Tuesday, May 31, 2011

" Living in the Danger Zone "

Read Psalm 91  and determine the truth of which you are: the secret- place dweller or the wicked.
              Now ....
"According to the last verse, the wicked can't expect the same protection from calamity that secret- place dwellers enjoy"  Are you thinking that I'm saved, so that automatically puts me in the protected secret-place realm? Not so fast. "The E.W. Bullinger Companion Bible commentary says the wicked are the lawless." Feeling safe now? Well, where are you in this following description? "They are the people who have not given God's Word any attention. They do things their own way instead of God’s way. Such people-even born again believers who have received Jesus as their Savior and Lord,- don’t dwell in the secret place of God’s protection. They don’t abide under the shadow. They wander around outside it; to abide means to remain, to stay. The disobedient live in the danger zone, unprotected from the terrors at night, the arrows that fly during the daytime and the kinds of massive destruction that can kill 10,000 people at once." The info between " and " is from a book called:
  "Live Long, Finish Strong by Gloria Copeland 
 Now I'm not trying to terrify people but it is necessary to do a reality check on your location.  And if need be change your location; quickly. Now's not the time to live deceived, thinking your okay!

Watch for new things to happen through June

Each year interesting things happen between Passover and Pentecost. Jesus was resurrected right after Passover and about fifty days later the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples for the first time on Pentecost. The original time between Passover and Pentecost was a very spiritually active time and it still is today. It is a time where God transitions people from being in a hidden place into revelation of His new plans and assignments for them.
What are the new plans God has for us?
Three things that God is bringing to us right now are: new authority, new revelation, and visitations of His peace and presence.
· Jesus gave new authority. See Matthew 28:18.
· New revelation was given to understand things prophetically. See Luke 24:45.
· Visitations of God's presence and peace. See Luke 24:36.
Justice of the Peace Angel
This year, Passover started Tuesday, April 19th and went through Monday, April 25th. It was during this time that we began receiving new revelation and assignments.
On April 21, 2011 an angel was in my house for several hours that was dressed like a Justice of the Peace from an old western movie. Immediately we began to see a dramatic turnaround in many areas of our ministry and life, including justice and peace! We started getting unexpected checks in the mail and things that had been delayed suddenly opened. There have been opportunities for things that are now coming that had been promised to us for a long time. God's presence of love and peace continues to invade us at a higher level.
Transitional Angels
Also during Passover, I had several significant visitations by an angel called Transition that I have not encountered before. This type of angel signals great change that is happening right now in people's lives. I have had dozens of people tell me that suddenly they feel that they are about to make a change to something new in their lives. God is re-aligning the chessboard, so to speak. We have all been in a season of transition for quite some time. Now is the time for action and to actually see things move and shift us for a greater impact.
Floodgates Opening
It is not a coincidence that one of the current major news stories is that "The Floodgates are Opening." The massive amount of water being released through the Mississippi River is symbolic of a massive release of the Holy Spirit that is happening right now. God is releasing things in the Spirit that will not be contained.
Passover to Pentecost
Check for yourself, go back and look at your journal or calendar for last year, April 5 through May 23, 2010. I experienced a lot of new things and had a surge of financial increase during that time. To understand how God speaks, I highly recommend journalizing or using a computer to track and record the things you hear from God and other notable events that are happening in your life. You will begin to see that God is doing much more than you may now realize.
Last year God said that He was releasing something new for me on Pentecost, May 23, 2010. I never saw anything happen. Then I realized that it often takes nine months for new things to grow and be birthed. I checked February 23, 2011 and, sure enough, it was the week of new amazing media contacts. We need "eyes to see" what God is doing in our lives.
Passover to Pentecost this year is April 25 through June 12. It is an amazing time with lots of dreams, revelation, and angelic activity. It is time to take your injustice claims before God and ask for repayment. Watch for new things to happen specifically between June 8-12.
You can make your claim right now for things that you have lost or have been stolen from you and your family. It is time to go before His Throne boldly and plead your case in the Courtroom of Heaven. Watch for the new things to begin to open and things that were in transition begin to take shape.
  Doug Addison on ElijahList 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me: Not A Light Read

“Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me” : A Memoir of sorts “ by Ian Morgan Cron is the story of a man’s memories beginning from a very dysfunctional childhood to adulthood. The father of his memories is dramatic, powerful, uncaring of others & their feelings or needs, remote, over-the top; an almost unbelievable personality. A story of a constant 3 ring circus complete with whip. There are times of joy here and there; but usually only for a brief time. It’s like a cross between a fairy tale (because of the lavish sets and famous people mentioned) & the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ (because of the violence, & the fact that they didn’t really know each other) and then of course the other fairytale- the Grimm ones.

Only after a few chapters I found myself becoming angry as I read about this sensitive little boy and how his father terrorized him. How he hoped against hope that finally he would connect with his father; only to have that hope crushed time & again. It was hard to read about the promise of this young boy & how he lived but only survived. He does end up overcoming his past but what a road it was. The writer is very good at drawing a picture with his words as he wrote about his life; sometimes too much detail for my liking . But I did enjoy his colorful way of turning a phrase into something new; that was funny but totally understandable; you got it. I can’t say that I would recommend this book to everyone. If your battling depression, this isn't the book for you; its not light reading.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sad Update on Will Norton

This is a facebook post from his family:
Everyone, tonight is a sad night for us. I'm sorry to tell you that Will was found but he was not alive. We are grieving deeply. It brightens our lives to know that even in his passing he touched lives. We will write more soon but tonight we will mourn as a family. Please pray for Mark, Trish and Sara as well as my parents. God bless you all. Please pray for those still lost and hurting. Aunt Tracey

Keep praying for those who are still missing but also don't get under the grief of so many missing.
Its an easy enough thing to get under it all but that's why Jesus said to bring it to him. It hurts us if we try to carry it all & then we also find it even more difficult to pray. There have been many lives cut short; children without parents; parents without children, etc. We know we are seeing it in the media being played out in front of us. Fight the impulse to blame God; He's our Help. I get tired of hearing every natural disaster called well, it was an act of God. What about those who lived? That I will gladly call  an act of God- there has been some miraculous rescues that we will hear of more & more.
 Praise be to God!
Time to pray for the survivors as they rebuild their lives; and those helping them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Norton...He's one of the many missing from Tornado's hit.

A family posted Monday a request for help on facebook: This is Will Norton, 6'4", blue eyes, no tattoos that I know of. He might be in a hospital out of the Joplin area. People were transferred to KC, Fayetteville, Springfield, Tulsa, etc.  He may not haveID with him or be able to talk. They might have him as John Doe. Plz help.Will, a 2011 graduate from Joplin High School, was driving home from the graduation ceremonies yesterday with his father. Their vehicle was hit by the tornado. Will's father has been located and is in stable condition at Freeman Hospital.   At this point we are looking for anyone who has actually SEEN Will. Every hospital and possible lead has been called. Please DON'T call hospitals.  Again, the best way you can help is to pass your leads along to findwillnorton@gmail.com or call 757 751 (Will)9455. If you're on facebook you can also follow their progress. Help Find Will Norton

How's it Working for me? Complaining that is!

Recently it came to my attention by way of Holy Spirit that I sure am doing alot of complaining!
So basically, CUT IT OUT!  The Bible tells us not to do it- in Philipians 2:14 " Do all things without grumbling & faultfinding & complaining." Well, since there seems to be alot of it, in me,  "where oh  where to start with that?"  You know Holy Spirit will help with even that. The Instruction was to start with the weather of all places. I have to admit that I never put that verse with this instruction before- I thought they were talking about bigger stuff than this!  But its commonplace for all of us to complain about the weather. So common that its a habit. 
So as part of a Fast- negative speaking about the weather started to get rooted OUT. I know this is just the start of walking out that scripture. Its going to spread out into my life into other areas that Holy Spirit & I will be working on together.
Why should I care? Well I do want to obey the Word of God & all that complaining displeases God- I'm not being thankful- and He knows it will hurt me.  When I really look at it, it sure does steal my Joy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evacuation Planning for Pets: Are You Prepared?

Do you live in an area that is prone to natural catastrophes, such as tornadoes, earthquakes or floods? Disaster can strike at any time, so it’s important to have a clear evacuation plan in place well before you need it. The ASPCA recommends arranging a safe haven for yourself and your pets, and if you must evacuate your home due to a crisis, plan for the worst-case scenario. Most importantly, do not leave your pets behind. Remember, if it isn't safe for you, it isn't safe for your pets.
To minimize evacuation time, please follow these simple steps:
Store an emergency kit—with items such as three to five days’ supply of pet food, bottled water, medical records, a blanket, a flashlight and leashes—as close to an exit as possible.
Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification. Your pet's ID tag should contain his name, your mobile telephone number and any urgent medical needs. Be sure to write your pet's name, your name and contact information on your pet's carrier.
The ASPCA recommends micro chipping your pet as a more permanent form of identification. A microchip is implanted in the animal's shoulder area, and can be read by scanners at most animal shelters.
Always bring pets indoors at the first sign or warning of a storm or disaster. Pets can become disoriented and wander away from home during a crisis.
Consider your evacuation route and call ahead to make arrangements for boarding your pet outside of the danger zone at the first sign of disaster.

Go to the  Link for even more information   ASPCA

Do Not Conform to this World

If you don't live by the praises of men,
you won't die by their criticisms.  Bill Johnson

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Choose Joy

You can choose to control your level of joy.

You see to be joyful means you don’t waste your time grumbling or complaining.

To be joyful is to be content & satisfied, even when your circumstances aren’t perfect.

When you have true joy, it can’t be disturbed, it can’t be stolen from you when things don’t go the way you want them to go.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have problems…it means your problems won’t have the power to take away your joy.

Nothing good comes from whining, grumbling or complaining. It doesn’t move or motivate God & its like dumping poison in your life. It only takes a few moments to complain your way into a foul mood.

Complaining only feeds a spirit of dissatisfaction & unhappiness- one that keeps you from experiencing the joy of the Lord.

“Do all things without grumbling & faultfinding & complaining( against God) & questioning & doubting (among yourselves) Philippians 2:14

If you’ve been frustrated lately, if you catch yourself complaining about things that don’t really matter, you’re not living the quality of life Jesus created for you.

!!!Your Joy is too precious to give away!!!!

In a world filled with things you can’t control-this is one thing you can control. You can choose Joy.

Don’t let the joy-stealing busyness of life rob you of your God-given source of strength anymore.
 Joyce Meyer Ministries

Remember: The Joy of the Lord is your strength"

There's Power in your Praise to God!

With purpose we pray with a heart of love and thanksgiving. Praise is the heart rooted in thanksgiving.
Pushes back the enemy.
Releases God's power.
Accesses the presence of God.
Increases your capacity to receive.
Sustains you in tough times.
Establishes and encourages your heart.

God's Love Warns

Think of God's discipline as traffic signs along the road of your life. Some quietly caution. Some sternly direct. Some nearly shout alarm.
(Quote from Secrets of the Vine Devotional.)http://www.brucewilkinson.com/

It sure is nice to know you have personal armor in THIS world, so put it on!

Years ago I heard teaching on  Ephesians 6 the full armor  of God, so having "zero" understanding but desiring to obey the Word, I began putting it on every day. I would like to say that as I continued, understanding & revelation came  right away & "wow". Quite the opposite, after awhile it felt empty, & powerless, like a Routine, like it wasn't doing anything! So obeying my feeling instead of the Word of God, I let it go. Finally I picked back up the armor of God & it was the same until as I continued I began to understand that Revelation would come, if I would just continue obeying His Word. Trying to make it easier to memorize, I thought "wouldn't it be easier to put the armor on starting at the head & going thru each body part of the armor or starting from the bottom working my way up??"  But realizing that things are placed in a certain order in the Bible for a reason, whether or not I understand that reason, I gave that up & went back to the Bible order. So I'm sharing some of the ways I was taught by Holy Spirit to put on the full armor of God & to make it personal. Holy Spirit brought to my attention that there are 6 pieces of armor & if I number them & remember them that way, if I get to the end & there isn't 6 -oops I missed one, that's for the memorizing part. In the very beginning I read it straight out of the Bible.
#1-"I gird up my loins with the belt of truth so that I can walk in The Truth today."
#2-" I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness that Jesus bought & paid for me so that I can walk in His Righteousness today."
#3-  " I put on the shoes of peace so that I can walk in the gospel of peace today."
#4- " I  lift up the shield of faith, which will quench every flaming missile  & fiery dart of the enemy; so that I can walk in faith today."
#5- " I put on the helmet of salvation, which will deliver my soul today. My soul being my mind,my will, my emotions & my intellect."
#6- I pick up the sword of the spirit which is the word of God; its in my hand & its in my mouth, today."
That's the basics- it will grow as you continue. Putting the word "Today" in there is important; it will make you realize-this armor is good for today & each day I need to put on the Full Armor of God.
After all, you get dressed in clothes every day before you leave the house, don't you? Don't go out of the house "naked" spiritually- it's wicked out there!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jolt by Phil Cooke---Worth the Read!

“Jolt” by Phil Cooke is a book about exposing “lies” that we tell ourselves. These lies keep us from moving forward. He shows examples from his life and others of the excuses we need to see and tear down. This has to be done before we can make changes in our lives, our families, business or any work we are in. There are also examples of how fast our world is changing and why old thinking is not working.

At first I had mixed feelings when I was reading “Jolt”. Often I would close the book at the end of the day thinking, I knew that and that’s nothing new to me. But as I continued to read, I’d find a nugget. Then I’d find another one. Nugget of thought provoking ideas. The more I read, the faster the nuggets of wisdom came to me. It’s well worth the read and actually following what he is sharing. It’s now in my small group of permanent books that I read. The ones that I just have to go back and re-read again and again. I recommend this book to everyone as it is an easy and enjoyable read with practical and helpful tips for keeping up with the change in this world without losing any creativity.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeding Mercy!

This title comes from thoughts about the fish swimming around
the barrel at the top of this blog. So many black fish & just one
red one. But the red one is the only one that's been named. Mercy.
 It's fun to be able to take your arrow & click on a
spot to feed the fish.  You'll notice if you do this for any amount
of time that usually the black fish get most of the food.
It then became a game for me to "Feed Mercy.
 I then began to realize, "wow, this is something that we need to do in Real Life".
 Think about it- it takes extra time, effort & thought.
 But how often do we give mercy to others?
(We sure know we need it, though)
Feed Mercy!
Just thinking outloud!

A New way of Thinking

Focus 90% of your time on solutions
and only 10% of your time on problems.
Anthony J. D'Angelo

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Its Mother's Day, again. So here's a few thoughts:

God Bless those who serve in this calling. You can argue all you want; its a calling. If you are following after Jesus & leaning on Him-there is an anointing available for this Holy work. If your not calling out to Him for help ( I think thats a daily thing), not only are you tired, worn out, overwhelmed, depressed but ignorant!  As usual God being a good God- He said He'd give wisdom to the simple. Come on, we all have areas that we need help- we're ignorant.  Man I wish I'd known this stuff when my kids were growing up.

God Bless fathers who have to be serving as both mother & father. (wow that must be tough)
God Bless mothers who serve both as mother & father. (again, challenging)
God Bless grandmothers who have stepped up & picked up the mother role- again.
God Bless those women who are mentoring (in other words just flat out loving) younger women as spiritual mothers.
God Bless mothers who have had to give their children up.
God Bless the mothers who were given the gift of ( adopted) children
I may have left something out- but what a great start; to look at some of the styles of Mother. .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dancing with my eyes towards Heaven

If you've never danced in the midst of The Storm;
you've never danced!

2 Thoughts to start a new month on!

You can choose to go back to safety, or forward toward growth.  John Paul Jackson
There is no peace where there is no trust.   Bill Johnson