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Step Into Your New Year of Jubilee, Restoration and Favor!
Hope Reeder

You are stepping into your New Year! A year of Jubilee!!! A year of Restoration! A year of Favor! A year where everything the enemy has stolen from you – God’s favor will restore unto you! You thought it was finished for you, but God says, “This is your New Year of New Beginnings – of Favor!”

Let God be lifted up and His enemies be scattered! It’s the year where no matter who is against you, watch and see the Lord call you and bring you to His table! …And pour out unto you provision and favor that no man can stop!

Favor, Favor, Favor!

Hope Reeder

God's Treatment (p)


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BOOK REVIEW- AMONGST THE FLAMES- Firefighter Cole Taylor is the man everyone looks up to at Firehouse 9 in downtown Spokane. He’s been at the department for ten years and has no fear when it comes to dangerous situations. 
Megan Taylor, Cole’s wife, is a stay-at-home mother of their two boys. She was everything Cole ever wanted in a woman and the perfect wife any man could ask for until one day when she decides to leave Cole.  Cole has fought hundreds of fires in his lifetime, but he had never tasted fear until he came to fighting a fire in his own home. Amongst The Flames is a Christian firefighter romance that tackles real-life situations and problems that exist in Christian marriages today. It brings with it passion, love and spiritual depth that will leave you feeling inspired. This Contemporary Christian Romance novel is one book that you’ll want to read over and over again.   AMAZON I'm giving it 4 STARS on Amazon

A Story of Hope. I liked the fact that the author wrote this in such a way that you could really see the trial that they went through as a husband and wife. He was honest in the fact, that while we are Christians, we don't come out of the womb knowing how to walk it. Other people might expect it, but God doesn't. That's why he brings it to our attention and through other people, as was mentioned in this book. Reading the Bible and praying. His friend, Micah was such an inspiration, not claiming perfection or being abusive with his faith. He was a great friend and mentor to Cole. Someone that we could all use in our life; he just kept encouraging and pointing back to Jesus.
One of my favorite things spoken in the book was relating marriage being similar to fire. "That each one is different and when you're up there amongst the flames and things are heating up, you'd better have faith in God if you hope to keep the fire under control."
The struggle between Cole and his wife Megan, was reflected pretty well I thought. Also how it affected their young sons, was shown too. Cole and Megan were both lost in their own ways, they just didn't know how bad it was until things began to hit the fan in their lives.
Heck, Cole didn't even realize there was a problem until Megan left. This is something that in real life I have heard more than once. That the man thought everything was fine. I guess that also says something about us as women too. We stuff a lot of things, instead of trying to work it out. I'm not saying that's always true, but often enough. Some of that comes from the culture that we grew up in, both men and women. I liked God's approach better.

There is a Sneak Peek at the book,"The Perfect Cast" at the end of this book.
There is a really sweet dedication in this book. Its dedicated to his mother who taught him that all things are possible with God. Sweet and True.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Heavn on Earth AGenda- Dr. C. Leaf (p)


Bride's Father & Step-Father (p)

Bride's father stops wedding so stepdad can walk her down the aisle, too

Delia D. Blackburn Photography
 - When wedding photos go viral it's usually because of an epic romantic gesture or some embarrassing accident. However, in the case of Ohio newlyweds Jeremy and Brittany Peck, the pair’s wedding has attracted attention due to something her father did.
Todd Bachman stopping his march down the aisle with Brittany to grab the hand of her stepfather, Todd Cendrosky, so they could both experience the procession and the moment of giving Brittany away.
The moment was captured by photographer Delia D. Blackburn. She shared the phones on Facebook, which have been liked more than one million times and shared more than 400,000 times. In addition, it’s become a hit on Imgur.
"NOT A DRY EYE at the ceremony..including me!" Blackburn said. "Families are what we make them...make it about your kids and not your ego."

Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really for your children

ATHEISM, Strange Thing

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Susie Larson- Prayer for Loved Ones

Susie Larson
Evening Blessing: May God answer your accumulative prayers for those you love. May He draw them near by His Spirit. May He heal their deepest wounds, restore their perspective, make their crooked ways straight, and open their eyes where they're blind. May God Himself drive a wedge between every person and circumstance that the enemy is using to lie to and distract your loved ones from God's best for them. May He line their path with people and circumstances that speak life-giving, soul-restoring truth until they're totally free! May a revival break out, may the prodigals come home, may the weary be restored, and the broken be healed. May we wait together for God to do what only He can do. He moves when we pray. Rest in the promise that God loves your loved one far more passionately than you do! Choose Joy in the meantime.

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Do nice guys always finish last? In the new Extreme Risk novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tracy Wolff, a burnt-out underdog and a vulnerable tomboy defy the pressure to be perfect and go after what they really want.
Bighearted and easygoing, Luc Jennings is falling behind in a family of serious overachievers. While he may be decent enough at snowboarding to turn pro and rack up some sponsors, he's never topped any podiums—unlike his friends Z, Ash, and Cam. Luc's always been head over heels for Cam Bradley, but she's never seen him as anything more than a friend. Now, after years of coming in second, Luc can't take it anymore—especially if it means watching Cam chase another guy.
Cam hangs out almost exclusively with dudes, and that's fine by her. She'd much rather be shredding at the Olympics than primping in the mirror. Cam's wildest dreams have a way of coming true—except when it comes to getting her longtime crush and best friend, Z Michaels, to notice her. Then her mother suddenly shows up after being gone for, like, ever, and Cam's whole world comes crashing down. Desperate for a place to lay low, she turns to the one person who's always had her back.
Try as he might to move on, Luc could never leave Cam hanging. He lets her crash at his place—and it isn't long before she winds up in his bed. With Cam running scared and her icy facade starting to melt at last, Luc's determined to finally win the only prize that matters. 
 AMAZON  I'm giving it 3 Stars on Amazon.

Okay, here's the deal.   I think this story is for a younger audience, YA maybe.   EXCEPT, oh my gosh there's the language and all the sex.   There sure is an awful lot of the F*** word.  Not sure this is something that I would want one of my YA chldren (?) reading.  Although its probably something they would read. 
On the plus side, if you are a sports fan, escpecially snowboarding you probably will enjoy that part of the story.    Also the friendship between the two MC's was good.  Luc was so crazy in love with Cam.  And Cam was so totally clueless about it.   Talk about two people who care so deeply about each other and are both so petrified about being rejected by the other.  This is such new territory for the both of them.  
I also had a really hard time with the idea that Cam's mom shows up YEARS after she just walked out on them and her father and 6 brothers just expect Cam to offer open arms to her?  They can't understand why she's refusing to welcome any contact?  Really, are people that dumb?  Yes, I guess they can be and in this story I guess they were.  I just didn't get that part.  No mention of why they all were so easy to forgive the mother either.  I didn't get that part.  

By the way, good title.  As I read the story, I got why it was choosen.  

I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

BOOK REVIEW- LIP SERVICE (Lone Star Sisters #2)

BOOK REVIEW- LIP SERVICE (Lone Star Sisters #2)-Skye Titan's wealthy father thinks he can still dictate his daughter's choice in men. Now widowed and a single mother, Skye isn't the yes-girl she once was. Especially since the love of her life is back in Texas after eight long years. He won't like the answers to the questions he's asking. About why she left him at the altar. And about her eight-year-old daughter.  Former Navy SEAL Mitch Cassidy comes home to find nearly everything different. His wounds from battle have changed the way people treat him. His cattle ranch is suddenly organic. But time hasn't touched his desire for Skye—or the sting of her betrayal. Forget lip service. He's asking that luscious mouth of hers to reveal the truth. But will Mitch be able to put the past aside to help Skye get out from under her father's thumb…and help himself recover from a broken heart?  AMAZON I'm giving it a 4 Star rating on Amazon.  

This story I found was okay, there was a lot of angst, feelings of betrayal and lost time.  An emotional ride.  It was good to hear their story after having read some in the other books.    Is it my favorite of the series?  No, I don't think so, but it was pretty good.   Why do I say that?  It was pretty good when the author showed the "rage" that Mitch was going through.  Rage at Skye for having no backbone, for dumping him to do her father's bidding, for being with another man instead of him.  Rage at the loss of his mobility, adjusting to a new way of walking.  Rage at how his ranch had changed almost beyond his recognition while he was gone. Yep, a whole lot of rage.   And Skye I kept waiting for her to grow her backbone too.  And it does happen, you have to read the book to see the how and why of it.  Skye's daughter was a nice addition to the story too.  

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Cat fights a cat statue

Pull Down Negativity Stronghold

"Negativity is a stronghold that needs to be pulled down. We must stop operating in immature things like being offended and holding grudges. It's childish. It's time to rise above that kind of stuff! People who have said humiliating things to you are not responsible for your poor self-image; you are because you are still believing it. It's not the truth of what Jesus sees in you! It's time to make war on negativity. Bring it into subjection in Jesus."

" Dave's Testimony" Dave Roever

Are You A Wolf, Sheep Or Horse?


Are You A Wolf, Sheep Or Horse?



The Bible uses certain animals as metaphors to depict certain kinds of people in 

the kingdom. Pastors and senior leaders of organizations need to discern at least 

three kinds of people in their organizations to effectively lead.

Although most people may have a mixture of all three traits at times in their lives, 

it is very possible that either the negative or positive traits of a person can suck

them fully into either the dark side or the light of the Kingdom of God.

 It is inevitable that every growing organization and/or church will

 attract all three of these kinds of people simultaneously.

Following are some of the main characteristics of wolves, sheep, and horses as based on my observations during almost 30 years of ministry in the church and marketplace.


Wolves say yes outwardly to spiritual authority but say no in their hearts
Wolves attempt to fool the shepherds among them by outwardly being agreeable to the vision, ministry, and responsibilities of the organization but inwardly they have no intention of fully obeying spiritual authority. In the beginning they will either do the absolute minimum of what is required—or maybe even excel—but it is merely for them to position themselves into a place of trust among the leadership so they can leverage more influence and fulfill their fleshly schemes.

Wolves have their own vision

Senior leaders make mistakes when they think that division in their ranks only comes from gossip or slander. There is more division in churches and organizations than most leaders realize because its covert operation is not based on slander but on hidden agendas. Any person who perpetuates their own vision within the overarching vision of a church or organization is in fact a divisive person and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Wolves are not ministerially accountable and walk in the dark

Any person or secondary leader that doesn’t allow their overseer to see what kind of work they are doing, gets annoyed when asked for reports, or shuns honest open relationships and accountability, or obstructs usual communication systems, is potentially a wolf in the making.

Wolves are not authentic because they attempt to look like sheep

People who are not authentic to themselves are candidates for turning on others at any given time. If you are not true to yourself and to who God made you, then you will not be true to other people. Wolves wear sheep’s clothing because they attempt to fit into the overall scheme and structure of an organization or church. That is to say, they fit right into all of the cultural norms of their surrounding.

For example, if they are in a church they will regularly attend church services and 

leadership meetings, pay their tithes, perform ministry tasks, and attempt to 

outwardly excel in spiritual disciplines more than anyone else. Most pastors are 

preaching every Sunday to a percentage of people who are wolves since they have

 no discernment, or because their church is too large for them to smoke

the wolves out. Given time, a wolf will attempt to position themselves in some way

for more influence so, generally speaking, a senior leader will eventually find out 

who these people are.

Wolves position themselves to be close to those in power

As stated in the previous point, wolves crave proximity to power. They will attempt to garner favor with the senior leader by acts of service, sacrifice, financial giving, and by flattering the leaders among them that are the most susceptible to false praise. For example, if the senior leader is not accessible enough, wolves will work to attach themselves to secondary leaders they perceive have influence with the senior leader. They do this to curry favor with the secondary leader to slowly build another infrastructure loyal to a subversive agenda instead of to the senior leader and the vision of the organization.

Wolves desire the perks of the organization without paying the price 

for the organization

I have learned that those who really have a sincere heart will function in any capacity without a title or position, as long as they are properly stewarding their gifts. Since wolves don’t want to pay the price over the long term, they position themselves to receive accolades, prestige, and a platform as quickly as possible—even over those who have paid the price for the organization for many years.

Senior leaders have to be wary of those who constantly crave position, titles and

 authority without proving themselves over the long haul.

Wolves camouflage their motives and actions with spirituality

These people are not open and broken regarding their personal flaws. Rather they attempt to put up a veneer of super spirituality to fool others to the point that even the senior leader is not really spiritual in comparison to them. Their criticisms are not outwardly slanderous but involve subtleties and innuendos that involve second guessing senior leadership decisions, implying the church isn’t spiritual enough, or that the senior leader doesn’t really hear from God and doesn’t really pray much, etc. Basically, a wolf is trying to do anything that can successfully instill seeds of doubt about the senior leader in the minds of the people around them.

Wolves use and abuse people to accomplish their own agenda

Although wolves come off as if they love everyone around them, they are only using these people to gain influence and power. As soon as they have what they want from these naïve people they eat them, spit them out, and move on to the next person who can deliver them the platform they desire.

Wolves can’t be led but must be driven away by shepherds

Some senior leaders attempt to rehabilitate every person that comes into their church or organization. This is a huge mistake! A wolf will always be a wolf, a sheep always a sheep, and a horse always a horse, no matter how much you fast and pray for them. Once a person is identified as a wolf a shepherd should confer with other leaders for confirmation of this fact, then monitor this person closely and not allow them any harmful leverage in the church.

In most cases, senior leader can’t just throw the wolf out. If the senior leader does

this then innocent people that have already been influenced by the wolf will get 

hurt as well. The senior leader has to wait until the wolf reveals their true motives

by “giving them enough rope to hang themselves.” When it is manifest they can be

driven out!

Wolves attempt to destroy the shepherd as a way to consume the sheep

By and large, wolves are in competition with the senior leader of an organization they are a part of, instead of serving as their promoter and protector. The reason for this is because the shepherd (senior leader) has what they crave: the most influence in the organization. Because of this, wolves will do everything in their power to tear down the shepherd so that the sheep are vulnerable to their wishes.

Wolves are not sons but bloodsuckers of the house

Years ago, after a very difficult time in our church, the Lord spoke through a member of our church who said that God was going to give me “sons and daughters who would never betray me.” Since that time I have built the leadership of our church with sons and daughters of the house, not with those merely desiring a position for their gifting to be displayed. This strategy has served our church well the past 20 years. I encourage all pastors to build key leadership with these criteria.

Wolves are those who are not grateful for what the senior leader does or what the 

organization has to offer. Instead, they are always complaining about their needs 

not being met. No matter how many times you aid a wolf they will always crave 

more fresh meat to eat and blood to drink!


Sheep outwardly and inwardly attempt to follow their spiritual authority

Sheep are those who both say yes outwardly and inwardly (in their hearts) to those directives from those in spiritual authority over them. Sheep make up most of the congregation and will always gravitate towards a leader who is a legitimate shepherd that watches out for the best interests of the flock.

Sheep reflect the vision of the shepherd

True sheep move in the general direction of the flock and reflect the vision of the shepherd and the organization. They don’t care much about position, or leadership. What they care about most is that their needs are met and that the organization has stability, especially in the midst of the storms of life.

Sheep desire to be accountable as long as they feel a place of safety

Sheep will open up both their hearts and their wallets for the sake of a place of safety for them and their families. They want to be honest and open about their needs and hurts, and greatly desire mature people they can trust that will listen to their cries for help and guide them towards the path of life.

Sheep run when they sense instability in a church or organization

Sheep understand that while they are in pasture they will experience inclement weather so they don’t blame the shepherd for the storms of life or the attacks of the enemy on the organization. But one thing they will not tolerate: they will flee and run to another fold if they think the shepherd lacks integrity or is not a strong enough leader to continue to offer stability for the flock in the midst of the storm.

Sheep depend on shepherds to feed them and lead them

Sheep will graze where they are fed. Sometimes when sheep leave a church or organization and go to another it is because they are hungry and need green grass to be nourished. If the grass (preaching of the word) is stale or if the shepherd is not leading them besides still waters or helping them feel refreshed in their souls they will eventually go where this is offered so they do not die of malnutrition. No matter how many responsibilities a senior leader has, he or she must always make sure the first order of business is to continually offer fresh green grass (fresh, relevant rhema words from God) and pure water to the flock so they don’t die of malnutrition or flee to other shepherds who will take care of them.

Sheep are vulnerable to wolves that prey on them at night

Sheep cannot defend themselves, don’t have much discernment, and may even wander off at night right into a pack of wolves. This is why a shepherd must continually identify where the wolves are and keep them away from the sheep. Sheep must also be closely connected to others in small group settings so they receive the proper oversight and care.

Sheep love and flock around true shepherds
Sheep can always tell who a true shepherd is. One of the things I tell people who feel called to be pastors is that one of the proofs you are really called to be a pastor is if the sheep start gravitating towards you for comfort, nourishment, and advice. If a person doesn’t attract sheep then, no matter how many years they had in seminary or how many prophecies they had spoken over their lives, they are not yet ready to serve as a pastor.


Horses are multipliers with unique leadership abilities in a church or organization

Horses often are used as a metaphor for something stately and powerful. Probably less than five percent of people in any organization fit into this category. These folks are creative, and multiply and develop other leaders, ministries, and programs. They are not the kind of people that like to be micromanaged. Like horses they need to have space to run and harness their energy.

Horses will say yes to spiritual authority once they understand the 

concept and buy into the agenda

Horses are the kind of people that will be reluctant to get involved in something unless they fully understand the concepts involved. The reason for this is because they wisely manage their time and don’t get involved in initiatives not suited to their gifting and mission.

Senior leaders need to recognize these kinds of leaders so they will not mistake 

their reticence for insubordination.

Horses will be transparent and personally accountable to those who

train and release them to their potential

Horses are the kind of leaders that will gravitate towards those who bring them to the next level. If senior leaders recognize a horse among them they should prioritize pouring time into them. Horses will usually hold themselves accountable and be transparent to a senior leader investing in them that has already developed a bond of trust with them.

Horses will reflect the vision if the visionary invests in them

Horses will gladly perpetuate vision if they know the senior leader is creating capacity for them to grow in the organization and is willing to invest time nurturing them.

Horses will possess the vision if the visionary utilizes them to help 

fulfill it

Often, sheep have ownership of an organization to the extent they are getting their needs met. On the other hand, once horses are loyal, they will exhibit a spirit of proprietorship. They are the kind of folks designed for battle and will be loyal and excel in their responsibilities—at  times, even unto their own death!

Horses will carry the vision to the next level if the visionary rides upon

their gifting and harnesses their ability

Horses, more than any other people in an organization, can carry numerous people on their backs while riding at light speed and promoting vision. To get an understanding of the growth capacity of a church or an organization, a senior leader merely needs to calculate the number of horses they employ on staff and as volunteers. Horses are the only ones in the organization with the innate potential to multiply other leaders and create ministry. Wise senior leaders will allow these (proven and tested) unique leaders to run swiftly and not be slowed down by over management and insecurity (on the part of the senior leader).

Loyal horses will outpace and scare off the wolves

Since horses have an amazing combination of speed and strength, they are the most capable in an organization to be released for battle in times of war. Wolves are intimidated by strong, loyal horses and will not mess with them and those in proximity to them.

Horses were born to race and will be bored with a slow pace

Horses, like apostolic leaders, are used to moving, seeing, and working at light speed. (Sort of like in the movie The Matrix, when even bullets were moving slow compared to the speed that Keanu Reeves’ character moved.) Horses see so far ahead with concomitant speed that sometimes they assume everyone else is moving at the same pace.

Because of this, they can easily become bored. 

The senior leader must continually challenge horses 

by giving them the next big thing to conquer 

as soon as they see a horse has mastered and established 

their particular assignment. 

Pastoral senior leaders cannot adequately oversee people 

such as these in the long-term; only accomplished apostolic 

leaders can stay ahead of horses in movement, strategy, and 


Horses crave accomplishment and significance, not titles or positions
Horses are driven by accomplishment, not empty titles and positions. They don’t need to be in the spotlight. They are usually alpha males (or alpha females) with a high “D” personality that is obsessed with solving problems, creating movement, and bringing transformation and an improved quality of life to people, places, and things.

When people are vying for positions and titles it is a good sign they are not horses 

but either confused sheep or wolves in the making.

Horses are potential successors to the visionary
Horses are the only folks with the potential to take an already established apostolic organization to the next level of vision and destiny. Senior leaders who are transitioning out of their organization often make the mistake of choosing an administrator instead of a horse. This is why apostolic movements usually settle for the status quo and concentrate on self-preservation in the second generation of their existence.

If you want an efficient organization choose an administrator 

to lead it.

But if you desire an effective organization

choose a proven, loyal horse with energy 

to create the movement necessary to expand 

the already established horizons for years to come.