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There is a time to contend for our inheritance, & a time to simply rest & receive. 

We learn the difference through intimacy - asking Father 

which position we need to take.


One of my favorite scriptures for many years now.




spiritual gift of discernment?:

Do you have the spiritual gift of discernment?:

The highest use of the gift of discernment is to see what the Spirit of God is doing.

A fallacy about the gift of discernment (and the watchman ministry) is 

that it exists solely to identify demonic attack.

Someone with a gift of discernment of spirits has the ability to perceive:

- What the Spirit of God is doing, i.e. where His anointing is

- Angelic activity

- Demonic activity,

to describe it by name and nature for the purpose of waging spiritual warfare

- What is sourced in human desire or nature 

(not necessarily negative unless it is presented as being of the Holy Spirit but isn’t)

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Wishing all my Jewish friends and family a blessed new year --

 and a time of great spiritual awakening!   ASKDRBROWN/ FACEBOOK

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Angels: Who's Your Daddy? by Charity Kayembe

Angels: Who's Your Daddy? by Charity Kayembe

My daughter Charity has a very interesting post today. I don't think it's a topic many of us have ever spent a lot of time thinking about, but I believe you'll find that what she shares makes sense, and most importantly, is scripturally sound.
Enjoy this unique perspective and new way of looking at the Kingdom! And then ask the Lord for more of His understanding of family, too.
Be blessed!   Submitted by Mark Virkler on September 24, 2014 - 15:34

Angelic Eavesdropping

One day Pojes shared: “Jesus and Father love you so much! They talk about you all the time.”
Another day Shobis encouraged me: “Don’t worry, Milady, Father’s got a plan. He always has a plan!”
Still another day they tell me: “We love being about Father’s business together with you.”
Finally, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I said, “Guys, I’m really not trying to be totally rude and prideful and mean here, but… God is MY Dad. I mean, where do you get off calling Him ‘Father’ all the time? No offense, but I thought He was my Father, not yours...”
(Note: One of the things I love best about angels is their complete unoffendability. Well, okay. Sin offends them. But just like this - honest questions from a seeking heart? They’re always fine with, and eternally patient.)

Father of All

Pojes: “Uh…yeah. Actually, He’s totally our Father, too. Just cause we work for Him doesn’t mean God the Father doesn’t treat us awesomely, with love and respect and even yeah, like a Dad. You can be a boss and a dad at the same time. (You more than anyone know that!)
“I mean, yes. He’s the Commander of our Angelic Hosts, but at the same time, He loves and cares about us. He IS love, remember? So there is no separation between who He cares a lot about and a little about. He just cares! He just loves!
“…That’s actually why we never felt the need to rebel and leave here. What’s not to love about such an amazing arrangement, right? It’s like heaven… haha, oh wait, it IS heaven…”

Word of God Speak

Oh brother! :) Well, great. I still wasn’t totally sure about all this, but wouldn’t you know, not long after that little exchange, Holy Spirit highlighted Job 38:4-7 for me.
It’s talking about creation and who was around when God made everything. Obviously we weren’t there (nor was Job, which was God’s point), but then it says who was there – and that these “sons of God shouted for joy.”
In fact, throughout Job, that’s how angels are consistently identified. This was especially amazing to me considering how many times I’ve read that book, but it never really clicked what the verses were actually saying. I guess sometimes we don’t recognize an answer until we’ve come to a place of asking the question.


I mean, who created me? My dad and mom. Who created you? Your dad and mom. Whoever creates you, that’s who your father is, right? So in that sense for sure, God is easily seen as the Father of angels, since He created them. He’s their Creator-Father.
In Angels: Elect & Evil, C. Fred Dickason writes, “Each angel is a direct creation from God, for they do not procreate as do humans (Matt. 22:28-30). Perhaps this is why they are sometimes called ‘the sons of God’ (Job 1:6, 2:1). The word ‘sons’ seems to indicate a direct creation of God, as Adam is the ‘son of God’ (Lk. 3:38), and believers are recreated in Christ individually as ‘sons of God’ (Gal. 3:26).”
See, and that's the other thing right there. I mean yeah, God created me and knit me together in my mother's womb, that's true and I get that.
But another thing that's also true is that God created Adam and Eve. And then they had kids, who had kids, who eventually had my parents, who had me. So I'm a bit removed from that initial Adam and Eve creation by God thing.
Angels aren't though. Every angel is like an Adam and Eve creation, in that every single individual angel is a direct personal hands-on creation of God. He put His thought and time and creative energy and love into each and every one of them.
That's a lot of caring for a lot of angels. How could I not care about them then too?

Cinderella’s Family

So obviously we’re not saying angels are sons of God the way Jesus is THE Son of God, and Jesus is God Himself. And we’re not even saying that angels are children of God like we are. As Christians we now have the DNA of God(1 Pet. 1:23). We’ve got the supernatural genes of the Almighty flowing through us (2 Pet. 1:4).
All I’m saying is – God’s into relationship and family and fellowship. You can’t overdo love and honor in His kingdom, so why not live as one big happy family, however “blended” that may end up looking?
Let me not be the evil stepsister. Let me put on some humility. Let me express some honor. Let me bear Father’s image that I’ve been created in, and live into our family’s resemblance through love.

So Whose Daddy Is He?

More than just mine and yours. God’s a big God. Creator of everything and Father of all (Eph. 4:6).
Interestingly enough, before I’d learned all this, my niece Bekah and I were discussing our angelic guardians. As soon as I had mentioned my angels’ names, she immediately and excitedly assumed they were siblings. Well, that thought had never crossed my mind!
Now, Bekah’s a spiritual dynamo, but, she’s also seven. Of course I didn’t want to look down on her youth, but at the same time back then I just really didn’t know what to do with her intuitive understanding and revelation about our heavenly friends.
But now that I see what the Bible says, I think she’s actually on to something.
Not to mention that, anthropologically speaking, “a sibling is a co-member of a unilateral descent group sharing kinship through a common ancestor.”
So no wonder I always got a sibling vibe from them. My Father’s sons are angels, and we all share the same Dad.

A Stretched Out Heart

Me: “God, that’s kind of a stretch to wrap my head around, almost bigger than my understanding can comprehend.”
God: “Yeah, I get that. Good thing I’m not One to limit Myself by either of those things.
Stretching is what you’re asking for when you pray for largeness of heart. Wisdom like Solomon’s requires some stretching out, broadening your heart so it’s big enough and wide enough to encompass new understandings and definitions. New ways of looking and seeing things.
“So, welcome to the family, Kiddo! Welcome to the family of GOD.”

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 In about six weeks it's October 31st -Halloween. It's time when most Christians either hide in their basements with the lights out, or have a Christian alternative at their churches. Why not be light in the darkness and confront it with TRUTH. Have a SHATTER THE DARKNESS PARTY at your house and cover your yard with awesome posters and signs that speak light into the darkness! Hand out tracts and the biggest candy bars on the street because LIGHT IS BETTER THAN DARKNESS!
I've got a packet of 15 printable posters, a PDF copy of my Monsters in my Closet book, and an MP3 of my little sermon for kids The Gospel Pumpkin. We need to SHATTER THE DARKNESS in every city in America!
Here's the resources:


A little something to keep in mind from The Way Of The Warrior series...

"The Lord will not only deliver you

 from what the enemy has done in your life, 

but He then gives you an anointing

 in the very same area

where you used to be a victim 

and He turns that in to a ministry 

and that is your vengeance on the enemy. 

Your vengeance is to set people free 

from the very thing that he once victimized you with.

 There is no favor without vengeance. 

You are supposed to be getting payback. 

We need to make the enemy pay

 for everything he’s ever done!"


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Eliza Cantrell is a mail-order bride who is robbed on her way to meet her intended.  Axel isn't waiting for her when she does make it to town; after all she's a week early.  Axel isn't there but his friend/co-business owner of a store is there.  His dream is not to be a shopkeeper but to be a doctor. Eliza's dream is to run her own store or at least co-own with her future husband.  So many dreams and so much going on that hasn't been revealed yet.  Is Axle the man for Eliza and will any of their dreams come true?
I found the people in this book to be interesting, although the story itself seemed to move slow at times.  It would go slow for quite awhile and then all of a sudden something dramatic would jump out at you.  This is what kept me going.  The storyline itself was something different, with a few twists and turns.  I couldn't help it, I really liked both  Eliza and Will.

I received a FREE copy of this Book from Bethany House Publishers as part of their book review program, and I am under no obligation to write a positive review.


A father had this tombstone designed 
and made for his wheelchair-bound son depicting him
"free of his earthly burdens."    96.7 CHYM FM/FACEBOOK

Doug Addison: 'Prepare For Sudden Impact'

Doug Addison: 'Prepare For Sudden Impact'


"We must move from petition to a joyful proclamation.

 Thank you, Lord that I’m going to be warrior.

 Thank you that that means all my years 

of being a wimp are at an end.

 Thank you that you’re going to help me 

think like a warrior, 

stand like a warrior,

 look at things like a warrior, 

talk like a warrior,

walk like one, fight like one. 

Thank you that all the attributes of a warrior

 are now being birthed in me and I get to stand up 

and press that through in my relationship with Jesus. 

I joyfully partner with you

 and I confess your purpose 

and your provision in my life in Jesus’ name."

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Natalie Grant - Make a Way

This song really hit me today; really tore me up.  I own this CD and just listened to it.

Such a beautiful song about doin' it our way until we finally surrender and trust Him enough to let Him Make a (the) Way.     Freedom does comes from it though. 
For myself as I listened to this- I "saw myself stretch out my left arm high in the air, and opened my fist and just let go of a a painful situation; totally released it and saw it go.   I thought I already had let it go and I guess I did...this was just the last of it.  

Overrated/ Book about being The WorldChanger

Many people today talk about justice, but are they living justly? They want to change the world, but are they being changed themselves?

Eugene Cho has a confession: "I like to talk about changing the world but I don't really like to do what it takes." If this is true of the man who founded the One Day's Wages global antipoverty movement, then what must it take to act on one's ideals? Cho does not doubt the sincerity of those who want to change the world. But he fears that today's wealth of resources and opportunities could be creating "the most overrated generation in history. We have access to so much but end up doing so little."

He came to see that he, too, was overrated. As Christians, Cho writes, "our calling is not simply to change the world but to be changed ourselves." In Overrated, Cho shows that it is possible to move from talk to action.

Eugene Cho is the founder of One Day's Wages, a movement working to alleviate extreme global poverty. He is the founder and senior pastor of Quest Church, an urban, multicultural and multigenerational church in Seattle, Washington, where he lives with his family. Cho has been covered in various media including NPR, New York Times, and Seattle Times.

It can be found  on Amazon.

Pineapple Scarf Crochet Pattern |

Pineapple Scarf Crochet Pattern |

Pineapple Crochet Scarf Close up


3 Reasons You Might Be in the Wilderness Right Now - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

3 Reasons You Might Be in the Wilderness Right Now - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

Overcoming the Spirit of Overwhelm - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

Overcoming the Spirit of Overwhelm - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

Prophetic Words For the Discouraged and Downtrodden - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

Prophetic Words For the Discouraged and Downtrodden - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

When the Enemy Lulls You to Sleep - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

When the Enemy Lulls You to Sleep - Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

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Liz Longley - Unraveling

Heartbreaking not only in the sound of it but the truth of it.


There is a ‘kind of greatness’ that can only be seen upon us when we have lingered in God’s Presence.

Prophetic Insight: The Faces Of Lions

Posted by Helen Calder under Prophetic TeachingProphetic Word   ENLIVEN BLOG    

The Lion of Judah      The Lion of Judah  

‘I saw you passing through a zone of the Presence of God, like a baptism into the cloud, and emerging out the other side with the faces of lions.’

I am usually released from a prophetic word once it has been shared, but this one—shared with a church leadership team recently—has stuck with me.

The Breath of the Lion makes the Difference     

In C.S. Lewis’ great Christian parables, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ the lion Aslan, who is representative of Jesus, breathes upon the children and his own attributes of courage and majesty are imparted into them.

‘Between [the giant and the centaur] was a figure they could not recognise. Nor indeed would the other boys at Edmund’s school have recognised him if they could have seen him at that moment. For Aslan had breathed on him at their meeting and a kind of greatness hung about him.’ [1]

At other times the children—Lucy especially—bury their heads into the lion Aslan’s mane and receive an impartation.
One speaks of receiving the infilling of the Spirit, the other of being in God’s intimate Presence.
There is a ‘kind of greatness’ that can only be seen upon us when we have lingered in God’s Presence.

Greatness—from Being with Jesus

In the world, greatness comes from many things, including upbringing, achievements, natural ability, looks or position.
In God’s Kingdom, however, greatness is not sourced in any of these things.
  • It is not derived from knowledge, learning, achievements or skills—although we invest in these to honour our Father and the gifts He has entrusted us with.
It comes from making intimacy with God our primary pursuit.

‘When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.’ (Acts 4:13)

The world will recognise that ‘kind of greatness’ that comes from being with Jesus. For there will be no earthly explanation for what people see.
It will sometimes be seen in our boldness, sometimes in authority, and always in humility and love—sometimes, it will appear as an indefinable glory. (2 Cor 3:7-8)

Encountering the Lion of Judah

Revelation introduces Jesus as both the lamb and the lion. (Rev 5:5-6) We need to be intimately acquainted with Jesus both as our Saviour and as King.
That He is the ‘Lion of Judah,’ refers to Jesus emerging from the tribe of Judah, the lineage of Kings. He is King of Kings.
We belong to His tribe—members of His royal family.

The Transformation that Comes from Being in His Presence

‘And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.’ (2 Corinthians 3:18)

  • When we commune with and worship Jesus as King, when we spend time in His intimate Presence, catching a revelation of His authority, His rulership, and His greatness
  • When we allow Him to breathe on us in that place
  • When in His Presence, not just focussing on our own situations, but taking time to look into who He is… Now. Embracing His Kingship, looking upon His glory, and responding in worship to Him.
There, in the mirror of His glory, we gain a fresh perspective also on who we are, and the authority we carry. ‘As He is, so are we in this world.’ (1 John 4:17, NKJV)

The Faces of Lions

I began this post by recalling a prophetic picture. The ‘faces of lions’ has a Scriptural reference.
In 1 Chronicles 12, we learn of some who joined David on his journey to the throne:
‘ Some Gadites defected to David at his stronghold in the wilderness. They were brave warriors, ready for battle and able to handle the shield and spear. Their faces were the faces of lions, and they were as swift as gazelles in the mountains… These Gadites were army commanders; the least was a match for a hundred, and the greatest for a thousand. It was they who crossed the Jordan in the first month when it was overflowing all its banks, and they put to flight everyone living in the valleys, to the east and to the west.’ (1 Chronicles 12:8, 14-15)
This is the mark of those who had the ‘faces of lions:’
  • They volunteered their services.
  • They were mighty leaders.
  • They achieved the impossible.
  • They overcame the enemy and they took the land.
But first, they came to the one God had anointed as King.
If we are going to be a people about which hangs ‘a kind of greatness,’ then we must first come to the King.
And linger.
Then, as we walk with Him, perhaps unbeknownst to us, but certainly witnessed by others, we will receive His mantle, and a certain ‘kind of greatness’ will hang about us with ease.

[1] This quote is from Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis, chapter 13
[2] Thanks to Pete Claproth for the use of the above lion image. See for more information about Pete’s work. This image is also used on our Prophetic Life Twitter account, which is dedicated to prophetic training.

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Photo: Your Father is at work and nothing can stop Him. You are caught up in a move of God that shifts your circumstances, removes obstacles and commands progress.

Your Father is at work and nothing can stop Him. 

You are caught up in a move of God

 that shifts your circumstances,

 removes obstacles and 

commands progress.

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When You See the Invisible by Oral Roberts

Breast Cancer Faith in God

Visualizing Green Pastures Helps Cancer Survivor | Jesus Daily

Visualizing Green Pastures Helps Cancer Survivor | Jesus Daily

Fairy Garden Beanie |

Fairy Garden Beanie |

Take a magical journey through the woods with this Fairy Garden Beanie. Great for cool weather months, this beanie can be made in any color you'd like. Comfortable and warm, the Fairy Garden Crocheted Hat beanie is a pattern you're sure to love! In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you end up making one of these hats in all your favorite colors! Great for beginners and advanced crochet fans, this hat makes for a quick and easy project and is a great last-minute gift idea for an upcoming birthday or holiday.
Fairy Garden Beanie
Fairy Garden Beanie
This image courtesy of
Primary Technique: Crochet
Yarn Weight: (6) Super Bulky/Super Chunky (4-11 stitches for 4 inches)

  • 12.00mm Crochet Hook
  • 175g Super Bulky Yarn {14ply} - I used Lincraft Luxe
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry/Wool Needle

This beanie fits all sizes - Hat height 11 inches.
{Easily adjustable, as explained in pattern}
  1. Taking your 12.00mm crochet hook and super bulky yarn, start of by making a Slip Knot, then crochet 23 Chains.
  2. Row 1 Chain 2. Crochet 1 Half Double Crochet into the fourth chain from your hook. Then crochet 1 Half Double Crochet into the next 17 chains. Crochet 1 Single Crochet into the next 5 stitches. You should have 23 stitches now.
  3. Row 2 Crochet 1 Slip Stitch into every stitch across.
  4. Row 3 Chain 2. Crochet 1 Half Double Crochet into the back loop of the next 17 stitches. Crochet 1 Single Crochet into back loop of the next 5 stitches.

    Fairy Garden Beanie
  5. Row 4 Crochet 1 Slip Stitch into every stitch across.
  6. Row 5 - 33 Repeat rows 3 - 4. {Note: You can either add or take away a couple sets of rows 3 - 4, depending on your head's circumference.}
  7. Fasten off, and weave in loose ends.
  8. Now taking the yarn and tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the ends of the rows along the edge. {Note: Be sure to thread the yarn through the ends consisting of single crochets, not the ends with half double crochets.}
  9. Once you've threaded your needle along one side, pull the yarn tightly to gather all the edges together until the hole at the top is closed.

    Fairy Garden Beanie
  10. Now, sew the two short sides of the hat together to complete your beanie.
  11. Fasten off, and weave in loose ends.




Shake the dust off your feet.

 Clear your eyes.

 Strengthen your resolve and move forward. 

God has something better for you 

than what He's asking you to leave behind. 

But you can't get there until you stop looking back.

Cheetah Cub and Lab Puppy Are Best Friends

Cheetah Cub and Lab Puppy Are Best Friends

IKEA Adoptable Homeless Pets

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Photo credit: Astrid Kreidl

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