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Thursday, April 30, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane

BOOK- The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane-Tansy, left penniless by her late father, has been putting herself out as a governess to other people's brats for two years when she is somehow caught up in playing chaperon to a distant cousin, the sister of a duke, no less. Ashley Benedict, Duke of Avonall, is a man beleaguered. His grandmother is a terror, his sister a lovely but none-too-bright chit, his valet a superstitious twit, and his aunt Lucinda is ... well, odd. Now, Ashley has a new problem ... how to keep himself from falling for Tansy Tamerlane. AMAZON LINK

I found this story to be one that I had mixed feelings about.  For those that want to know, it was a clean reading story.  I liked the blunt speaking Tansy and found her fun and unusual, often these two traits getting her into trouble all on its own.  The lofty Ashley often didn't know what to do with her, how to deal with her. She often got the best of him, with her quick wit.  When he wasn't wanting to strangle her, she made him laugh out loud.  His sister, Emily really was a twit relying on her beauty to gain her what she wanted.  That and a tantrum or two when she didn't get her way.  That was fun to read because she often got set straight by Tansy and a few others.  The ones that got on my last nerve were Ashley's valet, Farnley who was so superstitious he could hardly function, never did warm to him.  And the other, was Aunt Lucinda, who just couldn't hold a normal conversation.  She was always spouting quotes. After awhile that didn't bother me so much; her quotes were usually dead on in accuracy of the moment.  She was just eccentric.   The Grandmother I adored, she was like Tansy in a lot of ways; just older. 

My last comments are  that it felt like it went a bit too long.
But I also laughed out loud more than once at some of high jinx going on.  So like I said mixed feelings.  

BOOK REVIEW- Opening Hearts

BOOK- Opening Hearts- Pregnant and Alone at 35!
Jessalyn O'Donnell returns from her best friend's wedding with a surprise of her own.   She knows how it happened – three sex-filled nights with a smokin' hot guy, known only as Sam -- but she has no way to get in touch with him.
When smoke jumper Sam Ricci returns to his hometown after the annual firefighting season ends, he has no plans for fatherhood.  His lifestyle is too risky, and he loves his job – almost as much as he loves women. Everything changes when he runs into Jessalyn again and discovers her plans for single parenthood.
Sam doesn’t want to be tied down.  Jessalyn would rather go it alone than deal with an absent husband.  So why, when a twist of fate brings them together again, does it feel so right? AMAZON LINK

There is more than just an age difference between the two of them.  They may have got together for a few days;  enjoyed each others company. They even made a baby together but that is were the similarities end.  
They were keeping it casual not knowing a lot about each other while they were on the boat. That made it even more difficult when they can't stop thinking of each other. They don't even know each other's last name.  And now there is a baby in the mix.  Something unexpected causes them to come face to face again.  With it comes the shock of seeing Jessalyn pregnant and Sam wondering if its his.  He still isn't ready to be a daddy even when he finds out it is his.  Even pregnant women have sex and that is part of the story as well, with quite a few details about it.   Even as drawn to Sam as Jessalyn is, she's still afraid to take the risks of really letting him in her life.  She's afraid that he can be reckless, and thrill seeking, all the while being incredibly charming.  Really attractive and very charming, a dangerous mix. 

There were a couple of unexpected events towards the end of the book, which makes for a good twist to the story.  Sweet epilogue at the very end, of course. 

I did like the fact that the author included her inspiration for this story and her desire to bring attention to not only firefighters but often not as recognized, smoke jumpers.   

"I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review." 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


BOOK- FOLLOW YOUR HEART (Wars of the Roses Brides Book 2)  Unforeseen passion draws them together. Will his secrets tear them apart? 
England 1460: Joanna Peyntor has two uses for a man: to pose for a stained glass window design or to commission her skills. But when her brother conspires to ruin her reputation, she concedes to a third: a husband to help save her glass-painting workshop. 
On a quest to redeem his family name and lands, Sir Adrian Bedford must marry without delay. But what woman he’d accept would wed an impoverished former nobleman who insists on an unusual stricture in their marriage contract? Joanna, a woman striving to succeed in a man’s world. 
When irresistible attraction makes their marriage of convenience inconvenient, will his dangerous secrets keep them from following their hearts?   AMAZON LINK

There was a pretty dramatic start to this book.  There is intrigue and secrets and villains of course.  Many self-serving enemies; for both of them.  One of Joanna's enemies being her brother William, who is working against her trying to steal what their father left her.  A woman being a trades person was bad enough but being left the business when their was a living male heir was even worse.  Never mind that she had the skill and dedication to make the business run successfully.  She learned her skill at her father's knee while William had no interest in it at all.  Until...their father died and he wanted to be in control and gain all the profit.  He needs to gain all the profits; there is a deeper reason for that but that's his secret. He'll do just about anything to win.  Adrian has too many secrets to even name.  Several of them could even get him killed; also endangering those around him.  
This was a well written story that keeps the reader engaged.  It also had quite a few twists and turns too.  They had some pretty clever enemies.  Slowly some of Adrian's secrets are revealed one by one but not because he shared them with his wife.   Things began to happen that exposed them, one by one.  But there is still one major secret that threatens his marriage because he is adamant about keeping it.  
Oh, yes there is consensual sex between Adrian and Joanna as a married couple, in some detail.  

What's not to like about that cover on the book?

“I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review”.


Jesus Christ is KING

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unique Photo Booth Pics Increase Adoptions at Utah Shelter

Unique Photo Booth Pics Increase Adoptions at Utah Shelter

Sometimes a bit of creativity can make all the difference for pets in need. That was the case when a Utah animal shelter decided to think differently about the photos they were taking of their adoptable pets.
According to TIME, Guinnevere Shuster, social media coordinator at the Humane Society of Utah, was looking for a compelling way to showcase the shelter’s adoptable pets. Shuster decided to try old-fashioned ph2oto booth style images, which features four different “poses” of each animal. The results were adorable…and overwhelmingly successful.
“I was hoping that it would help change people’s options and perceptions of shelter dogs. Showing off the individual personalities of the dogs, instead of the sad ‘behind bars’ images that have become associated with shelter animals,” she shared with TIME .
The shelter posts the photo booth shots on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with witty and compelling descriptions of the pet and his or her personality. Each post often garners hundreds of shares and comments and thousands of likes.
The end result: increased adoptions. The humane society’s special-event manager Rachel Kelly told TIME, “Since we have started utilizing social media, we had a record-breaking number of adoptions, placing over 10,000 animals into homes in 2014. We are already set to break that record this year … We definitely attribute this photo campaign as a large part of this success, as they capture the unique personality of each animal.”
Check out some of these adorable shots for yourself!
We are so inspired by the Humane Society of Utah’s innovative efforts that will donate 10,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew to the organization. Way to go!
Slideshow - Photos by Guinnevere Shuster, HSU

BOOK REVIEW- Cinderella's Cowboy

BOOK- CINDERELLA'S COWBOY-  Chad Anders doesn’t know why mousy Cynthia Henley trips all over her tongue when she’s around him. Nor does he understand his undeniable attraction to this good girl. Wild and sexy is his type, like the dream-girl he caught a glimpse of years earlier he’s never forgotten.
Cynthia’s superpower is invisibility, especially with men. It’s better for everyone that way. Besides, she’s got a cat. She’s okay. But when playboy-rancher Chad hires her, she’s got a chance to shine. Professionally, at least. Until she learns of his fascination with a mysterious dream-girl, who was actually nothing more than a shy teenager on an ill-advised dare all those years ago. Cynthia knows she’s no man’s dream-girl and never will be.
But there’s magic at the ball. Princesses glow in the starlight, princes appear out of nowhere, and, sometimes, they look a lot like cowboys… 
It was nice to read another story about the Anders brothers.   I didn't realize I had read the the other one until I recognized Chad's brother Eric and his girlfriend Leda (and their general story line).  That was the book, The Cowboy Next Door (This Old House #3)
I liked this  story as well.  Cynthia and Chad both had something to prove.  Her in a business way, she wanted to pay off her loan and make a success of the business.  She has what it takes but her two stepsisters were more trouble than they were worth.  Even though she loved them she ended up doing the majority of the work.  But they were also a condition of her loan too.  Her stepmother felt it would help draw them together even more and help her daughters learn to work, not just party.  The nice thing is that the stepmother Joanie wasn't the evil stereotype but she did tend to have her head in the clouds somewhat when it came to reality.  
What was Chad trying to prove?  That he wasn't the almost invisible brother to Eric, for one thing.  That he wasn't only a playboy type when it came to women.  That he wasn't going to keep the guilt money from his grandfather; he was going to help others re-build with it.  I thought the author did a really good job of drawing you into the feelings of both of the M.C.'s.  You could easily understand their feelings, and their insecurities.  
This was a sweet, charming story with several different good overcoming of obstacles themes. I liked that there was also more to the story when it came to Cynthia's tripping over her tongue when she was around Chad.

I received a  ARC  in exchange for an honest review.  

Monday, April 27, 2015


BOOK- "TAKEN"- An investigator who knows tragic loss firsthand, 
and his new client, missing far too long...Abducted at the age of sixteen and coerced into assisting the Jacoby crime family, Shannon Bliss has finally found a way out. She desperately wants to resume some semblance of normal life, but she also knows she has some unfinished business to attend to. She might have enough evidence to put her captors behind bars for a very long time. 
When Shannon contacts private investigator Matthew Dane, a former cop, to help her navigate her reentry into society, he quickly discovers that gaining her freedom doesn't mean her troubles are over. If the Jacoby family learns she is still alive, they'll stop at nothing to silence her.
If justice is to be done, and if Shannon's life is ever to get on track again, Matthew will need to discover exactly what happened to her--even if it means stirring up a hornet's nest of secrets.

Incredibly good book; I loved it.  At first I began to get a bit concerned when a new person one after another was introduced.  But it all began to weave together and wasn't as hard to follow as I feared. And you can see later what a big help they turned out to be.
Some single words to describe this story?  Intense. Emotional.  Riveting.  Faith.  Mysteries. Trust. 
Shannon is a planner and its helped keep her alive while in captivity and now outside of it.  
She chose one person to trust; she chose Matthew Dane as the first person to start with.  It wasn't an accident, she has a newspaper article of how his daughter was rescued after being taken.  It was an interesting way that they first meet.  Their continuing friendship, is built carefully brick by brick; which I liked. .  
Eleven years is a long time to be missing and there are a lot of obstacles to overcome.   I absolutely loved Matthew and his careful steps to try to help her without going faster than she was able to.  His humble trust in God was good right along with his inability to understand some of the things that God seems to have allowed.  He was a person that was easy to relate to and his pain of the years helping his daughter to adjust were believable.  Shannon, was a survivor, fighting to do what she needed to do to get her life back.  But she also had a list that needed to be accomplished before she could go very far.  At the end of the story, it was brought up that all of the things that Matthew and Shannon went through were in about a 3 week time period.  Whew, a lot happened in that time.
Matthew  had quite a few trustworthy people in law enforcement, and security who were people he could reach out to.  They also know how to keep some things under wraps until Shannon was ready to release it.  
Faith in God, prayer and asking for direction, questioning things of God, was in this story.  I hope that people will learn and draw from it but for those who don't want to, this story had so any twists and turns that I think they will still enjoy it if they will read it.  I enjoyed the faith part of it, but still those that don't, they still have quite the story to read.  There's a lot of action to it and mysteries to unravel.   Its one of those books that I just couldn't put down and was almost sorry when it was over.  
Also I just wanted to mention that I liked the cover for this book as well.   Nice Job!  

I received an ARC from Bethany House via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.  

*Highly Favored Child of God (p)

Child of God = Highly favored, blessed, and an overcomer. (This status and the eternal rewards  are available to everyone in Christ.)

Warrior vs Worrier (p)

Gosh , I find the older I get I am a worrier , I used to be a warrior ! I need to look at this everyday !

Change how U see things (p)

The World is what you make it. I choose to see beauty and opportunity to spread the word and the truth of God. I will not shun or hide away from anything that is said to be of evil. I will walk in faith and spread the word of good not the fear of evil. <3

Scars? What they really R (p)

Hope for the Fighters, Peace for the Survivors, Prayers for the Taken

Talk To me,says God (p)

God please give me peace and tranquility...VM

Don't B Disabled Spiritually (p)

Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually. []
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Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner

WOW!!   Modern Version, Sooo Cool!

When Pushed to the Edge 2 Things (p)

World News Watcher: Military Dog Protect Sleeping Soldier at the Airpo...

World News Watcher: Military Dog Protect Sleeping Soldier at the Airpo...: A military dog spotted at the airport protecting his partner soldier photo became viral and popular online. German Shepherd dog protecting...

Military Dog protects sleeping soldier (p)

This is so cool.  What this dog is doing.  
Great in one way but also sad in another, that it is even necessary.  
Glad to see what a team they are though.  FACEBOOK LINK- B101.5

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Celebrating others causes (p)



THE CREOLE PRINCESS- On the colonial Gulf Coast, the beautiful young Lyse Lanier is torn between loyalty to her family and a handsome Spanish stranger with a secret mission.
I really liked this story a lot.   I loved Lyse and Rafa; both apart and together.  The way they meet was spunky and interesting too. Lyse had quite the unusual family tree; with a mixture of peoples (French, Indan, Afrcan, aristocrats, slaves and free). She didn't really feel that the different clashes of nations affected her all that much, until she began to see and experience things first hand.  She craved knowledge and enjoyed her grandfather's library.  She was also smarter than most people realized.  Most just looked at her as poor, trash, not being able to think all that well because she was also just a girl.  They under-estimated her as well as her best friend Daisy ( who was of a higher social standing.)  It was a mistake for anyone who under-estimated either one of them; they were both quite clever.  In the book, they also pulled off some interesting adventures over time.   Rafa saw Lyse quite clearly when it came to her intelligence and caring.  And Lyse saw deeper into the part of Rafa, aside from the well dressed, charming fool he presented himself to be.   Some of the most charming moments came when the two of them were together.  The mystery of Rafa and what he was doing unseen, was well written.
I also enjoyed so many of the secondary characters that were in this book; Simon (brother to Lyse), and all of Lyse's younger brothers and sisters.  Especially her younger brother, Luc-Antoine, and slaves, Scarlet and Cain just to name a few.  I thought that there was a pretty accurate although upsetting portrayal of slave ownership.  Also of the snobbery and arrogance of people towards those who they considered beneath them in social ranking.
There is also Christian prayer but it didn't consume the story.  I believe it added to it.
I also liked the historical infomation that the author added at the back of the book.  Also showed some of the unsung heroes of the American struggle for independence. Also mentioned that there was a prequel to this story called, " The Pelican Brief".   And a story that follows the Lainer family
 called, " The Duchess of Navy Cove."  A excerpt of that story is included.
I liked the choice of cover for this book as well.
I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 




......with Gods strength


"The Sword of The Spirit" by Ron DiCianni.

Steadfastness is Blessed (p)

Crown Of Life

Hands Trained for (p)

Psalm 144:1
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Jesus Prepares You (p)


I Will Defend (p)


"El Roi – The God Who Sees Me" Pastor Richard Crisco

Pray for the Native Children

You probably have heard the devastating news about the ridiculously sky high suicide rate among young people and children (over 200 teens) on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Charisma Magazine quoted Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries (RHM) who says the "suicide spike" is a spiritual problem. Many of the young people who've attempted suicide "have talked about an increase in spirit activity," he shares.

"They call them the shadow people or the dark people," Hutchcraft says. "There are spirit beings—demonic beings—that are stalking the reservation and convincing young people that they are worth nothing ... and [that have] started this 'cloud of death' over the reservation."

Well, we know who those shadow people are, don't we? This same thing happened here on the Ft. Yates Indian reservation in 2005. I don't remember how many, but it was very close to the same number. I remember the local news saying over 19 children in just one family alone were killed.

Well, we were filming a family/kids prayer conference, at the time,(Jesus Camp) and we had the children pray for the suicides to stop. We had one boy wear a little toy Indian headdress and stand in proxy for the Native American kids. Within two weeks news reports were that the suicides had dramatically fallen off, and stopped shortly thereafter.

We need to pray over these Sioux Indian children--pray that the "shadow people" leave, set up a godly hedge of protection, plead the blood of Jesus over their lives, and pray that the light will come in the midst of unbelievable hopelessness.   Becky Fischer

Here's the full story if you want to read it.

Service Dog Trained by Inmates Helps Little Boy

Service Dog Trained by Inmates Helps Little Boy
Service Dog Trained by Inmates Helps Little Boy

Hated 4 Telling the Truth



Show Circuit- New Zealand's Ultimate Equestrian Magazine




Dr. Caroline Leaf

Saturday, April 25, 2015


The Glass Slipper
BOOK- THE GLASS SLIPPER-  Casey Vaughn has an expensive model and even more expensive photographer cooling their heels in her boss’s apartment, waiting for the male cover idol, who’s late, late, late. When the guy finally does show up, he seems clueless about everything, including American slang, but he sure is cute. When the shoot proceeds to bore everyone to death, the woman Casey’d hired walks out, and Casey has to take her place. Now, sparks fly, and they share a heated kiss. Only after he’s left does Casey discover he wasn’t a model at all, and she grabbed a complete stranger off the street. Who is her mystery man, and how will she find him again?
Kurt VonRamsberg, Prince of Danislova and his country’s ambassador to the United Nations, is walking to work one day, contemplating the end of an arranged engagement, when a young woman snatches him off the street and talks him into posing for the cover of a detective novel. Luckily, he got her phone number because his position in the Royal Family will not allow him to pose on the cover of such a book. He can’t resist this fascinating woman, though, and pretends to be the descendant of German cheese maker in order to court her.

All is well until Casey’s boss switches covers, and Kurt finds his image released on hundred of thousands of books in the United States and abroad. Summoned home to explain himself, Kurt reveals his true identity to Casey and asks her to accompany him.

Once in Danislova, Casey is entranced with the country and accepted by Kurt’s family, with the notable exception of Kurt’s father. Suddenly, she’s transformed to Cinderella—the stepchild who can’t please the stern Prince Royal no matter what she does. Will her own prince come to her rescue? Will the glass slipper ever fit?   AMAZON LINK

Quite the interesting plot, the introduction of the two Main Characters and what happened afterwards.  I liked both Casey and Kurt; the shy Prince and the out-going Casey.   He was the solid, kind, dependable but often overlooked kind of man.    Casey, while she was kind, she was also All American when it came to her way of speaking and facing problems.  Well, maybe not all American in a good way when it came to her speech; she could curse and it did get her in trouble a few times.  I liked her spunk and sheer joy of living.  She needed her job, but a few times she could have used a backbone when it came to dealing with her boss, Phil.  Oh, wait she did get a few good shots at him, every once and a while.  Kurt, did a pretty good job of getting into his "role" as the descendant of German cheese maker.  It kept him on his toes, at least until he could tell her the truth.  He didn't plan on keeping it from her forever.  It was interesting watching Kurt loosen up as he begins to enjoy life again, no one considers him dull or boring for very long after he meets Casey.  I liked quite a few of the secondary people as well.
Okay, I've just got to say this part too. I had a bit of a problem with the fact that they became "Sexually Active" after only knowing each other a couple of days.  Phone Sex, as well as real sex and a fair amount of it.  Its well written but detailed and they weren't shy about it.  Thank God, that isn't all that was in the story though.
My other comment is that the "F" word was used in the book as well.  But that is my own personal deal because I have NEVER liked that word.
I guess I would call this an, "Adult Version of the Cinderella kind of Story".
I liked the cover for the eBook, very attractive. 

"I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review."

Are Your Blessings Backlogged? | Doug Addison

Are Your Blessings Backlogged? | Doug Addison

Waterfall in the national park Sumava-Czech Republic

Doug Addison
April 23, 2015
I have been talking a lot about being repaid for all that was lost. Some people are reporting that they are receiving their blessings, while others may still be experiencing a backlog or clog in their lives. Here are a few things that may help open blessings over your life.
Sink clog dream
I had a dream just this week in which an over-controlling father was harsh to his family. In the dream everyone respected and honored the man even though he was mean and hurt people. His sink drain was backed-up and I had to step in and remove the old debris and open things up.
I knew the meaning of the dream was that God is revealing places in which we need deeper healing with our image of God the Father. Backed up drains can be a prophetic symbol of unforgiveness.
Modern parable in a movie
Last February I released this revelation in a blog and feel it is also significant for this time:
I watched the movie The Judge with Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. It was a sad and depressing story about a father who was a judge and was not kind to his children. His children did not flourish and longed for a blessing from their father. The father’s harsh judgments had made him sick and destroyed the lives of people around him.
God spoke to me that this is the condition of many Christians today. People who view God as a judge tend to treat others harshly and it is a misrepresentation of the loving Father in Heaven.
Parents and spiritual parents hold the key to revival. As we humble ourselves and reach out to our children then healing will come. The Spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17) is coming to turn the hearts of the parents to the children.
A dividing line is here as God is revealing His true nature to people and calling us to be humble and love others.
Love conquers all
Over the past few years my message to the world has been one of love. Jesus said that the greatest commandment of all is to love God, love your neighbor and love yourself (Matthew 22:37-39).
The evidence or fruit of love in a person’s life is pretty obvious. Love overcomes.
Love casts out fear. Love conquers all. Love covers over a multitude of sin.
Forgive and you will be forgiven
Jesus spoke about how judging others and forgiveness is directly tied to us receiving a blessing.
Luke 6:37-38 NIV
Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
One of the major things that you can do today that will radically change your life is to find someone different than you and show them an act of kindness.
This is a time to reconcile relationships and clear the spiritual atmosphere. Forgiving and loving unconditionally is what is needed for us to move into the new season at hand. As you do this, a backlog of blessing will begin to flow into your life.
Doug Addison
Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


BOOK- Her Chance At Love-  Secrets can hurt. Even those that hold them. 
Haunted by a near-perfect memory and a genius by scientific standards, Caitlyn grew up in a lonely world. After losing the last person that cares about her, Caitlyn vows to make a difference in the world of Alzheimer’s even though it means returning to her hometown. A place filled with painful memories she would give anything to be able to erase from her mind.
Caitlyn has never trusted a man other than her brother, but begins to fall for Alex, the gorgeous CEO of Cambridge Industries. Although scared to disrupt her black-and-white world, Caitlyn soon realizes she needs Alex to be the solution to everything that has gone wrong in her life.
Alex needs Caitlyn to be the solution to Alzheimer’s.

Unwilling to risk the company’s potential progress, Alex hesitates to put his personal happiness first. He finally gives in to the undeniable attraction, and when he makes a shocking discovery about her painful past, Alex is determined to earn her trust and ultimately her love.  But when Alex betrays her, Caitlyn fears she may have lost her chance at love.  AMAZON LINK

Quite a unique story line, in many different ways.  Caitlyn being  a near genius, the fact that she has such a perfect memory and the ways that it hurts her.  Different because of the way that she experiences memory, and information overloads; memory flashes.  Even the fact that Alzheimer's is part of the story.  Different even in the way that when Alex betrays her was nothing that I was guessing.  Totally a surprise to me.  I don't think I'm giving anything away by mentioning this because on the Amazon story information, it says that there IS a betrayal.  Caitlyn has been on her own so long its difficult for her to receive people's caring for her.  You could feel how awkward it was for her.  I was just a little over 10% of the story, when I thought, " I like this,this is going to be good".  And it continued that way until just over half the book when it felt like it slowed down some but picked back up again.  I had wondered if the attraction between Alex and Caitlyn moved a little fast.   She went from not liking men she didn't know to touch her or get to close in her space, to allowing Alex in pretty close.   The author did do a good job of establishing Alex's ability to help her and early on he didn't rush her; he just seemed to understand and calm her.   So I have to figure that in the mix.  
There are sensual scenes in this book as well.  
On a side note, I really liked the artwork of the cover for this book. 

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bring Your Makeup Back to Life

Bring Your Makeup Back to Life

Not a fan of the program, but this was a good, helpful segment I happened to catch while changing channels.


Zig Ziglar

True. But at least when its time to walk away; you need to know you did everything you could. You can look back without regrets knowing there positively was nothing else you could do.



Hey, its a good thing!!


Twin Factor TV is very excited to launch our new "Twin Factor" signature line of turkey calls! We want to thank Troy Norman and Stormn Norman Custom Calls again for their partnership with Twin Factor TV and we thank the Lord that He has allowed us to bring the TF signature line of calls to everyone! Please visit the link below to order your Twin Factor turkey call and BE THE FACTOR in the turkey woods with us!!!#twinfactortv #bethefactor #stormnnormancustomcalls#sncc #stormnthewild


I know these two young men (Twins) who love the Lord and were led to begin their ministry business.
Huntin' the Truth was the beginning.  Now the Lord just keeps enlarging it and has expanded to TV and products.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BOOK- ON DEADLY GROUND- A desperate sister 
Museum director Kate Fontaine made two promises to her dying father—protect her ne’er-do-well brother and return a stolen statuette of the Maya god of earthquakes to its temple. But when her brother is kidnapped and the price to save him is the priceless artifact, keeping one promise means breaking the other. In a no-win situation and facing a dangerous trek through the jungle, Kate is forced to rely on a guide she doesn’t trust… yet whose touch makes her yearn for so much more. 
A cynical guide 
The only person Max Rivera can truly count on is himself. That's why he prefers to work alone. Unfortunately his Devlin Security Force assignment to guide and protect Kate includes covertly finding proof her kidnapped brother has sold black-market antiquities. And sticking close to this delectable and vulnerable woman proves more dangerous to Max than all the threats in the jungle. 
A race against time 
While following the kidnapper’s instructions, Max and Kate must outrun black-market smugglers and a predicted earthquake in a race that takes them from Washington to England and into the Costa Verde jungle. But as perilous as their quest becomes, when desire flares between them, risking their lives seems simple next to risking their hearts.
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What an action packed story.  The villains that are after them just kept on coming; ruthless, desperate and a boatload in number.  Don't let that scare you away though, because it wasn't done in a confusing way.  There were so many but they are connected and made sense to the story.  Greed and power just caused them to swarm.  What Max and Kate went through, was quite the ordeal.  Even when Kate wasn't sure she could trust Max, it was still really fun to see how well they worked together.   I enjoyed it when they were in the middle of a "hopeless" situation and Kate was able to help pull something together; at times helping to rescue Max.  Nice touch.  She was terrified but thinking of her brother needing help pushed her beyond what she thought she could do. She was tougher than she thought.    I thought the author did a good job describing the areas Kate and Max had to go to. The Mayan culture and beliefs as part of the story added a lot.  Do I know if is accurate? No, but I enjoyed it.  The struggle that Kate and Max went through; not to do anything about their attraction was good too.   I liked both of the M.C.'s and liked how we were able to see how certain things drove each one of them.  Kate's need to be organized and control things and Max's need to avoid rejection you could really feel.  I thought both were done well and you could understand it.   For some reason, I felt more for Max, maybe because he was so strong, a warrior but the rejection he dealt with in his life really came across.  

There were a couple of love scenes in the story, that weren't over the top.  
Some people may need to know that in one part of the story, in a village there are implied rapes. I know some people can't handle that; implied or detailed.  That is the only reason I mentioned it here. 

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

33 Things HSP does (p)

33 Things the Holy Spirit Does
Charisma Magazine

Singing Daily (p)


Sunday, April 19, 2015

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The Elijah List
Jane Hansen-Hoyt

The Holy Spirit wants you to know that your heart has always been attuned sharply and closely with His. There is no hearing loss at all. Nor has your sight diminished. It has, in fact, become more clear. Your desire to walk with Him has not waned, but grown stronger. There is no need to fear that you will "miss it." He is carrying you...even to the very end.

Fan Updated (p)

Finding Courage by Tapping the Mind of God

Finding Courage by Tapping the Mind of God-Charisma Magazine cover

Defeat the Mental Giants
Jesus came to defeat the giants of death, hell and the grave. When your giant is defeated, you know in your heart you're going to give God credit. You know you won't praise your willpower, creativity or even your education.  
Think about your thought archaeology and start eliminating the stories and bad theology that lead you away from an effective Christian life and walk with God.
Move boldly to the frontlines and start living every day to the glory of God. He hasn't given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind (see 2 Tim. 1:7). A mind war is the collision of anti-God thoughts against God thoughts. If you are constantly thinking and living differently than you desire to be, then dig deeper into why you are thinking the way you are. Confront the embedded lies deep within your personal view of God, the world, yourself and the giants around you. Your mind war starts by confronting thoughts that push you into a powerless attitude of retreat and negativity.
Don't let your giant implement idea training into your life. Giants will work overtime to barrage you with threats that are specific to your own situation. His first big milestone in your defeat is to get you repeating the threats that he's planted in your head.
Reject those threats and live like young David, seeing a different reality from what the giant is suggesting and attempting to do.
Stop allowing the mysteries of how and why God would love us to keep you from thinking and walking in that love every day, all to the glory of God.

Mike Rakes serves as the lead pastor of Winston-Salem First in North Carolina with his wife, Darla. Rakes has an M.A. in biblical literature and a M.Div. and D.Min. from Biola University. He is passionate about the spiritual health of the U.S. church and is committed to mobilizing faith communities for God and the good of humanity.