Tuesday, January 31, 2017


To Tame a Wild Lady: A Duke-Defying Daughters Novel by [Macnamara, Ashlyn]

Lady Caroline Wilde is expected to ride sidesaddle, but she’s not about to embrace convention. She’s also expected to keep a chaste distance from men like Adrian Crosby, the new estate agent, yet she cannot cease her ogling—which is especially irksome considering their ongoing feud. Adrian insists that the fields must be planted; Caro needs those same fields to train her horses. But whenever she tries to put him in his place, Caro looks into his steely gaze and her words simply . . . disappear.
A bastard son who grew up on the Wyvern estate, Adrian was lucky enough to receive an education at the behest of the late marchioness. Now that he has set out on his own, Adrian knows better than to fall for Lady Caroline, the Duke of Sherrington’s daughter. Caroline is at once a thorn in his side and an exquisite temptation, especially when she’s playing the feisty daredevil. Adrian would give anything for a chance to tame her—and with Caro in the saddle, he just might get his wish.   AMAZON 3 STARS

Just Okay.  I really wanted to like it more, but I didn't.  Sure the main characters were good and so were some of the secondary characters too.  Caro's sisters to name 2 people who did add to the story some. Snowley, who was the heir to be, was a twit and not one that even interested me all that much either.  But for some reason it just wasn't my cup of tea.  I didn't hate it, it just seemed to be missing something. Something that I can't quite put my finger on.  Maybe one thing is that the main characters never really drew me into the story all that much.  Probably just my own personal taste.  There will be a H.E.A. for Caro and Adrian, although I wasn't sure how that was going to happen because of their stations in life.
It also was not a clean read because there was several fairly detailed sex scenes.  

I received an advance copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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