Friday, January 6, 2017


Rachel Laine (The Women of Merryton Book 3) by [Peel, Jennifer] 
Rachel Whitney’s life changed forever when Drew, the son of her twin sister, Sydney, was placed in her arms—and there he stayed. At twenty-two, she had no idea what she was doing, but in that moment, she knew that raising Drew was what she was meant to do with her life.
Fiercely independent, Rachel makes her own way managing her family's insurance agency. Decidedly against introducing any men into her life, or Drew’s, she protects her heart against all romantic entanglements. But what she didn’t count on was a letter from her sister that leads a famous secret to her door eight years after her sister’s death. A secret with the same eyes as her son’s.
Desperate not to get the courts involved, Rachel allows Drew’s previously unknown father, Andrew Turner, into their lives, and to her surprise, little by little into her heart. But for Rachel, taking that step could open her family to a firestorm of media attention that not even Merryton can protect them from. Is love worth the risk? Or will Andrew's fame and ambition ruin their chances?   3 STARS

I really wanted to like this book more but I just couldn't.  Although the family atmosphere of the town was a good one and it was a clean story; it just wasn't my cup of tea.  Yes, Rachel was a good person with challenges she was trying to meet and Andrew could be funny at times.  Although he could also be pushy too.  Like Rachel said, he blew in and turned her life upside down and Drew's too.  There were also sweet people in the town too and at one point they all surrounded Rachel and Drew and protected them.    I guess for me the problem was the really, really slow pace of the story, and it just seemed like nothing much really happened.  And when it did it was at the speed of molasses.  There was also a lot of things that just kept being rehashed over and over. 

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