Salvation Prayer for Others

Father, I come before You in prayer and in faith, believing. Your WORD says You desire for all men to be saved and to come into the knowledge of the truth, so I bring _____________________ before You this day.
I break the power of Satan from his assignments and activities in ___________________’s life in the Name of Jesus. Now, while Satan is bound, I ask that You send forth the perfect laborers to share the good news of the gospel in such a way that he/she will listen and understand it. As the truth is ministered, I believe ____________________ will come to his/her senses and come out of the snare of the devil and make Jesus The LORD of his/her life.
Father, I ask that You fill ____________________ with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. As I intercede in his/her behalf, I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is activated and from this moment on, I will praise and thank You for ____________________’s salvation.
I am confident that You are alert and active, watching over Your WORD to perform it. It will not return to You void. It will accomplish that which You please, and prosper in the thing whereto it was sent. Therefore, my confession of faith is, “God has begun a good work in ____________________’s life, and He will perform it and bring it to full completion until the day of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
​Scripture References: 2 Peter 3:9; Matthew 18:18, 9:37-38; 2 Timothy 2:26; Jeremiah 1:12; Isaiah 55:11; Philippians 1:6.
- See more at: http://www.kcm.org/real-help/salvation/pray/a-salvation-prayer-others#sthash.LAzKYMC9.dpuf

You're Gonna Be Ok (Lyric Video) // After All These Years // Brian and J...

Beckah Shae - Hold On

How to Crochet my Puff Granny Square (Difficult)

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The Viscount and the Vixen by [Heath, Lorraine]
Love begets madness. Viscount Locksley watched it happen to his father after his cherished wife’s death. But when his sire arranges to marry flame-haired fortune hunter Portia Gadstone, Locke is compelled to take drastic measures to stop the stunning beauty from taking advantage of the marquess. A marriage of mutual pleasure could be convenient, indeed . . . as long as inconvenient feelings don’t interfere.
Desperation forced Portia to agree to marry a madman. The arrangement will offer the protection she needs. Or so she believes until the marquess’s distractingly handsome son peruses the fine print . . .and takes his father’s place!
Now the sedate—and, more importantly, secure—union Portia planned has been tossed in favor of one simmering with wicked temptation and potential heartbreak. Because as she begins to fall for her devilishly seductive husband, her dark secrets surface and threaten to ruin them both—unless Locke is willing to risk all and open his heart to love.   AMAZON  4 STARS

An interesting cat and mouse story.  A very heated one, with plenty of marital sex. A pretty detailed one.  So this story isn't for you, if that is a problem.  It isn't all sex though, there is a story to be found in it, which I did like.  Early in the book, Portia had several conversations that made me wonder about her.  No she wasn't a virgin,  but even as a widow, she said some things to Locke that seemed so wildly unacceptable.  Yes, she said them to challenge Locke, but it seemed like only a woman of the streets might have said.  But she was also more than that, she did have many redeeming qualities as well.  Portia was something else, going toe-to toe with Locke the minute she meets him.  Even afraid, she confronted what she needed to.  These two were made for each other, although in the beginning there was no way that they planned on love entering in.  to the bargain.  But attracted to each other?  Yes, from the very start.  I liked Locke's father even more as time went on, and his character was so much more than the madman that some people thought him.  Not only did he have more depths, so did the story and the other people in it.  Portia and Locke, both sure did.   And some of their conversations were not only funny but also incredibly blunt!
There is a journey to the H.E.A. for Portia and Locke but the emotions of the story come through loud and clear.
Good Epilogue too

Christ Redeemer - written and performed by Nate Marialke

Marty Goetz - Chanuka

Mount Zion | Jonathan Helser | Live at Home

Dazzling Kid's Cowl | Red Heart

Dazzling Kid's Cowl | Red Heart

Dazzling Kid's Cowl Free Crochet Pattern in Red Heart Yarns -- This crocheted cowl adds a flash of fun to a kid’s style! Everyone loves the way this yarn reflects the flash of a camera or other light at night.:

Free Crochet Pattern

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King Takes Queen: a Time Travel Romance (Avalon Prophecy Book 1) by [Corwin, Monica]
Legend states when the King Arthur is needed most he will return. What if the legends are wrong?

Maggie Sanders gave six years and two feet of her now scarred and twisted body to the United States Army. She received a thank you note and a discharge in return. Effectively booted to the curb Maggie tries to pick up the pieces of her life until her revival is interrupted by one smoking hot immortal.

Arthur Pendragon, legendary King and military leader, has been trapped on the mythical island of Avalon for 1500 years. When he is thrust from captivity to the modern world he has to fight to stay there. Too bad for him, she has more fight than he anticipates. With the help of Maggie and a teenage Merlin, Arthur sets out to end his torture and free the rest of his comrades from imprisonment.  AMAZON 4 STARS

Exceeded my expectations.  I really like the "book come alive" story ideas.  I thought this one was pretty well done, it just flew by and I enjoyed it.  Maggie was one tough gal, and well skilled from her time in the Army.  She IS still healing and working to overcome her nightmarish memories from the experiences of battle that brought her former career to an end.  I did like what Lancelot said about her, her being a soldier.  He told her that she wasn't a former soldier but once a soldier, always a soldier (or warrior).  And she did prove a few times that she still had the instincts and moves of a warrior.  Even Arthur knew he needed to make his way around her, carefully.  OK, Arthur's appearance into her life is dramatic and NAKED.   That was a surprise for more than just me.   He was suave and kind in his own way and he seemed to understand how to relate to Maggie fairly quickly.  But he did tread carefully at first and at a few other times too.  There was a tenderness there. 

This is not a clean read because there will be a sex scene or two.  This is not a really deep story but it was creative, interesting and at times fun.  Some of the conversations between Arthur and Maggie made me smile.   And Merlin?  He was a surprise; you'll have to read it to find out why.
There is a H.E.A. but how it came about was kind of a simple fix, not sure it was quite the ending I thought it would be.  But I still enjoyed the book anyway.  It was just a quick, fun read. 


Badlands Bride (Safe Haven) by [St.John, Cheryl]
Shooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright's introduction to the Wild West, where she'd traveled with a bevy of mail-order brides. But it was the more intimate "hello" in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that sent her heart racing—and made it all the more difficult for her to tell the brawny plainsman that she wasn't the woman he'd sent for….
When she jumped from the stage, shining with true grit and spewing tall tales, Cooper DeWitt thought he just might have struck gold. Raised with the Sioux, Cooper needed a wife who could brave the frontier and corral his restless heart. The problem was, his would-be bride had no intention of marrying him! AMAZON 4.5 STARS

When I first began reading I was half afraid that it would fall into the rest of some of the others that wasn't very deep.   I'm so glad that it was even better than what I had hoped.  It wasn't like some, where the woman  was so ill equipped for their new situation, and complaining all the way.  Nope, not Hallie.    Oh don't get me wrong, she really is ill equipped but she pitched right in; often surprising herself and others along the way.   She learned and adapted, even when some terrifying adventures come her way.  When she got to the station after shooting the bandit, the driver grinned and called her the hellcat .  Made me smile at that one.  And there are some interesting adventures as you can tell even from the beginning of the story.   The more I got to know Cooper, the better I liked him.  He slowly began to understand Hallie better than even her own family ever had.  She was made to feel invisible and sometimes unwanted when it came to who she was.  She was made to feel like want she wanted didn't matter and that she had no value other than  being a woman molded to society's mold.  She just didn't fit and she didn't want to.
Cooper's nephew Yellow Eagle and his mother, Chumani were good additions to the story and I enjoyed the part they played too.  There were a couple of other people who added to the cast too, just not an overload of people.
I liked how the story ended and enjoyed the Epilogue as well.  

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Speaking the Language of the Spirit in Our Homes - Becky Fischer

43:51 IN Length

PowerClubs: What They Are & How to Start One

1:04:02 IN LENGTH  

Thousand Fold Increase - The 111 Blessing - Katie Souza XP Shiloh

1:03:03 in Length


The Choosing (The Pruxnae Book 2) by [Varna, Lucy]
Ziri Mokuru has lived her entire life in the rural village of Arden Hollow on the planet Tersi. While her parents are off having adventures and being Very Important People, she’s struggled simply to find a place where she belongs. One night, she investigates a disturbance in her home and discovers an armor-clad man sorting through her belongings. Her first thought is for her parents’ safety, not to question why this man is in her home late at night without even the courtesy of knocking. After all, no one among the trusting Tersii breaks into someone else’s home without a good reason.

Ryn abid Alna has an excellent reason for sneaking into Ziri’s home. After years spent scraping together enough vud for the bride price, he’s finally ready to steal a wife. One look at Ziri’s sweet smile and Ryn decides no other woman will do. She can fix anything she touches, so why not the loneliness he’s lived with since he was enslaved as a young boy?

Though Ziri longs for love, she’s not so sure she’s ready to settle down with the man who kidnapped her, especially after he jumps her into a nest of Sweepers, a sinister alien race bent on mayhem and destruction. As the day draws near when she faces Ryn’s family on the Choosing field, Ziri ponders the hardest decision of her life: Fight for Ryn and the place he’s made for her in his heart or choose another man as a life mate and risk never knowing love.  AMAZON  5 STARS

OK, I hemmed and hawed before getting this book.  I really enjoy a GOOD  story like this if it is a GOOD one.   And this one didn't disappoint.   I say that because I have read a few with a similar story about a woman being kidnapped by an alien to be his bride.   So many of those that I have read have been disappointing  to me.  The reason is because it was more like it was sex with a story written around it.   Not this one, although there will be sex later on in the book, it was not overboard detailed.   It had a good story with main characters I connected with and good secondary people as well.  I thought the world building and culture was pretty good too. There was romance, friendships and evil aliens as expected too.  The " Sweepers" were well drawn, creepy and lethal.  The fight scenes were good in this book, and not just with the Sweepers.  The Choosing event and things leading up to it were different and I didn't know exactly what to expect.  
I think one of the things that made this book even more likable to me was the sweetness that Ryn  showed at times towards Ziri.  Oh yeah and the cuddling.  Also that he wasn't afraid to let her use some of her strengths as long as they didn't help her escape him.  The emotions in the book came through really well.  Even as a friendship between Ziri and Ryn starts to develop, the insecurities and fears were able to understand clearly.  I liked Ryn's second family and how loving his family was.  

There is an excerpt of another book in the series called, "Alien Mine".
On a side note, I wonder if there will be a book about Ryn's sister, Tyelu in the future?

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New Chuck Norris Commercial 2017 - United HealthCare

Made me laugh out loud!

How to Explore New Territory- Graham Cooke

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When we started this journey with God, we weren’t just handed the “fullness” of the “fullness of Christ.” Instead, we entered a territory that is so huge it’s going to take the rest of our lives to explore.
As new creations, we are ever-evolving into the fullness of Christ because Jesus is big country. We must become explorers who are constantly finding something new in the face of God.
We are all learning how to explore the land that is in front us, to investigate the promises and new truths that God has placed in our lives.

A large part of this exploration is learning how to navigate seasons of tension and confusion.

When God is doing a new thing, it can often clash with a way of thinking that is already present within us, causing tension. This can create internal pressure, giving us the choice to remain at our current reality or take the opportunity to upgrade our thinking.
Internal tension is actually just God giving you the opportunity to let go of an old way of thinking and move towards a new one. This is exactly what repentance is all about.

When exploring new territory with Jesus, we must be quick to practice New Testament repentance, which is different than it is in the Old.

In the Old Testament they all repented backwards to what they did wrong. But the key to being in Jesus, is that we can’t repent towards the old man because he is not there anymore; he is dead. This makes for wonderful crazy learning opportunities to become a totally new person, and the Holy Spirit is going to help us explore this territory.
So if you make a mistake, then the way in which you apologize is not by saying, “Lord forgive me of my sin,” because all sin and the old man died on the cross. Rather, we are learning to be holy, learning to explore righteousness.

New testament repentance is about repenting forward.

If you become anxious, which is an old man behavior, then you can’t repent of anxiety because it died with Christ on the cross, what you have to say is,
“Lord, you gave me a brilliant opportunity to be peaceful and I didn’t take it. Forgive me for not being peaceful, and please give me another opportunity to learn this so that I can get it right.”
This is exactly what I have been learning to do, and it has been over nineteen years since I was really worried about anything because the Prince of Peace walked into my life and never left. I have used the times where I could have been anxious to learn peace. It’s been a brilliant territory to explore.
So the next time you find yourself struggling with a negative, take a minute to remember that it already died with Christ on the cross. Ask the Holy Spirit what new territory He is wanting you to explore, and set your intention for some transformational learning. I know the outcome will be well worth the journey.  LINK

PS) If interested in learning more about this exploration in God, I’ve got a teaching I think you’ll love called FULLNESS NOW. Even better, my publisher is giving it away for free for the next week! In it, we discuss how the Lord loves to stand in the gap between our potential and our actual development in Christ, and resource the whole journey! I think you’ll be blessed. Download your copy now for free!


Taming a Duke's Wild Rose: Taming the Heart Series Book 2 by [Andresen, Tammy]
Since the death of her mother, Lady Rose Wentworth has dreamed of a hero. A knight or soldier who sweeps her off her feet and heals the scars she hides within. These fantasies cloud her judgement when it comes to a man’s true nature and every suitor she pines for proves to be less than honorable. But Rose is convinced she has finally found a true hero in the soldier, Carl Lundberg.
Fearing for Rose’s future, her father arranges a match with the scarred duke. Powerful and rich beyond reason, Lord Wentworth is convinced this is the man who can provide a real future for his daughter. But Rose knows better, or so she thinks. Now she is caught between two men, one handsome and dashing, the other scarred but intriguing none-the-less. As each vies for her hand, Rose finds it more difficult to discern whose intentions are pure.
The more Rose is entangled in the web of love and marriage the more she questions which man has the true heart and who can unlock hers.   AMAZON  3.5 STARS

Rose was beautiful and kind of flaky. Because of her youth, she hadn't really found herself yet.  She was kind of flitting from one handsome man to another because no one had really engaged her heart yet.  Deep down though, Rose had a good heart and that made her easier to like. Even though she had been overprotected by her father, she still was able to get into trouble from time to time.  With her head filled with images of fantasy heroes, Carl was quickly becoming one of those troubles. 
 It was a sweet, mysterious way that Rose first meet, Alex, the scarred duke.  It was charming and a good way to make her more curious.  Alex was an honorable man who didn't want to force Rose to marry him, even though he was falling deeper and deeper for her.  He wanted her to have a choice. He hoped she chose him.   

There were a few things towards the end that didn't make any logical sense .  Is the time sequence off in my memory of the story.  Isn't it to way to think that Rose could be pregnant?  And since Alex and Rose had sex at least once, why would he let her go without thinking that she could be carrying his child?   And he would be loosing her and his child?  
 There will be a H.E.A. but Rose is going to have to fight for it. 

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BOOK REVIEW- PAYBACK by Fern Michaels ( Book 2 Sisterhood)

Payback (Sisterhood Book 2) by [Michaels, Fern]
Meet the Sisterhood--seven very different women who found one another in their darkest days and formed an indelible friendship, strong enough to heal their pasts and bring laughter and joy back into their lives. In Myra Rutledge's beautiful, Virginia home, amid hugs and fresh iced tea, shrimp fritters and shell-pink tulips, the friends have gathered to embark on their second mission of sweet revenge for one of their own. Julia Webster's husband, a U.S. Senator, has used his wife's graciousness and elegance to advance his career even as he's abused her trust at every turn and left her dreams for the future in tatters. Now, on the eve of his greatest political victory, he's about to learn a serious lesson in payback. Because the senator crossed the wrong woman. . .and there are six more where she came from. AMAZON   4.5 STARS

Really liked this one.  Kept me on the edge of my seat, most of the time; wondering what was going to happen next.  This is the first book I've read of the series    I thought about reading the Book #1 but I got turned off on it because of what reviewers had said about one of the forms of "revenge" that took place in it.  But I decided to take a chance on this one and I was really glad I did.  Great characters, great plot, suspense, twists, turns and loving friendships as well.  That loving friendship, would be the "Sisters" of course.  Myra Rutledge, was quite the "character" all on her own.  She is not only the Lead Lady of the group but her side kick/ companion/ love, Charles, has a lot of skills, brains and contacts.  Each one of the Sisters, is unique and has skills that they can add to the missions that they take part in.  Each has their story that needs to find justice for.  So I will be reading more of the stories, I'm looking forward to it.  
 The only thing I didn't like was the talking with a dead person part of the story.  One good thing is that it didn't take up much of this story.  I would say that this is a +18 years old story for sure.  Something I probably really didn't need to say, if anyone really read the title and book blurb. I liked how the story ended, not sure I could say that it is a H.E.A. kind of story but it was completed.  With the door wide open to new adventures should you choose to follow.  I think I will.  
I noticed some people thought it was too far out there to be believable.  OK, my thought was, "Hey its fiction, have fun with it"  


The Trouble with Caasi (Debbie Macomber Classics) by [Macomber, Debbie]
A driven workaholic, CEO Caasi Crane has sacrificed all semblance of a personal life to build a West Coast hotel empire. But business as usual will never be the same when the man Caasi trusts with all her heart abruptly resigns. Having to replace her top manager isn’t the end of the world—or at least it shouldn’t feel like it. So why does it hurt so much to lose him?

Blake Sherrill is excellent at his job, and he knows it. But when it comes to Caasi, the time has come to cut his losses. Ironically, now that he’s ready to walk away from the woman he cares for, he gets what he’s wanted all along: Caasi’s undivided attention. Dragging her into his family’s frenzy of potlucks, weddings, and bouncing babies, Blake tries to teach an isolated career woman about the world outside her lonely penthouse—and a love that’s strong enough last a lifetime.  AMAZON 3 stars

I just felt like this book could have been so much more.  It started out okay but there were just so many mixed messages coming from Blake.  After a while, it just exasperated me.  Yes, I understand that Blake was trying to protect himself but geez.  Normal life that others took for granted was so outside of Caasi's experience.    The closest she had to normal were her two friends, who I did like.  The peek into Blake's family, felt just like that, warm and close but still just a peek.  I liked the story behind Caasi's name, that was unusual.  I know the story said that Caasi and Blake had worked together well over the years, but after he handed in his resignation I found it harder to believe.  Of course now they  were on a more personal ground but he was expressing a lot of anger and that made it harder to like him.  At times he came across as a jerk.  At a later point in the book, Caasi said something about not liking people to play games with her.   It expressed my feelings exactly.  It went on too long and at one point, I just wanted it over.   
This might be the first book, that I have read a book by this author and I had heard such great things about her writing.  I will give her books another chance but I was disappointed in this one. 

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BOOK REVIEW- SURVIVOR (Novella) by Amanda Pillar

Survivor: A Graced Novella by [Pillar, Amanda]
Billie Young is a city guard from Pinton with a troubled past – she was kidnapped, tortured and almost murdered by vampires. Though she managed to survive her attack, it’s left her scarred and damaged. Now, she wants revenge.
Vere Radcliffe is a vampire spy who answers directly to the king. Recently returned to the city, he’s stuck living with his family – a fate almost worse than death. But trouble is brewing in the streets of Pinton, and Vere is asked to investigate the abduction of a city guard and the murder of several other humans. 
Can Vere and Billie work together to find the killers, before it’s too late?   AMAZON  4.5 STARS

I really liked this story.  I know it says its a Novella but it felt like a fuller book than that.  Of course, I did read it quicker but in the process really ended up liking the main characters a lot.  Billie, was a character that was easy for me to admire. Spunky, smart, outspoken, courageous, always trying to win.  Vere was a surprise, a pleasant one. He was a "man" of honor, working for justice in his own way. 
Now, I'm not saying that its a really deep book but it was enjoyable.  Even looking at some of the injuries that Billie had to recover from; those where  caused by some serious violence.  
Was I happy in the way the story ended?  Yes, I was.  

Pastor Larry Huch - Your Breakthrough Is Here - January 8, 2017

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Jesse Duplantis Hearing God’s Voice

Not Letting The World Forget The Words of God

Patricia King: WHAT DOES 2017 LOOK LIKE?

WHAT DOES 2017 LOOK LIKE? Patricia King

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Marrying Winterborne by [Kleypas, Lisa]
A ruthless tycoon
Savage ambition has brought common-born Rhys Winterborne vast wealth and success. In business and beyond, Rhys gets exactly what he wants. And from the moment he meets the shy, aristocratic Lady Helen Ravenel, he is determined to possess her. If he must take her virtue to ensure she marries him, so much the better . . .
A sheltered beauty
Helen has had little contact with the glittering, cynical world of London society. Yet Rhys’s determined seduction awakens an intense mutual passion. Helen’s gentle upbringing belies a stubborn conviction that only she can tame her unruly husband. As Rhys’s enemies conspire against them, Helen must trust him with her darkest secret. The risks are unthinkable . . . the reward, a lifetime of incomparable bliss. And it all begins with…
Marrying Mr. Winterborne    AMAZON   4 STARS

I liked this book, with some reservations.  It definitely started out strong right at the very first chapter.  I liked that, it got my attention, and it showed what a strong personality Rhys had.  It was a pretty bold action on Helen's part too, considering the era she lived in and what was and wasn't allowed for a woman.  Especially one in mourning, there were rules.  And she was boldly bending and breaking them.  She took a huge risk and it doesn't end up being the only one. 
It was quite a bargain that came about when it came to their re-engagement. Helen had been so incredibly shy but she did her darnedest to break that because it had caused problems that led to a broken engagement in the first place. Helen was beautiful and fragile in appearance.  Being tiny and having almost an ethereal appearance caused people to overprotect her.  But if she wanted Rhys, she was going to have to break out of that shell. Besides she's a lot tougher than she seems; its just in different ways. I have to give her credit because although Rhys was intense and intimidating in some ways, she was also so drawn to him. I ended up liking both main characters.   There were also some really good secondary people in the book.  That includes Helen's two younger sisters. 
It was good to see that Helen did not feel like she was marrying below her social standing and she valued so much of Rhys.  She refused to think less of him just because he is a Welshman and someone in business (both were looked down upon in society).  In fact she felt such a tenderness for him, and those things that made him who he was, even down to his accent.  Helen had slipped under Rhys guard as well and he was surprised on how as a tough guy, she seemed to bring a calmness to him.  

I said I liked it with some reservations.  Here is one of them: with all the sneaking around and having pre-marital sex (a fair amount of it too) there wasn't enough concern about Helen getting pregnant.  Rhys was aware but couldn't seem to get Helen to realize the dangers.  AND he didn't take any measures to even try to prevent pregnancy either.  Helen was thinking if she got pregnant, they could hurry the wedding.  At those times, she wasn't even considering how screwed she would be if he died before they could marry.  But he began to get a wake up call about that possibility. 

There was a fair amount of sex like I mentioned, detailed sex. Of course, there was also romance too.  And when the secret that Helen has is revealed, its a doozy.   She had her suspicions about it being true  but is not one that she is even happy to have confirmed.  I don't want to spoil the surprise so I'm not giving any spoilers about it.

There is a H.E.A. for Helen and Rhys, as they got to understand more about each other.

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Naughty, But Nice (Bare Essentials) by [Shalvis, Jill]
Cassie Tremaine Montgomery: the stunning lingerie model with a tough-as-nails attitude and a sheriff in her sights. Sean "Tag" Taggart: the sexy-as-sin sheriff who is more than willing to play Cassie’s game…his way. Cassie intends to use all the seductive powers she has to entice Tag as part of her revenge on her hometown. Tag, however, isn’t cooperating. He’s more than willing to set the sheets on fire with her, but he’s asking for more than just sizzling sex… He knows she’s not as tough as she pretends. And he knows she cares about him—even if she won’t admit it. That’s fine. He’ll just turn up the heat until she concedes there’s more between them than this red-hot passion.  AMAZON   4 STARS
Originally published in 2002.

I think this might have been the first time that I have read anything by this author but it won't be the last.  It definitely kept my interest and I really liked both of the Main Characters.  But I also must say that the title for this book is right on.  It IS Naughty but nice (too).  The picture of the eBook I felt was in need of an update though.  The guy and his outfit just didn't feel like it fit the story.  Just sayin'.  This book should have come with a bit more warning though.. it should have a label saying "Hot" on it.  There will be pages of sizzling sex (like was mentioned) but it doesn't skip on the emotional parts of the story either. If you don't want to read the sex parts either don't buy this book or skip some on it.  The thing is that there is a tenderness and caring from Tag when it comes to the sex part that is endearing.  Cassie isn't used to that and it is terrifying to her.  Some of the conversations between the two of them was  over the top at times.  I also found myself smiling more than once.  Although Tag is strongly drawn to Cassie, he is NOT a push over either.  Both Cassie and Tag were tough as nails in their own ways but the reader gets a really good look throughout the book at how Cassie got her attitude.   I liked when we got to see their vulnerabilities and their strong personalities. After reading about Tag and his yearnings it was easy to want both of them to have their H.E.A. together.  They will get there but oh, it's going to be a often bumpy, sometimes funny, sometimes tearful ride. 
 Cassie had quite the interesting short list of "To Do's" made from the pain of 10 years ago.  All of which she accomplishes but one came with a surprising twist for her.  It doesn't exactly turned out the way she planned all those years ago. It actually turns out better. 
Her cousin, Kate was a smile worthy character as well and I would have liked to hear more of her story too.  Especially the one about her and Jack.   The other people in the town added interest too.  

There is also a excerpt from the book, "Cowboy after Dark" included. 

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The Cocky Thief by [Crowe, Mallory]
The best thief in the world may have met his match...

Austin Miles can get into any building, safe or vault in the world if he wanted to,but when a former cop obsessed with revenge threatens his most important asset,his reputation, he finds himself accepting a job that even the best would balk at. The only silver lining as he's putting his life on the line is the sexy,mysterious Jennifer Murray. Somehow when he's flirting with her the threat of death doesn't seem quite so bad.
Jennifer Murray thought she was going to her eccentric's mother's wedding. The only thing that made the ordeal bearable was the tall dark and handsome man across the hall from her. But when she learns her mother's true motives for elaborate wedding, it becomes apparent that this isn't a party. It's a job.
With both Jennifer and Austin after the same payday, there can only be one winner. But no one ever said the score of a lifetime would be easy...  AMAZON 5 STARS

One word, "Incredible." The book was outside of anything that I was expecting.  And yes, I mean that in a good way! Austin could be viewed as an Anti-hero, I think.  At least those were my first thoughts as I began reading this book.  Handsome, clever and slick.  But still I thought I knew what I was getting into when I began to read.   But oh, Jennifer, you were quite the surprise too! As were the other sisters and her mother.  

I just have to add the definition of anti-heroes right here because it so fit this story: 
"An anti-hero is a flawed hero, and therefore, much more interesting then the more traditional heroes. They can be working on the side of good, but with a tragic flaw, or a horrible past, or for reasons that are selfish and not entirely "pure". They can also be working for the side of evil, but with hidden noble intentions, or other underlying complexities. These darker heroes can be jerks, pathetic, hard, jaded, or mean. However, all anti-heroes must have enough heroic qualities , intentions, or strength (physical including attractiveness or mental) to somehow gain the sympathy of the audience. Mostly they are intriguing and can therefore can be very, very, SEXY especially if you love bad boys (or girls). "
I'll let  you make your own judgement on where the people in this story fall. 
This story has lots of action, scheming and chasing.  Some of the conversations between Austin and Jennifer made me smile.  They seemed to "get" each other pretty quickly but not in an unbelievable way.  One by one several other people were added to the story as "helpers"; each unique in their own way.  "Incredible" also applies to how the author threw in an unexpected twist at the end.  I didn't see that coming.
Interesting Epilogue, done in Austin and Jennifer's cheeky style.  
Although the story was not a cliffhanger, I did wonder about Melody and if she would have her own story.  Looks like she will have because there was a quick peek at a second book in the Stolen Hearts series.  Its called, "Beautiful Thief"  Oh, boy I can hardly wait.  

What a great cover for the eBook.

 I received an ARC of this book and this is my honest opinion of it. 


The Handmaiden's Necklace (The Necklace Trilogy Book 3) by [Martin, Kat] 
Five years ago, Rafael, Duke of Sheffield, believed he was betrayed by the woman he loved and the pain haunts him still. When Rafe discovers that he was cruelly tricked and that Danielle Duval was never unfaithful, he's desperate to win her back. But Dani is already on a steamer bound for America to marry another man. Impulsively, Rafe follows her and, trapping her in a compromising situation, quickly makes her his wife. 
Promising her that with time he can prove his love and win her trust, Rafe presents her with a stunning necklace rumored to hold great power. As much as Dani wants to believe it can right the wrongs of the past, she fears there is one truth it cannot conceal, a truth that could cost her this second chance with Rafe, the only man she has ever loved….  AMAZON   4.5 STARS

I really liked this book; great characters and a good story.  Emotional, with some twists and turns.  
A story of two people so passionately in love and then had 5 years brutally stolen from them by a selfish person.  Each hating each other, not willing to move an inch to trust each other until the startling truth of Dani's innocence comes out.   But then they are struggling to open their hearts to each other again.  But that doesn't stop Rafe from forcing the marriage.  The fight is on and so is the seduction.
There are several other mysteries going on that add to the story instead of bringing confusion.  I liked Caro (Caroline) who was Dani's maid/best friend.  She was such a loyal, loving, helpful woman.  And when she has a possibly ill-fated romance developing, I just wanted to see it work out for them. Rafe had several close male friends who are a part of this story and help him several different times in the book.  They even stop hating on Dani once they learn the truth of what happened years ago and their wives began to welcome Dani without prejudice.  In fact they became worthy friends too.  Oh and how could I forget Dani's aunt, Flora?  The Dowager Countess of Wycombe.  That woman had a spine of steel and she was solidly on her niece Dani's side.  
There is a attack on both Dani and Rafe that ratchets up towards the end of the book.  Is someone trying to kill Rafe or Dani or both?  And why?  There is a mystery as well that ends with quite the twist.  
I really liked the Legend of the Necklace and it added some extra "magic" to the story.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Flawed: An Ethan Frost Novel by [Wolff, Tracy]

When Tori Reed loses everything, he sets her free.
I told myself I’d never trust Miles Girard, no matter how brilliant or sexy he may be. His sister, Chloe—Ethan Frost’s wife—is my best friend, but I know just how low Miles will stoop to get what he wants. Now he’s the last thing I want: my boss.
Growing up, I had it all—except for the sense that I belonged. And when a mistake from my past surfaces in the press, my parents don’t hesitate to cut me off. 
But surprisingly, Miles offers me a helping hand.
Before I know it, our relationship turns unprofessional in the hottest ways. Of course, he still drives me crazy. But when I’m dealt the ultimate blow, Miles is there for me. And maybe he’s the one I’ve been looking for all along.  AMAZON    3 STARS

This book started out wild from the very first words in the first chapter.  I had trouble with this book.  Yes, the challenges were there, the emotions were there and so were the misunderstandings.  But so was all the sex, sex and more sex.  I really wanted to like this story more but I just couldn't.  Even though I liked tough little Tori; she was a fiery tough-talking little gal.  But she also was hiding an awful lot of hurt too.  There is a point where Miles shows her kindness and some tenderness and that  totally throws her, says a lot.    That kindness and tenderness is going to take quite a while to take place because they stay combatants for a very long time.  Even when Miles tries to help, his people skills are so rusty that they often blow up in his face when it tries it with Tori.  Genius inventor though he may be, he's often slow on the uptake with others.  There is a lot of wallowing in mistakes not only by Tori, but also by Miles and his past mistakes where he failed to protect his sister, Chloe.  
I was glad the author included a Epilogue.  I like those and it did wrap up the story as it shows part of the HEA that did happen.  

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  


Quinn's Honor (MacLarens of Boundary Mountain Historical Western Romance Book 3) by [Davies, Shirleen]
Quinn MacLaren has one true love…Circle M, the family ranch. He makes it a habit of working hard and playing harder, spending time with experienced women who know he wants nothing more than their company. He buries the love he feels for one woman deep inside, knowing he’ll never be the man she needs.

Emma Pearce is a true ranch woman, working long hours to help keep the family ranch thriving. Feisty, funny, and reliable, she’s the girl all the single young men want—after they’ve sown their wild oats. Few know Emma has her heart set on one man. A man who may never grow up enough to walk away from his wild ways and settle down.

When tragedy strikes, Quinn’s right where he doesn’t want to be—as temporary foreman of the Pearce ranch. Stepping in to fill Big Jim Pearce’s shoes isn’t easy. Neither is keeping his feelings for Emma hidden and his hands to himself. Honor-bound to do what is right, Quinn meets the challenge, losing Emma’s friendship in the process.
Adding to Quinn’s worries, something sinister is working its way through the thriving town of Conviction. Unforeseen forces are at work. Debt builds, families lose their ranches, and newcomers threaten to divide not only the land, but the people—including the Pearce family.
As events unfold, Quinn faces the difficult challenge of keeping his feelings for Emma hidden and his honor intact. Doing what he believes is right couldn’t feel more wrong.
After all, what’s a man without honor?
Quinn’s Honor, book three in the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain historical western romance series, is a full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.   AMAZON 

I like the way the book opens, action right out at the start.  It does slow down for a while as we get acquainted with the town and the families.  It will pick back up after awhile.  Prepare for a fairly large cast of characters.  That threw me off a time or two, even though I found each one interesting. Quinn's family was fierce, loving and really close to each other.  But they also did their best to let each member make their own choices even when it wasn't exactly what they, as a family wanted.  One of those choices had to do with Brody, who loved being a lawman and the family wanting and needing him back on the ranch.
Emma was feisty and loved everything about the land, and the ranch.  Her favorite thing was horses and that is where her passion lays, second only to Quinn.  Emma was relying on the promise her father made about her co-running the ranch with him.  When he reneges on that promise, the usually good, obedient daughter explodes. I'm not going to say anything more about that because I don't want to spoil it for other readers.
The longing between Quinn and Emma goes on for quite a while.  Quinn is so stubborn.  He is crazy about Emma but he is also terrified to love and then lose someone that he loves. That makes things pretty difficult for Emma, because Quinn keeps sending mixed messages and it is tearing her apart. Yes, that definitely made me want to slap him right in the back of the head.  I understood where he was coming from but also one of his family members had said when Quinn made a decision he never changed his mind.  So, you can see how dicey it was going to be with Quinn and Emma.  Those who weren't the only ones struggling with being attracted to each other and not getting anywhere with it.  There are two other wannabe couples struggling too.  But don't worry, there are some successful couples who are working it out together.  
If you think its only about the M.C.'s romance struggle, its not.  Like the book blurb said, there's some dangerous, shifty things going on.  So, there will be some twists, turns and some gun shooting action.

There is a HEA for Quinn and Emma and this book can be read as a stand alone.  There are also some things that are left open for future adventures.

"I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review."

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Ride Baby Ride (Thompson & Sons Book 1) by [Arend, Vivian] 
He wants all her tomorrows

Small town mechanic Gage Jenick's been waiting for this moment ever since his best friend's little sister transformed from annoying tagalong to desirable woman. When sweet Katy Thompson kicks her boyfriend to the curb, Gage makes his move. In spite of an assignment that will take him completely off the grid for five long months, he steals her away for one night of steamy passion with the promise of more in the future.
She can't remember yesterday
When a freak accident on a storm-swept road leaves Katy with a memory full of holes, she can't remember her own email password, much less how the little pink "positive" on the pregnancy stick got there. She's at a loss to explain what happened, or when...or with whom. Suddenly she's got two men claiming to be her baby daddy: her redneck ex, and her long-time crush, Gage.
But what the mind forgets, the heart remembers. Still, it's going to be a long, hard ride to a happily-ever-after for two, plus one.

*This book was previously published as BABY, BE MINE.*   AMAZON    3 STARS

I liked that it started out strong and I liked both Katy and Gage.  But for me it seemed like it started to fizzle out a bit as it went on.  The fights between the M.C.'s not sure that they felt all that believable. Seemed a little forced, I can understand she's not quite herself because of the accident and her pregnancy hormones but still..
 Simon, the ex-boyfriend does his best to cause trouble, just like it was promised).  But I was amazed with the stuff he got away with.  Especially towards the end. Some of it I questioned but hey, it was part of the story.
I liked Katy's best friend, Janey.  That girl was a whirl wind of " I got Katy's back'' kind of person.
Several different times the descriptive writing made me smile.  Like when Katy met up with Gage when she was still mad at him.  He said Hi and "she lifted one brow in a perfect Vulcan imitation" and said Hi.  There were just a few like that and each and every one made me smile.  The author didn't overdo it, they were just sprinkled sparingly throughout the book.
It does have an Epilogue that ties up the rest of the story.
There is a quick look into the next book in the Series, "Rocky Ride."  A book with Mitch Thmpson and Constable Anna Coleman.

"Relationship- Requires Sacrifice" Richard Crisco

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When You Walk into the Room - Jon Thurlow (Live)


The Golden Braid by [Dickerson, Melanie]
The one who needs rescuing isn’t always the one in the tower.

Rapunzel can throw a knife better than any man. She paints beautiful flowering vines on the walls of her plaster houses. She sings so sweetly she can coax even a beast to sleep. But there are two things she is afraid her mother might never allow her to do: learn to read and marry.

Fiercely devoted to Rapunzel, her mother is suspicious of every man who so much as looks at her daughter and warns her that no man can be trusted. After a young village farmer asks for Rapunzel’s hand in marriage, Mother decides to move them once again—this time, to the large city of Hagenheim.
The journey proves treacherous, and after being rescued by a knight—Sir Gerek—Rapunzel in turn rescues him farther down the road. As a result, Sir Gerek agrees to repay his debt to Rapunzel by teaching her to read. Could there be more to this knight than his arrogance and desire to marry for riches and position?
As Rapunzel acclimates to life in a new city, she uncovers a mystery that will forever change her life. In this Rapunzel story unlike any other, a world of secrets and treachery is about to be revealed after seventeen years of lies. How will Rapunzel finally take control of her own destiny? And who will prove faithful to a lowly peasant girl with no one to turn to?  AMAZON  3 STARS

I know that another person giving a review said that they thought that this book would be good for teenagers.  Maybe.  But as I was reading it, the story felt like it was meant for even younger readers. Probably one of the reasons that I found it hard to stay involved with.   My attention kept straying.  But I hung in there for a bit longer and a bit longer and the story finally started to take off.  I wouldn't say that this book is my favorite but it finally had some twists and turns where I began to like it more.
Maybe part of the problem is that I had wanted to read this book for quite a while.  So, maybe my expectations were set too high. I did like the religious element to it but thought it was a bit strange that Rapunzel was taught to read using the Bible.  That seems like a hard place to start.
I did think that the cover was very attractive, eye catching even.