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BOOK REVIEW- Beauty and the Blacksmith: A Spindle Cove Novella #3.5 Book by Tessa Dare

Beautiful and elegant, Miss Diana Highwood is destined to marry a wealthy, well-placed nobleman. At least that's what her mother has loudly declared to everyone in Spindle Cove.

But Diana's not excited by dukes and lords. The only man who makes her heart pound is the village blacksmith, Aaron Dawes. By birth and fortune, they couldn't be more wrong for each other ... but during stolen, steamy moments in the smithy, his strong hands feel so right.

Is their love forged strong enough to last, or are they just playing with fire?AMAZON 3 STARS

 This book was charming and had potential but for me it ended up being "Just Okay."  Even though there were some moments that Diana surprised me with her spunk.  And I did like both of the M.C's.  Other than wondering how this could all work out, it just didn't draw me in all that much. 
A H.E.A. happens although maybe not exactly as you would expect.
There is also a look into Diana's youngest sister Charlotte' story called, "Do You Want to Start a Scandal (Castles Ever After).

Thursday, May 30, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Seeking Patience (BOOK #3) by Josie Riviera

From USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera comes the third heart-warming novel in the Romany Gypsy Seeking Series.

Do people prove their worth by strength, or by character?

Half-Romany, half-English lord, he lives a perilous Gypsy life … until a sweet English rose saves his life, and perhaps his soul. Widowed by a cruel husband, she's given up all hope of love. Brought together in peril, they dare to reach for a brighter future together.

Luca Boldor, Romany leader, lives a nomad’s life in Regency England with his Gypsy caravan. Believing his noble father abandoned him at birth, he refuses to acknowledge his English blood, or live a settled life. But when a vicious attack by a rival leaves him bleeding on an English lady's doorstep, he has no choice but to accept her help. Her gentle faith stirs his heart in a way he has long denied.

Lady Patience Blakwell, widowed countess, lives in near poverty. Her husband's heir uses threats to keep her from demanding her rightful inheritance. With a few faithful servants, she exists quietly in the country, only her faith keeping her strong … until the day a bold, handsome Gypsy collapses in her hall. He's unlike any man she's ever known, and she'll confront any subterfuge to keep him safe.

But when a secret from Lady Patience's past emerges, Luca must face his own past, or lose her and all hope of love. Will this strong man humble himself to open his heart for his lady?

What a great story with great main characters. I really liked it.   Who would have thought that so such danger would surround an honorable, innocent widow like Patience?  But then again, life has NOT treated her fairly at all! But that is also something that Luca has in common with Patience.  He has been treated brutally for years.  And he loathes the English with ever fiber of his body.  But he also has some pretty valid reasons.  Their first meeting is definitely dramatic.
There are several good secondary characters in this story.   Patience has two servants who are as close as family.   Both,  Penham and Amelia do everything they can to help Patience even though their power to do so is limited.
 Pulko is someone close to Luca as he leads the Gypsy tribe.  He also proves himself stronger and stronger as he continues to remain loyal to Luca. 
There is threats, and violence and even in the midst of all of that there is also a blossoming love.  They couldn't be further apart in status and ways of living but they still are so drawn to each other.  There are secrets concerning not only Luca but also a very clear threat towards Patience that is shrouded in secrecy.  She's being accused of something that she did not do and it's very serious.  Luca has secrets around himself as well but it's more like truths that have been withheld from him.
There is a well fought for H.E.A. that both of the M.C.'s well deserve. 

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

BOOK REVIEW- The Sheikh's Secret Child by Leslie North

 As an ambitious American journalist, Amy Mathewson will stop at nothing to get her story—including going into dangerous, rebel-infested countries. But when she stumbles across seven-year-old Aisha in an orphanage her heart melts, and Amy vows to keep her safe.

Until the rebels start to close in.

Just when Amy thinks they’re in grave danger, a stunning Sheikh arrives, claiming Aisha as his daughter; a Sheikh with smoldering dark eyes and the kind of handsome that is difficult to forget. Unwilling to let Aisha go with a stranger, Amy agrees to accompany the Sheikh and Aisha to a safe house to confirm his claim. But it may not be safe for Amy, not with a sexy Sheikh making her feel things she hasn’t felt in a long time—and whose touch is as hot as the desert sun.
All his life, Sheikh Bahir Karawi has taken care of himself, knowing no one else would. When he discovers he has a daughter, he immediately sets out to bring her home, to make sure she never feels as alone as he always has. What he doesn’t count on is butting heads with the fiercely protective and dangerously beautiful Amy, who has taken up the duties of caring for his daughter. As they get to know one another, he can’t ignore the searing attraction he feels, nor the realization that Amy would be perfect, both for his daughter and for him.

As the rebels close in, Bahir realizes he will do anything to keep his daughter and Amy safe—even if that means putting his very life at risk.  AMAZON  3 STARS

This book had charming main characters.  Well, maybe Bahir wasn't all that charming when someone steps between him and finding his daughter.  That would be Amy who doesn't realize at first that Aisha is his daughter.  But she did go into protection mode fast because she loves that  little girl.    Although she would have gone there for any child needing protection.
Amy is tough on the outside, passionate and fierce and on the inside she is loyal and and loving.  Some of those things that Bahir begins to realize.   
The story does end up having a H.E.A.  It was a fast reading story, with some danger, some Sheikh sex, some family moments.  It looks like there may be more to the Sheikh's youngest brother, Riyad.  The rebels also have some surprise members in their ranks that made for a twist.   There was one issue that didn't even get addressed, which I thought at some point it would be.  I don't want to say too much though so I can avoid giving too much away.

  i received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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BOOK REVIEW- Sweet on You by Becky Wade


BOOK REVIEW- The Killing Tide (Coastal Guardians Book #1) by Dani Pettrey *


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BOOK REVIEW- The Noble Heir (Princes of Valdoria Book 1) by Julia Keeanini

 He needs a queen. He wanted me...until I ran.

Prince Theo Kane has always known duty comes first. As crown prince of Valdoria, his priorities have been country and family above all. And that's always been easy for him--until duty and the queen demand that he find a wife. However, he already tried proposing to the one woman he really wants, but she left him behind.

Alex Turner, aka Princess Alexandra Torre, fought her way to the top of the world's most prestigious photography course. As long as no one figures out who she really is, her dream of being a photographer on Jacques Ledoux's renowned crew is within her grasp. Nothing is going to hold her back, including her pesky feelings for a certain swoon-worthy royal.

When Theo's and Alex's paths collide, old feelings are reignited...but those feelings have burned them. Fool him once, shame on her. Fool him twice?

The first book in the sweet and wholesome Princes of Valdoria series.  AMAZON 3 STARS

Yes, this book was sweet and wholesome but it was also a bit disappointing for me.  It just didn't  meet it's potential. Some of it felt easy to predict.  I had a hard time to connecting to this one.
Yes, I know  Theo has been raised to fulfill his responsibilities and his duty.  Still, after awhile I just began to feel like he was a wimp.  A handsome one but still so wishy -washy, it was hard to hold onto the original sympathy that I had for him.   But as the story comes towards the end he does find his backbone finally.

Alex was a very determined young lady who was actively pursuing her dream.  It wasn't an easy path trying to be known for her own skill and abilities aside from being a princess.  
There is a twist towards the end of the book that shows a woman that has ulterior motives for her attention to Theo.  We know as we read that she isn't what she appears to be but it takes a while for her to get outed.
Yes, there is a H.E.A. for Alex and Theo.  A little bit unusual at first but it does end up more traditional.
The End.



BOOK REVIEW- Smitten by the Brit ( A Sometimes in Love Novel#2) by Melonie Johnson

An English professor starts a new chapter in her life and is swept up in a Jane Austen-esque romance with a modern day duke
Bonnie Blythe has modeled her life after her favorite books. If only her fiancé would get on the same page and agree to a wedding date.
She’s not at all bitter that her best friend is getting married to a man she’s known for less than a year, and Bonnie most definitely isn’t thinking about the best man to be, Theo Wharton. It’s just whenever she talks with the blue-eyed Brit, sparks fly.
When a shocking reveal ends Bonnie’s engagement, she accepts a summer teaching job at Cambridge—only an hour away from Theo. Bonnie isn’t ready for a new relationship, but the chemistry between her and Theo is impossible to ignore. But Theo’s been hiding the truth about his identity; will Bonnie be able to weather the plot twist and grab the happily ever after of her dreams?

I liked the Mom dedication.  However, I thought the book was sometimes charming but also slow. It's actually slower than I really like.
Both Bonnie and Theo were good main characters and I liked Theo's relationship with his sister Tabitha.  Regular sibling interactions from a brother and sister who are pretty close. 
His mother seems to be intensifying her pressure for Theo to get married.  Even though the family needs more money, the siblings are thinking maybe something else is at work too.
Bonnie does have a great set of friends starting with Cassie.  Her soon to be married best friend. Cassie's fiancee Logan brings humor and some spice to the story.    Also add in Sadie, Ana and Delaney also were part of the group of gal friends.
There were some good historical visits to places in England.  But there was also a bit more Shakespeare and Jane Austin in the story than what I expected or really wanted.  Of course, I know that the book information mentions that Bonnie gets caught up in a Jane Austin like modern romance.  There was one part I really DIDN'T like.  Even though it was something that women getting together might talk about.  This sexual explanation just made me go, "Ew".  There was at least one other party time that the party favors left me feeling that it was for a younger, adult reader.  
The part of the story about Cupid was an interesting tidbit.  
There is a H.E.A. with a few twists before they get there.

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

BOOK REVIEW- The Second Chance Rancher by Kate Pearce


It might be the pride of hard work on rugged terrain, the welcoming community, or the memories—but wherever the folks of Morgantown may roam, they have a way of coming back to the ranch . . .

There’s a reason Jackson Lymond left the Air Force, but he’s not telling a soul. He’d rather keep things
simple, while trying to start a new life helping his older brother on their northern California ranch. At least Morgantown’s flirty local bartender can keep his mind off the past—that is, until he runs into Daisy Miller . . .

Daisy doesn’t really expect Jackson to remember her. Back in school she did her best to blend in—and pretend she didn’t have five brothers who’d hogtie any boy who even looked at her. These days though, she and Jackson might have more in common than just their ranching relatives. After all, they both left home only to return. Trouble is, under the watch of her fiercely protective family, Daisy is longing for some privacy. Letting Jackson into her life could make that even more difficult—or it might be the second chance they’re both looking for . . .AMAZON 3 STARS

Good main characters in a great community and some excellent secondary people.  One of those secondary people is Jackson's brother, Cauy.  The dynamics between the two of them was so often strained at times.  Cauy wasn't much of a talker and Jackson was a direct opposite of that.  He was someone who often talked so much and put his foot in his mouth.  But he was also someone who would be the first one to admit that was true.  But that didn't make him a bad guy.  In fact, he had so many positive qualities and skills.
Daisy was an interesting woman who was feeling the pull of two worlds.  She was incredibly skilled and creative in both.  She also had some really good close girlfriends that she could blow steam off with.  Nancy, Yvonne Nancy and Yvonne are their names.  Each with a quirky personality.
Both Jackson and Daisy had secrets and not only them but their families had a lot of secrets too.  I sensed from the story that Daisy's mom leaving years ago might just be one of them.  It probably isn't as cut and dried as it appears to be.
This was a pretty emotional story at times but it also had resolution of several of the problems that were brewing. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the visit by Daisy's mother after twenty years was not included in this story.  I thought it was going to be but maybe it will be  in a future story.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”


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BOOK REVIEW- Stolen Away (Hearts of Montana Book 3) by Jennie Marts

Elusive charmer Cash Walker is a tough-as-nails cowboy, except when it comes to the shy woman who shows up with a pretty smile, a wounded spirit, and a goat riding shotgun in her passenger seat.
Recently divorced from an abusive husband, Emma Frank has come home to Broken Falls, Montana. Lost, alone, and unable to escape the bullying tactics of her ex-brothers-in-law, she finds solace and friendship at the Tucked Away farm and with the handsome cowboy who believes in her and who helps her find her own courage.
There’s a darkness in Cash’s past that’s kept him from ever letting anyone get too close, but he can’t seem to stay away from Emma, who seems to be the one to finally break through his tough exterior and steal this cowboy’s heart. AMAZON 4 STARS

What really good main characters with his complex histories.  Some of Emma's past just keeps butting in.   Her abusive ex-husband just won't let her go.  Her ex-brothers-in-law are the same way, cruel, abusive and they continue to harass her.   Her ex may be in jail but they are just trying to pick up the slack when it comes to following her and tormenting her.  
Cash was also a really good man but his past is the one that is tormenting him.  He is good to his many friends and is there to  help them when they need it. He is also gentle and kind to the women in his life too.  He is also protective of them too.   His mother, his god-daughter and his close friend's girl-friends are included in that circle of protection.   But his past keeps from seeing that about himself and he still looks through that old filter of himself that scares him. 
Cash had such a good community of friends around him and they just drew Emma right in.  She began to have friends, something that had been missing in her life for years. 
Boy, the danger just kept coming at Emma from her ex and his brothers.   It was like every time she started to draw a free breath, the brothers would strike.  
Fortunately there is a H.E.A. with a really  heartwarming Epilogue.   

BOOK REVIEW- Warlord Outcasts, Book 5 by Cyndi Friberg


Sci-fi Romance
When Shivon Roxtin tries to incite a rebellion among the human females on the Outcast planet, she's sent to the Relentless. The ship's commander, Warlord Torak Payne, thrives on challenge, so he's looking forward to taming the fiery human. Still, war with the Sarronti is creeping ever closer, and the last thing he needs is an unruly mate. Tempers flare, and sparks fly from the moment they first meet. Their battle of wills is quickly surpassed by their consuming need for each other, but can they channel the emotional intensity into something constructive before they're consumed by the flames?

When I first grabbed this book, I was hoping that it wouldn't be all about sex with an alien.  That it actually had a good story being played out.  Well of course it eventually does have the sex but there is the required resistance on Shivon's part first.  But that was well done, she really did have reasons to trust no one.  She trust herself and that's it. No man was going to turn her into a "Suzie Homemaker".  She had so much more to offer and she wasn't sitting down and shutting up about it either.   She goes toe to toe with Kage, the Overlord first and that rebellion gets her sent to Torak on the Relentless.  Of course, Kage also has another motive as well, that does get revealed fairly early on.   Well it does get revealed to Torak at least.  It's pretty well known among the ranks that even as tough as Kage is, he is also well known for his matchmaking ways.  And he's pretty good at it.
I liked both Torak and Shivon, they were both strong characters.  Torak grew on me as more of his true motives came into view.

Kage, now there was someone I didn't know what to make of at first.  He just seemed like an arrogant, over-bearing kind of guy.  But wait there is more to  him.  And we get to see even more when he meets up with a high ranking  
Sarronti woman named, Ezalondra (Eza).  Their story will continue in the next book, "Overlord". Which is one that sounds interesting to me too.
There is some MAJOR twists towards the end of the book that just keep the story going.  There is also a battle that goes on that brings some victories but not a total one. There is still hope for negotiations between the two races but it isn't a done deal.
So there is a H.E.A. for now for Torak and Shivon.  Their relationship is more secure but the dangers have not all been eliminated yet when it comes to their daily lives.    
Overall this book had plenty of emotions, dangers and action. 
“I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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BOOK REVIEW- Texas Cowboy's Protection (Don't Mess With Texas Cowboys Book 1) by Barb Hahn

 Isaac Quinn missed his chance with Gina Anderson when he broke up with her after high school years ago and joined the military. Now, he’s back home for a big family announcement. Staying in Gunner isn’t in his plans until single mother, Gina, crosses his path. Learning she’s just escaped from an attempted kidnapping, he’ll stop at nothing to save her and put the creep behind bars…no matter how long it takes.  AMAZON  4 STARS

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  Isaac and Gina were both really good main characters with a history behind them.  This time when they meet up it's a second chance for them.  They also find out that someone else messed with their first chance. I can't say that I liked the guy that Gina married.  Des was someone that they both went to school with but he also pulled a sleazy trick on them.  Just so he could win Gina, like it was this big competition.  Although Gina cared for him and was glad that she had her daughter she comes to a good conclusion.  That Des should have stayed in the "friend zone" because he was really a lousy husband.  Okay, that last part was my conclusion.  He treated her more like she was his Mommy who took care of everything for him.
Issac was a whole different kind of guy and I liked him a whole lot.  He had a lousy father growing up with all the pain that went with it.  A lot of physical pain was meted out to him.  His father had become abusive after their mother died.  But he was one of seven brothers and five cousins who became even tighter because of this.  But Isaac has grown and become even more honorable and reliable.  He also treats Gina like she and her daughter are precious.  He is there for her in ways that she is unused to.
A murder has been committed in this peaceful small town and provides action throughout the story.
I liked the ending and the hope that it brought. 

BOOK REVIEW- Blood Price (New Breed Book 1) by Melody Raven

Book Cover
He saw her. He wanted her. And he paid for her.

Vampires aren't real. That's what Tela has always believed. Always known. But everything changes when the violent blood drinkers take over her home of Seattle and cut off the city from any outside help. Without any food or supplies she has only one option: Cooperate with the new regime and offer her blood in exchange for a comfortable life for her and her sister.

John came to Seattle for an escape. For freedom. For the possibility of a future. Policing the humans should be easy. They're smaller, weaker and, well, prey. But when he Tela is assigned to him, things are different. He isn't satiated by the taste of her blood. He hungers for so much more. More than she can give him and more than she can ever give him. Not while she's been bought and paid for by him.


This story grabbed my attention right away.  And I'm not just talking  about the mesmerizing eBook cover.  Things in Tela's world were bad but things took an even worse turn for her and her sister at least for a while......
John is a mass of conflicting feelings towards humans in general and Tela in particular.  He started out feeling like what happened to them made no difference to him.  That is until he met Tela and then his life became more complicated. Also in his new ways of living.   
They keep trying to fight it but the attraction between John and Tela just keeps growing.  And it's so dangerous in so many ways.  I liked the struggle that was added for John when it came to being a freed slave.  I didn't see that coming.  And it was like he was also living on the edge knowing that his freedom could be taken from him at any time.  
I really enjoyed how the relationship developed between John and Tela even with how hopeless things were for them.  Neither one of them could see a future for themselves as a couple.  And it was something that they both really wanted even though they had such loyalty to each of their species.
The ending came with some MAJOR surprises that I didn't see coming but really enjoyed.  And yes, I said surprises with an "s" because there were several. 

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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BOOK REVIEW- The Protective SEAL Leslie North Presents by Katie Knight


Jack Williams has never felt so lost. For him, being a Navy SEAL wasn’t just a job, it was a way of life. Protecting people had always been his strength, until a career-ending injury forced him into retirement. He’s struggling to start over when he stumbles across a car in a ditch, springing him back into action. Only this is no random citizen in distress. He knows the pretty face behind the wheel. Intimately. In fact, there’s a good chance the baby in her arms is his. 
One year ago, Samantha Engel was forced into witness protection to escape her ruthless mob-boss father. Jack had been her protector, and seeing her again now, in desperate need of help, stirs up a flood of emotions that catch Jack off-guard. Scheduled to testify against her dad, Sam is now on the run. Her father’s offering a pretty penny to anyone who can silence her for good. Jack may not the protector he once was, but he knows one thing for sure: if Sam and her baby are in trouble, he’s not letting them out of his sight. 
With tensions running high and temptations running higher, Sam readily puts her life in Jack’s capable hands. Once the only person she could trust, she’d feared her daughter would grow up never knowing the man she owed her life to. But being back in Jack’s arms—and his bed—makes her heart pound like no time has passed. With the mob threat closing in, Jack knows failure isn’t an option. But even if they survive, Jack will have to fight to find a way to keep Sam and her daughter under his protection, or risk having to say good-bye again—this time for good. AMAZON  4 STARS

I couldn't help but like both of the main characters and the dramatic start of this book as they first met.    They are running from Samantha's father until Jack gets her to what he thinks is safety. But neither one of them forgot the other.
The tensions do run high as the dangers keep increasing.  Sam's father is ruthless, wealthy and has eyes just about every where.  And just like you would expect he just seems to keep knowing where she is and coming after her.
Sam is tired of running, endangering her daughter Glory and putting others in danger too.   Who can she really trust?  She is determined to put an end to things by testifying against her father.  She also wonders if she can really have a normal life after that.  She sure hopes so.
Jack is often wondering if he can really protect Sam and Glory.  Sure he is an ex-Seal but he's been out of the game for a while and this is too important.  When he sees Sam again, he realizes he never really got over her.  Then came the surprise of Glory. 
If you like a story with lots of action this story has it.  If you like to see a story with romance and tenderness, once again this story has it.
I liked how the ending came about and enjoyed the whole story.   I thought it flowed really well and think that the co-authoring thing is working out really well too. 
 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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BOOK REVIEW- Brand New Heartache (The Oklahoma Brands #2) by Maggie Shayne

 In high school, Wade Armstrong had been half in love with Edie Brand, even though she barely seemed to notice his existence. Like the rest of this town, she thought him beneath her. That was how it seemed to him, anyway. But he’d grown up determined to prove them wrong, and now he owned a successful garage which was wallpapered with Edie Brand’s photo spreads from the Vanessa’s Whisper lingerie catalogue.

In high school, Edie Brand had been afraid to even look at Wade Armstrong. He was too hot, to smooth, and his reputation of being able to get any girl to say yes on the first date scared the daylights out of her. Now, though, a bad boy is what she needs. She’s back in town, driven out of L.A. and her lucrative modeling career by a crazed stalker who nearly killed her once. And who seems to have followed her home.

The attraction between these two burns them both, while a dangerous admirer watches, and grows angrier.   AMAZON  3 STARS

 Interesting main characters but it just seemed to be missing something.  Even thought there was plenty of emotions to the story.   I have read a couple of other books about the Brand family and really liked them.  This one didn't quite get there.  I did like that Wade and Edie had a from a distance non-relationship since high school.  The attraction was there and I was definitely rooting for Wade.  He was way much better than the reputation that had been spread about him.  Edie was scared of that reputation during her high school years but she had been definitely interested.  
I did like re-visiting the eclectic Brand women.  A good additional character is Sally, Wade's Great Dane.  
There is an interesting twist when it comes to the point that the stalker is revealed.  And he almost gets away with grabbing Edie.  I liked how the story ended and there is also a quick look into Mel's book called "Secrets and Lies". Now to me, Mel is probably the wildest of the bunch and even more interesting of the bunch.  

BOOK REVIEW- To Tame a Wild Cowboy by Lori Wilde

Description    A Cupid, Texas novel

BOOK REVIEW- GHOST- A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone #5 by Janie Crouch

Dorian Lindstrom, codename Ghost, knows everyone breaks under torture. 

His five weeks in an enemy prison taught him that with unmerciful precision. He's put his life back together as best he can with the help from his brothers at Linear Tactical.
But he's never gotten over his love for Grace Brandt, her part in his capture, or the fact that she died.
But sometimes the dead don't stay that way.  
Grace knows her past can’t be forgiven. She's stayed hidden as long as she could, but now the secrets slowly suffocating her won’t stay buried any longer. 
And the man she helped break, the man she’s always loved, is the only one who can stop this nightmare.
She'll need a Ghost to fight her demons, and he’s more than willing to prove she's worth the fight. 
The Ghost will rise.   AMAZON 5 STARS

My, my, my..what did I just read???   It was SO intense!  And intensely good!  Edge of my seat reading.  I hardly even know where to start.  So I guess I'll start with the main characters.  Wow, they were 2 severely skilled, severely damaged, complex people.  I liked them and the depth that they both had.  Also it was easy to feel like I was pulled into their drama.  With everything that they both went through and were still going through the love was still there.  But don't get the idea that it was going to make everything easy for them.  
Secondary people in this story pull their weight and add a lot to it.  
When it comes to this series, and this book the author's middle name should be a rather long one.  Like "Surprises Galore, heart-pumping, someone who is writing outside the box."   
P.T.S.D  is also addressed in a deeper way than a lot of other stories.  
As I got quite a bit further in the book my suspicion of a particular person grew.  I was practically shouting, "What about ___?  What about ___?"  Yes, I was right about that but then the author also threw a huge monkey wrench that I didn't see coming!  Man, I love that!

I also enjoyed the author's personal note about what it was like writing this book.  I'm glad that she persevered!  It went far beyond my expectations!

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Sunday, May 19, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Dirty Little Secret: Wild Rose Ranch (Kindle Edition) by Jennifer Ryan

In this sexy western romance, a modern-day cowboy and a woman with a secret share an inheritance and must live together on a ranch to get it, while fighting their attraction.
Noah Cordero is a modern-day cowboy who loves three things: ranching, his younger sister, and his step-father. John Cordero groomed Noah to take over the Montana spread where he learned to ride and work the land. But when John unexpectedly dies, he leaves half the ranch to a woman Noah doesn’t even know.
Roxy shares Noah’s last name, but not his blood. Estranged from her father, haunted by regrets, and eager to escape her notorious mother’s past, she is forced to fulfill her father’s last wishes. Inheriting means sharing a home with infuriating, challenging, and oh-so-tempting Noah. But John didn’t just make her owner of his ranch and guardian to her sister, his hidden sideline is her worst nightmare—she’s the new owner of the notorious Nevada brothel called Wild Rose Ranch where she grew up.
As their strictly business relationship starts to turn to true love, Roxy begins to wonder, what will happen when Noah discovers her dirty little secret?  AMAZON  5 STARS

What a great but unusual story.  There is also plenty of emotion to go around after John Cordero's will is read.  Shock and surprises abound.  And for some the hits just keep coming.  Most of those hits are directed at Roxy. 
Noah was a good guy who gets blindsided by Roxy.  Hey, it's not her fault but it does take some major adjustments for them and his fifteen year old sister,  Annabelle. There were some really good secondary characters in the story.  One of them being Austin, Noah's best friend who is on a downhill slide.  We only get to see some glimpses of what's going on in his life and it's nasty.  And no fault of his own. But Roxy hates it when family turns their backs on family and towards the end of the book sets up some things to help him.  The next book,  Restless Rancher: Wild Rose Ranch goes into all of his story and we get an introduction to it at the end of this book.  Man, it looks good too.  Once again some unusual situations that I know the author will work good with. 
 I think that is one of the things I liked about this book, while other books are good this one is out of the box different.  But the relationships that develop were interesting to watch. So was the friends that Roxy already had before she came to this ranch.  Come to find out she has quite a few "plates" in the air that she is juggling.  One of my favorite things about her though is her ability to be direct and face things head on.  She did know how to pick her battles though and she could be tough when she had to be.  She also has a loving heart that has been battered and disappointed time after time.  Her mother, Candy was the biggest hurt along with her father leaving her with Candy and not being included in his daily life. She had missed so much of him. 
There is a gigantic twist, danger and confrontation coming but there is also a good Epilogue tying things together.


Friday, May 17, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Fake ID Wife Club Undercover Book 1 by Patricia Rosemoor

No cover charged... no ID required... safety guaranteed...
Convicted of a murder she didn’t commit, a desperate Elise Mitchell escapes prison to rescue her young son from the clutches of the probable killer, her late husband’s sister. With help from Club Undercover’s owner and employees, she dons a new identity and poses as the wife of the sexy head of security, Logan Smith. Unrecognizable, she works her way back into the Mitchell family’s life to get her son away from them. Falling in love with her fake husband, Elise has no idea that Logan has his own covert reasons to keep her close. AMAZON 3. STARS

 It felt like a good build up to a new series.  A good introduction of characters that were new to me.  Gideon the club owner, Cass (Elise's friend) and Logan.  I liked the difference that the Club presented. It also made me want to know more about Gideon and what his story is. 

At one point just before the 40ish mark on  my Kindle I was getting kind of impatient though.  It felt like it was starting to drag.  A fair amount of replaying of the same emotions by several of the people. 
I felt that the romance between Logan and Elise could have had a bit more depth.  I'm not asking for any porno scenes.  It just felt a bit lacking.  It felt like the depth was lacking with some of the characters, the main ones included. 
There were a couple of times when Logan & Elise skulking were around a house trying to find evidence they were kind of careless.  Made me kind of groan and think, "Really?" I was shaking my head thinking how stupid can they be?  But then it was like how are they going to escape this jam?  And the tension in the story just ratcheted up!  And wait until you get to the there is a MAJOR surprise.  At least to me it was.

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Thursday, May 16, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Beachcomber Enemy( Book #10) by Stephanie Queen

 Beachcomber Enemy (Beachcomber Investigations Book 10) by [Queen, Stephanie]

If someone wants him dead, Dane figures why not accommodate them?
Private Investigation partners Dane Blaise& Shana George barely escape the attempt on their lives. Dane insists they need go on the run as ghosts to track down their killers. It's the best way he knows to protect Shana from harm.
Shana is uneasy with the plan. Something doesn't feel right about it, as if their killer knows they're alive and Dane & Shana are playing into his hands. Should she defy Dane's plan?
They need to find out who is out to get them. Dane assumes it's an enemy from his past.
But could it be an enemy from Shana's past with a score to settle...  AMAZON 5 STARS

Loved the explosive beginning, it grabbed me right away!   And the tension and surprises just kept coming.  Boy, can Stephanie Queen weave a story!
I also enjoyed the fact that Dane kept experiencing some guilt about keeping some things from Shana.  It made him even more real because guilt is not something that he seems to experience often. 
Shana also did something in her past that I never would have imagined even as tough as she could be.  
Ronnie is a secondary character who was someone that it was good to see again.  I remember him and Sassy from previous books.  But the way he is re-introduced in this book, it's easy even if you've read none of the other books.  It was interesting to read Dane's observations on how Ronnie had matured!  And Ronnie is going to need all of that maturity and more while helping face this enemy.  There are also several secondary people in the story who add to the story as well. 
There were several more twists towards the end of the book and a surprise that caused me to suck in a big breath!

I just have to say how gorgeous this eBook cover is.  I like how out of the ordinary that it is.   A real eye-catcher.  
 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Hating My New Husband (Hate Love Book 3) by B.B. Hamel

 Hating My New Husband (Hate Love Book 3) by [Hamel, B. B.]

I hate Davis so much I could puke.
For years I’ve hated him, ever since high school.
Now he’s back in my life, and of course he’s successful and gorgeous.
That’s Davis, perfect Davis, with his incredible eyes and ripped body.
Most women would die to lick sweat from his arms.
I’d rather swallow dirt.
But he says he needs my help, and he’s offering me a ton of money.
All I have to do is one simple, stupid, tiny little thing:
I just have to marry him.
Pretend to be his wife.
Simple, right?
Except nothing is simple with Davis.
He’s Canadian, and his enemies want him deported.
So I need to trick immigration into letting him stay.
Sure, totally cool, no big deal, I lie to federal agents all the time.
Except I hate him so much, I can’t think straight.
I spend all night dreaming about his hands on my body.
As soon as his lips touch mine and he whispers, I do, I know we’re screwed.
We’re never getting away with this.
Unless maybe, just maybe, we can turn this fake marriage into something real. AMAZON

No, sorry to say that this book had potential but for me it just didn't make it there.  It felt like it was sex with a bit of real story wedged around it.  And some of that story was kind of unbelievable.   One of those things is that they know an agent is coming to their home but they don't prep the house to really look like they are a loving couple living together.  Like what's with not having her stuff in his room?  Wouldn't that be deception 101?  For two supposedly really intelligent people, all I can say is dumb, dumb, dumb.    And that's only one thing and unfortunately there is more.   I will say that it does end well for the couple and as far as I am concerned let me say, "The End."

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- The Street Where She Lives (South Village Singles) by Jill Shalvis

 South Village was safe…or so she thought!

The secure world that Rachel Wellers has carefully constructed is crumbling around her. Her sweet twelve-year-old daughter is turning into a sullen teenager before her eyes. The injuries she’s just sustained in a hit-and-run accident are jeopardizing her career. And worst of all, Ben Asher—the man she sent away thirteen years ago—is back, tipped off by her daughter that they need him.

When Ben hears that Rachel has been injured, he panics. In an instant, he drops his obsession—photojournalism—and returns to the city that he swore he’d never visit again. He doesn’t want to question his motives for doing so…he only knows he has to protect Rachel. Suddenly he’s convinced the hit-and-run wasn’t an accident. Rachel might have been hurt because of him.

But he doesn’t count on the feelings that get stirred up being with her…or how hard it will be to leave her again.

Originally published in 2003.    AMAZON  4 STARS

 This is an emotional story with some intensity to it.  Both Rachel and Ben are complex people who have been strongly shaped by their dysfunctional childhoods.   Ben coming from a place of being an unwanted foster kid who is always being told to go away.  He doesn't stay where he isn't wanted.  His job helps him stay on the move, not really put down roots any place.  Even the thought of staying in one place without a way of escape makes him begin to feel claustrophobic.  Rachel needs the exact opposite she NEEDS roots, a permanent place to stay.  And she loves the city that she found.  She came from riches but her father was always on the move, uprooting her and her sister Melanie all the time.  
Thirteen years is a long time to avoid each other but there hurts are too deep to really get to the talk that they really needed.  Their daughter Emily's call to her father Ben brings that avoidance to a screeching halt.   Twelve year old Emily was a lot of fun, pre-teen angst and all. 
I really enjoyed this book a lot, it was a fast read and I liked that Melanie had to face her demons too.    There is a man that helped her face them and he is all in for the long haul.  That romance was shown more lightly and towards the end but it was good.

Monday, May 13, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Devil's Daughter: The Ravenels meet The Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas

Although beautiful young widow Phoebe, Lady Clare, has never met West Ravenel, she knows one thing for certain: he’s a mean, rotten bully. Back in boarding school, he made her late husband’s life a misery, and she’ll never forgive him for it. But when Phoebe attends a family wedding, she encounters a dashing and impossibly charming stranger who sends a fire-and-ice jolt of attraction through her. And then he introduces none other than West Ravenel.
West is a man with a tarnished past. No apologies, no excuses. However, from the moment he meets Phoebe, West is consumed by irresistible desire...not to mention the bitter awareness that a woman like her is far out of his reach. What West doesn’t bargain on is that Phoebe is no straitlaced aristocratic lady. She’s the daughter of a strong-willed wallflower who long ago eloped with Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent—the most devilishly wicked rake in England.
Before long, Phoebe sets out to seduce the man who has awakened her fiery nature and shown her unimaginable pleasure. Will their overwhelming passion be enough to overcome the obstacles of the past?
Only the devil’s daughter knows…   AMAZON  5 STARS

Before I say anything else, I just have to applaud the choice for this eBook cover.  Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!
The set up in the beginning chapter was a pretty good one.  Phoebe had her mind totally made up about West.  That is until she finally met him and everything was turned upside down. 
One of the things that I really enjoyed was some of the funny conversations between Phoebe and West.  And that is not the only time that West spoke amusing observations.  Made me smile a  lot. But then, there was also other amusing conversations as well.  Some of those being between Phoebe's mother and father. 

I really liked Phoebe's mother and father a lot.  They might be nobility but they were also down to earth as well.  Her father was also a former rake with some very interesting connections. He knew just about everyone AND their secrets.  Both high born people and the common man. He also combined being the  Duke of Kingston with a rather unusual business as well. He owns a gentleman's club called Jenner's.
 Phoebe was one good main character, she was kind, loving and had an unusual first marriage that was more friend than passion.  And we went over and above what anyone could expect of her until his death.  It was a love match for sure.  She was so good with her two sons, Justin who was four and Stephen who was two.  Some of the fun times came from Justin just being Justin.  He was outgoing, funny and just being a child.  Honest to a fault.  She also has such a loving, supportive family something that West never had.  The only family that he had was Devon and they were used to having each other's back.
West had so many regrets, one of them being that he had become a bully as a child when it was at boarding school.  But then he went right on being a drunken jerk until he turned his life around.  A lot of that credit goes to his brother who helped give him purpose in life. 
I liked how the story ended and I enjoyed every minute of the story.  

Sunday, May 12, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- D'zia's Dilemma An Alien Exchange Book 2 by Keri Kruspe


Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Princess Bride. A woman betrayed. An alien duke faced with an impossible decision. Can two lovers who long to be together overcome those determined to keep them apart? Lora Dharma Callahan excitedly agrees to leave Earth to attend “The Exchange” and meet the alien mate of her dreams. Instead of finding true love, she’s forcibly kidnapped and held captive by an alien lunatic who plans to take over the galaxy. He’s going to use her to create a serum that will ultimately enslave every human female on Earth. But no emperor wannabe is going to keep this girl down. Lora will find a way to save not only herself, but her planet as well. Duke D’zia Yaq E’etu, cousin to the crown prince of Zerin, suspects a malicious plot to overthrow the galactic government. When the opportunity arises to insinuate himself in the suspected traitor’s stronghold, he doesn’t hesitate to use his infiltration skills. While there, he encounters Lora, whom he soon recognizes as his TrueBond. The only problem…she’s imprisoned and scheduled for experiments that will destroy her. Now D’zia has a hard choice to make. Should he stay and get the proof he needs to prevent a narcissistic megalomaniac from taking over the galactic government…or escape with the only female he can claim as his own? The second book in the trilogy, D’zia’s Dilemma features a disembodied galactic gangster, a snarky spybot, and a sentient, lovesick spaceship. If you like non-stop action, powerful emotions, and sensual aliens, you’ll love the next installment of An Alien Exchange.  AMAZON  4 STARS

Great world building. Both in the appearance of the aliens, their culture and how things work in their "country".
I loved how D'zia enjoyed human slang so much.  And he had a pretty good handle on it.  I had enjoyed his teasing, mischievous ways when I read the first book in the series.  I didn't feel like it would be hard to get into this book if someone hadn't read book 1 though.

I liked how D'zia and Aimee (his cousin, Qay's, TrueBond) interacted because of his understanding of human slang.   They had some moments of humor over that alone.  That very same human slang that D'zia has been using on Qay and Qay finds so annoying.
We do know right from the start that Chancellor U'unk is the bad guy.  Now all they had to do was prove it!  And of course, things do NOT go as planned. That is D'zia's brilliant plans don't all go his way.  Although some other interesting characters do end up helping him when he least expects it.

There is another unexpected character in the story.  The name he goes by is JR10 and he's not human or alien exactly.  He's a spybot.  A very sassy spybot.  One who has been programed to use human slang to the max giving D'zia a taste of his own medicine.  There is also another spybot that will show up and both add so much fun and charm to the story. 

Just to let you know there is kidnapping, some violence and some torture as well.

This book has great characters, several plots, humor, "alien" sex, twists and turns and some victories.  When I say some victories I mean that not ALL of what needs to be overcome is completed. Yet.   There is another book if you want to complete the adventure. 
“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Thursday, May 9, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Christmas Bodyguard: A Suspenseful Romance of Danger and Faith (Guardians, Inc.) by Margaret Daley

 Someone's after wealthy Texan Slade Caulder's daughter. Desperate to keep her safe while he determines the motive, the widowed father hires a bodyguard for Abbey. A female bodyguard, with the training to protect the girl—and an understanding of a willful teenager who keeps trying to outsmart her. Elizabeth Walker is the perfect combination of caring and toughness for her job. But as the holidays approach, the stalker's threats escalate. And Slade finds himself willing to risk everything to keep his Christmas bodyguard by his side…forever.   AMAZON 5 STARS

Wow, that was a really good book.  Great main characters and the intensity level was kept high.  That definitely kept me on the edge of my sea.  The attacks kept coming and no matter how hard the security efforts were tightened they just kept increasing.  At one point Slade said it felt like someone was just toying with them, wanting to make them suffer.
Slade and his daughter Abbey made for a good father and daughter combo.  Slade had buried himself in work as a way to escape some of the grief after the death of his wife 5 years ago.  Between that and the age his daughter is at increased the distance between them.  Oh, they loved each other but it was getting harder and harder to express it because of that distance.
I can honestly say that Elizabeth was a somewhat complex person because of her rigid, unloving childhood and other past traumas.  But her Uncle Joshua was someone that she had been able to re-connect with and he had helped her a lot.  He loved her and had lead her to the Lord.  It all helped her dig her way back out. Joshua also ends up being a big help during Elizabeth's assignment. 
Abbey was totally what you would expect as a teenager. 
The ending of the story comes with a great twist and a great ending.  The "villain" was someone I had just started suspecting a few chapters back. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- 31 Decrees of Blessing for Women by Patricia King


BOOK REVIEW- The Earl Next Door (First Comes Love Book 1) by Amelia Grey


What does a fiercely independent young widow really want? One determined suitor is about to find out. . .
When Adeline, Dowager Countess of Wake, learns of her husband’s sudden death, she realizes she’s free. At last, she can do, go, and be as she pleases. Finally, she can have the life she has always dreamed of. She doesn’t need, or want, to remarry. Especially not the supremely dashing future Marquis of Marksworth, who makes Adeline yearn for his desire. . .
Lord Lyonwood, son of a philandering marquis, will not be like his father. He wants to run his estates and watch them flourish—and find a wife who brings love to his life. When he meets spirited and self-reliant Adeline in a case of near-scandalous mistaken identity, Lyon feels he’s met his match. But Adeline isn’t interested in a marriage proposal. She will only accept becoming his lover—and Lyon finds it hard to refuse. Unless the fire of his passion can melt Adeline’s resolve. . .

The first meeting between Adeline and Lyonwood was everything you could hope for when it came to being dramatic and also embarrassing!  But it was also only the first of several. They did end up butting heads over misunderstandings time and again.
There is such a good relationship between Adeline and two other widows.  I enjoyed how they were staunchly for each other.  They not only had the strong friendship between them but also the strong desire NOT to remarry.  Each one had their own reasons but Adeline's seemed to have been the most harsh experience.  I could clearly see why she never wanted another man to control her life and every action she wanted to do.  What she hadn't counted on was that Lyon wasn't exactly like the usual wealthy, handsome entitled gentleman.  He was a man of honor although several of their run-ins kind of made he look more beast like at times.  But the truth does come out about what he is really like and each time it does makes it harder for Adeline to resist him.  But of course she does, so that makes the story challenges continue for quite a while. 
The school that The Three Widows established added to the story.  Because we are talking about little girls there are several of them who are mischievous and try their limits more than once.
There is a H.E.A. with a sweet Epilogue.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”


Monday, May 6, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Aftershock PLUS BONUS Book(Harlequin Bestselling Author Collection) by Jill Shalvis


If it hadn't been for the earthquake, Amber Riggs would never have made love to a perfect stranger. And no doubt about it, fire inspector Dax McCall was perfect. Who else could have taught her the meaning of passion at a time like that?

Still, when Amber ran into him a year later she wasn't sure how he'd react. To her…or their three-month-old baby. She hadn't meant to keep the news from Dax, but he'd been out of town, and she'd been sort of relieved. After all, how do you tell the perfect man he has a perfect baby girl with a woman he doesn't know from Eve?


Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate by USA TODAY bestselling author Kelly Hunter

Seven years ago Gabrielle was the housekeeper's daughter, and Luc Duvalier, as the heir to a vast fortune, was forbidden. Now she's returned home determined to face Luc as an equal—in every way!

I liked both of the books although I think "Aftershock" was more my favorite than "Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate." Which might not be really fair because they really do have different plots. 
They both had good main characters but in Aftershock, Dax had a larger, VERY supportive family.  Also Amber was running FROM Dax because of her very rigid, military like unloving childhood.  Where Gabrielle who also had a rough childhood was running TO Luc.  Gabrielle's childhood wasn't just rough, her mother was severely abusive to her children.
Both stories have good outcomes and I did enjoy that.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- The Billionaire’s Sham Girlfriend (The Beaumont Brothers Book 1) by Leslie North

Gregor Beaumont is in a world of hurt that all the charm in his gorgeous, well-toned body can’t fix. His late grandfather, God rest his soul, wanted to make sure Gregor and his two playboy brothers settle down. He had the brilliant idea of buying up a huge share of the brothers’ engine company and using that as incentive for each brother to find Mrs. Right. Settle down or lose the company to a competitor. Well, that’s just not happening to Gregor, not when life’s so good at the moment. Gregor likes racing fast cars and seducing fast women, and not necessarily in that order. Settle down? Not a chance. Gregor has his own brilliant idea: find some wholesome and desperate girl to pretend to be his girlfriend. No harm. No foul. Unless things start getting a little bit too real.

Kara Alerby knows she’s a sucker for blues eyes and a great smile, so when Gregor comes into her theater wanting to hire her to act the part of his adoring girlfriend, she’s already got her defenses on high alert. But Kara’s a practical girl, and Gregor’s offering a boatload of money that would go a long way toward making her dream of creating a fine arts school for gifted kids a reality. She can ignore his smiles, his charisma, and his kiss-me mouth if it means she’ll get her school. All she has to do is remind herself, every second of every day they’re together, that it’s all make believe—even when it doesn’t always feel that way.

When Greg’s love of racing puts his life in jeopardy, Kara isn’t ready to watch another person die in front of her like her father did. And Greg isn’t about to stop doing the one thing that makes life worth living. The two are on a collision course, one that could break them apart forever if they don’t change directions…AMAZON     3STARS

This book had potential but for me it just didn't pull me into it as much as I had hoped.   It was just okay.
Kara used the phrase, "Christ on a stick" as an expression a couple of times.  Sorry, but that really turned me off.
 It did present one challenge to me.  I had to look up the word ,"excoriate."  I consider myself fairly good with words but that one I'd never heard of.  Although I will say that the way it was put in a sentence it was fairly easy to get a feel of what the word probably meant.