Monday, January 9, 2017


Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh (Desert Kings Book 6) by [Fraser, Diana] 
“You walked away from our wedding, just walked away and kept walking while I waited for you. And I hear nothing from you for a year, except a trail of credit card charges. Now, without explanation you return saying you want our baby. What the hell is going on, Taina?”

A reasonable question for Prince Daidan ibn Saleh al-Fulan to ask his beautiful wife, Finnish heiress Taina Mustonen. But how can Taina answer when the heartbreaking truth would destroy the diamond business he values so much?

With no answer, Daidan comes up with a proposal of his own—one which will force Taina to confront the fears from which she's run her whole life.  AMAZON  3.5 STARS
** New Cover **

Good story-line with some surprises, good main characters.  What happened to Taina when she left Daidan was a surprise all in its own.  Be warned there is a fair amount of sex in the book but is that really a surprise considering the title and book blurb?   But stetting that part aside, the story and interaction between the two M.C's was pretty good.  There is also a surprising twist towards the end of the end.  The "villain" of the piece shows up and I had guessed who it was but not all the details of what that person was up to at that moment.  Or even what their full motivation was either.  That all comes at the end with a HEA for all.   The Epilogue also takes it further by the reader seeing that another threat has been removed and also more of the happiness that has developed.  I sure do like it when there is a Epilogue.

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