Thursday, January 26, 2017


King Takes Queen: a Time Travel Romance (Avalon Prophecy Book 1) by [Corwin, Monica]
Legend states when the King Arthur is needed most he will return. What if the legends are wrong?

Maggie Sanders gave six years and two feet of her now scarred and twisted body to the United States Army. She received a thank you note and a discharge in return. Effectively booted to the curb Maggie tries to pick up the pieces of her life until her revival is interrupted by one smoking hot immortal.

Arthur Pendragon, legendary King and military leader, has been trapped on the mythical island of Avalon for 1500 years. When he is thrust from captivity to the modern world he has to fight to stay there. Too bad for him, she has more fight than he anticipates. With the help of Maggie and a teenage Merlin, Arthur sets out to end his torture and free the rest of his comrades from imprisonment.  AMAZON 4 STARS

Exceeded my expectations.  I really like the "book come alive" story ideas.  I thought this one was pretty well done, it just flew by and I enjoyed it.  Maggie was one tough gal, and well skilled from her time in the Army.  She IS still healing and working to overcome her nightmarish memories from the experiences of battle that brought her former career to an end.  I did like what Lancelot said about her, her being a soldier.  He told her that she wasn't a former soldier but once a soldier, always a soldier (or warrior).  And she did prove a few times that she still had the instincts and moves of a warrior.  Even Arthur knew he needed to make his way around her, carefully.  OK, Arthur's appearance into her life is dramatic and NAKED.   That was a surprise for more than just me.   He was suave and kind in his own way and he seemed to understand how to relate to Maggie fairly quickly.  But he did tread carefully at first and at a few other times too.  There was a tenderness there. 

This is not a clean read because there will be a sex scene or two.  This is not a really deep story but it was creative, interesting and at times fun.  Some of the conversations between Arthur and Maggie made me smile.   And Merlin?  He was a surprise; you'll have to read it to find out why.
There is a H.E.A. but how it came about was kind of a simple fix, not sure it was quite the ending I thought it would be.  But I still enjoyed the book anyway.  It was just a quick, fun read. 

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