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BOOK REVIEW- LOVE UNBROKEN-Diamond Creek offers Emma Davis the chance to get to know her newfound sister and a fresh start after she escaped a disastrous marriage. Trey Holden blows her away with just a smile. Not to mention that he’s so sexy her defenses melt in his presence, and an amazing single father, wilderness pilot, and lawyer all in one. Falling for a beautiful woman is definitely not on Trey’s radar. Until he meets Emma. Though Emma can’t deny the intense attraction between them, the emotional scars from her past have convinced her she can’t take a chance on love.  The fire between Trey and Emma burns too hot to be ignored. But the ghosts of Emma’s past may have followed her to Diamond Creek. Trey is everything she thought she could never have, so she finds herself pushing him away just when she needs him the most. Can Emma let down her guard long enough to open her heart? Can Trey convince her that what they have is worth it? 
*All novels in this series are full-length standalone novels with an HEA.  AMAZON

This story starts out at a slower pace.  Alaska was almost as much of the story as was Emma, Trey and their challenges.    Alaska and its beauties were well described by the author.  Stuart  Holden was the charming six year old son of Trey, who pulled for Emma almost from the start.  Stuart had some interesting "hobbies" that he enjoyed.   He had the natural enthusiasm of a 6 year old when it came to what he liked to do.  It was nice though to see the closeness between father and son.  Diamond Creek ended up being a tight knit community.  They opened their arms wide open once they got to know you.  Emma was welcomed because of her sister Hannah, but she was slow to open up because of what she had been through.  She slowly begins to realize they WANT to have her back, that she's not being judged for past mistakes.   Yes, the attraction between Emma and Trey blows up pretty hot and they move really kind of fast in their relationship.  This is something both of them realize and even admit to each other.    Emma & Trey may have some reservations about starting something new, but they sure ended up in bed.  Repeatedly.  That part for me was a little bit too much, too often. Emma's ex, Greg, brings plenty of stomach clenching tension into the story.  You can almost feel some of the fear dread and torment Emma did.  

Imprecation.  Hmmm.  I'm not sure I've heard of that word before, especially in a story.  It did show up a few times, but fairly easy to understand the way it appeared in the sentence.
By the way I really liked the Dedication at the beginning of the book.  It made me smile.  
There is also a List of Resources for those trying to escape Domestic Abuse. 

There is an Excerpt from "Love Untamed" after the end of this book. 
Looks like this is Susie and Jared's story.  That ought to be quite the fiery story considering how strong a person Susie was in this book.  

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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