Saturday, January 7, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- IN THE DARK by Pamela Burford

In the Dark by [Burford, Pamela] 
“Please let me get pregnant!” Cat Seabright’s biological clock is hollering at her to get on with it already. She has a profound desire for a baby, and a limited window of opportunity in which to make one. What she doesn’t have is a significant other. That’s where her pal’s cousin comes in. Agreeable guy that he is, he promises to fly to New York from Alaska, do the deed, then promptly fly back out of her life.
All goes according to plan... except for the part about the agreeable guy from Alaska. Oh, there’s a man in her bed, all right, a sexy, virile man who’s more than up to the task. The thing is, a full-fledged New York City blackout has plunged their baby-making date into darkness, obscuring her view of the energetic stud. The next day Cat finds out Mr. Alaska never made it to New York!
So who the heck did she have sex with?
When she discovers the man’s identity, and that she has to work closely with this particular bad boy for the next several weeks, all she can think is, “Please let me not be pregnant!”
A feel-good romantic comedy!   AMAZON   4 STARS

This book was a surprise.  I had my thoughts on how it was probably going to go and I was SO wrong.  And it made for some really interesting and often funny surprises!  Even Cat's job was something that I hadn't really heard of before but she was good at it.  Even her one-night stand, Brody seems as far as you can get to someone you want to be your baby's daddy.  If there is a baby, Brody doesn't match up with anything she has on her list.  I enjoyed the whole book and the emotions that it showed on behalf of both the M.C.'s.  They showed their defenses against hurt but also their vulnerabilities and that made me like them all the more.  At first I wondered about liking Brody, but as I got to know him it wasn't long before I was pulling for him and Cat.  Two people who are so different and seem to want such different things.  Brody does seem to want to carry the "bad boy" banner to the hilt but after seeing his care and yes, love for his dog, Spot you can begin to see that he really does know how to love.  He doesn't think so but even Cat is able to see how he is what Spot and calls him on it.  
I can say that book was both predictable (at times) and unpredictable at times too.
It's so funny that Cat's original plan went  haywire but there will be a HEA but its going to take some work and time. 

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