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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The Baddest Virgin In Texas (The Texas Brands Book 2) by [Shayne, Maggie] 
Jessi Brand always gets what she wants. And what she wants is part time ranch hand, part time deputy, and full time hunk, Lash Monroe. Unfortunately, her five big (really big) brothers have other ideas. And so does Lash, who had his fill of large families and overbearing “brothers” during his childhood in foster care. He’s a loner and a drifter and he intends to stay that way.

Can the youngest Brand on the ranch handle six uncooperative males and land the man of her dreams? Maybe, but when trouble finds Lash and he heads off to face it alone, everything else takes a back seat, because the Brand family sticks together, and like it or not, Lash has become a part of that family. And when the cavalry shows up, it’s Jessi leading the charge. AMAZON 3 STARS

I was hoping for more with this story, and it ended up just being okay for me. I'm not sure why exactly, but this book just never clicked for me.  Sure Jessi was an interesting enough character. She even said she was the toughest one of the bunch not the little princess that her brothers tried to treat her like. And a few times she even proved it.   I think after awhile the over-protectiveness of her brothers started to even wear on me.  Lash had his share of troubles and was running scared as he began to really "see" Jessi.  And Jessi had already decided he was her man and she was running too, only she was running after her man.    He never stood a chance when she set her sights on him.  But there was a surprise in store for the both of them, that neither saw coming.  That was an interesting twist but only makes things harder when her interfering brothers find out.  

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