Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- A Cowboy Unmatched

Book Review- A Cowboy Unmatched-  Neill isn't sure who hired him to repair Clara's roof--he only knows Clara desperately needs his help. Can he convince this stubborn widow to let down her guard and take another chance on love?   AMAZON

I liked this story.  Clara had been given such a raw deal after her parents death.  She married the first man who asked her.  Too bad, he was bum when it came to how he treated her.  Oh, he came from a wealthy background.  He was the heir to his father's ranch but was only a sometimes husband to Clara.  He married her to spite his father, it added the sting to his father because Clara was part Comanche.  After his son's death, his father meant to get a hold of his unborn grandson.  He was so sure that it would be a grandson.  And he wasn't a man to play fair, he meant to buy or steal him after his birth.    Neill, was a man trying to be seen as a man of worth and earn money to buy his own place. He had older brothers, he was the youngest and was tired of living in their shadows.  He loved them by wanted to leave his own mark.  Clara and her struggle changed everything for him.
Yes,their romance was fast but I enjoyed it anyway.

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