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Monday, January 2, 2017


The Christmas Reunion: Billionaire Second Chance Holiday Romance (Second Chance Christmas Romances Book 2) by [Carver, Misha]
I still love you… That’s what I’m still so angry with you after all these years…

Bad boy billionaire supermarket tycoon Grayson Lawrence keeps himself so wrapped up in business that life keeps passing him by. For the first time in years, he’s returning home to Cherry Valley to enjoy Christmas with his family while he conducts some business on the side. The one person he hopes he won’t run into… the one person he can’t face is his old high school sweetheart. 
Famous movie star, Sydney Silverlake talks her way out of rehab early to return to the set of a major production. When the going gets tough, Sydney decides a good old fashioned holiday season with her family might be exactly what she needs. Returning home to Cherry Valley she looks forward to a much needed vacation from the limelight. As long as she doesn’t run into the man she despises most, she’s convinced she’ll be just fine. 
Will Grayson and Sydney spend the holidays together or will they each find happiness in the arms of another? Personalities clash, stocks plummet, and Christmas parties rock in this heart warming second chance holiday romance novella.   AMAZON  3 STARS
Note: All stories in this series are standalone and have the guaranteed HEA you’re craving!

 Grayson is a workaholic and Sydney has become a "'holic". Yes, I know that's not really a word. But, drinking and drugs have become her way of coping.  And now she has hit her lowest, its come back to bite her in the butt. 
I didn't like either one of the mothers in this story.  They also had some characteristics in common.  But Sydney's mother was the worst, she was something else.  It made me wonder why Sydney hadn't hit the bottle BEFORE she left Cherry Valley.  And yes, I know some people are like that. She did love Sydney but she was smothering and kind of controlling.   One redeeming thing in her family is her father.  I really liked him.  
In the end, I have to say that this book just isn't my cup of tea.  I never really connected with it or Grayson and Sydney. At times it felt like they were still in High School.  
There is a HEA for them though, after they stopped running.

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