Monday, July 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- Drop Dead Gorgeous

BOOK REVIEW- Drop Dead Gorgeous (Dangerous Male (The Donatelli Brothers) Book 1)
Drop-dead gorgeous or drop-dead guilty?  When show girl Sasha Brozynski arrived at the chapel for her best friend's wedding, the bride had disappeared without a trace and the identity of the groom was unknown. Nick Donatelli, son of a crime boss, had a reputation as a ladykiller. As a matter of fact, two of his ex-girlfriends had been murdered. Furthermore, he'd been involved with the missing bride. 
Sasha would do anything to find her friend... even seduce a dangerous male.  AMAZON

I liked the story.  Sasha has just gone through some serious, scary things lately and her close friend JoJo helped her recover.  Now that same friend is missing but no one seems to be taking Sasha's concerns about her seriously.   So even though she's scared she starts investigating on her own.  The first thing she does is try to get a job at the same nightclub that JoJo had worked at.    From there she figured it would be easier to ask questions and scope out the area.  Unfortunately, it also places her so much closer to Nick Donatelli, the owner.  He's hot, gorgeous and has his eye on her.  He knows she's up to something because of course in his experience all women are.  Yes, he knows she's looking for her friend  but what else is she up to?  That's what he is wondering but he's willing to play along for awhile because he likes what he sees.  Sasha is so confused, there are so many conflicting ideas about Nick and his family.  She's afraid to get any closer because of that and the fact that she is attracted strongly to Nick as well.  I liked Sasha, she just never gave up when it came to looking for the truth.  This story had some really good mysteries and red herrings when t came to "who is good and who isnt".   There were plenty of people with their own motives, that really kept me going as to what happened to JoJo and whodunit.  

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