Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The Cocky Thief by [Crowe, Mallory]
The best thief in the world may have met his match...

Austin Miles can get into any building, safe or vault in the world if he wanted to,but when a former cop obsessed with revenge threatens his most important asset,his reputation, he finds himself accepting a job that even the best would balk at. The only silver lining as he's putting his life on the line is the sexy,mysterious Jennifer Murray. Somehow when he's flirting with her the threat of death doesn't seem quite so bad.
Jennifer Murray thought she was going to her eccentric's mother's wedding. The only thing that made the ordeal bearable was the tall dark and handsome man across the hall from her. But when she learns her mother's true motives for elaborate wedding, it becomes apparent that this isn't a party. It's a job.
With both Jennifer and Austin after the same payday, there can only be one winner. But no one ever said the score of a lifetime would be easy...  AMAZON 5 STARS

One word, "Incredible." The book was outside of anything that I was expecting.  And yes, I mean that in a good way! Austin could be viewed as an Anti-hero, I think.  At least those were my first thoughts as I began reading this book.  Handsome, clever and slick.  But still I thought I knew what I was getting into when I began to read.   But oh, Jennifer, you were quite the surprise too! As were the other sisters and her mother.  

I just have to add the definition of anti-heroes right here because it so fit this story: 
"An anti-hero is a flawed hero, and therefore, much more interesting then the more traditional heroes. They can be working on the side of good, but with a tragic flaw, or a horrible past, or for reasons that are selfish and not entirely "pure". They can also be working for the side of evil, but with hidden noble intentions, or other underlying complexities. These darker heroes can be jerks, pathetic, hard, jaded, or mean. However, all anti-heroes must have enough heroic qualities , intentions, or strength (physical including attractiveness or mental) to somehow gain the sympathy of the audience. Mostly they are intriguing and can therefore can be very, very, SEXY especially if you love bad boys (or girls). "
I'll let  you make your own judgement on where the people in this story fall. 
This story has lots of action, scheming and chasing.  Some of the conversations between Austin and Jennifer made me smile.  They seemed to "get" each other pretty quickly but not in an unbelievable way.  One by one several other people were added to the story as "helpers"; each unique in their own way.  "Incredible" also applies to how the author threw in an unexpected twist at the end.  I didn't see that coming.
Interesting Epilogue, done in Austin and Jennifer's cheeky style.  
Although the story was not a cliffhanger, I did wonder about Melody and if she would have her own story.  Looks like she will have because there was a quick peek at a second book in the Stolen Hearts series.  Its called, "Beautiful Thief"  Oh, boy I can hardly wait.  

What a great cover for the eBook.

 I received an ARC of this book and this is my honest opinion of it. 

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