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BOOK REVIEW- LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP-Dutiful daughter Faith Baxendale just wants to please. Faith isn’t as adventurous as her younger sister, Hope, gadding about the Continent with their aunt, nor as rebellious as her elder sister, Honor, who planned to become a card sharp. And Faith couldn’t lose herself in her art like sixteen-year-old, Charity. Even Mercy, at fourteen, shows more backbone!  After Faith’s first Season ends, her father urges her to marry the man of his choice. But when Lord Vaughn Winborne, a neighbor Faith had a crush on while still in the schoolroom, arrives home for the Brandreth’s hunt ball, surprising even to herself, Faith is drawn again towards a man her father would never consider.  The youngest Brandreth male, Vaughn, is the black sheep of the family. His elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, still looks upon him as a reckless youth, and Vaughn is determined to prove him wrong.  A chance comes in the form of a scandal not of Vaughn’s making, and he must learn to trust Faith, who, when all’s said and done, has always known her own mind.  AMAZON

I found this book to be a charming book with just a few surprises.  It was enjoyable although somewhat predictable.    Both main characters, had their POV's shared in a way that flowed smoothly.    Faith has seen herself as being in love with Vaughn for years.  Her love for him began as a young girl, when he helped her down from a tree.  Even though she hadn't seen him in awhile, the attraction is still there when she sees him again.  Her father's pressure to marry has brought many suitors to her door to ask for her hand.  She keeps saying "no" which causes more tension at home with her father.

Problem #1-Faith wants to marry for love, but isn't too sure how long she has before she might be forced to choose a man without being in love with him. 

 Problem #2-As time goes on, Vaughn is drawn more and more to Faith but knows there is no way her father would ever approve their match.   Vaughn's not even sure she loves him. 

 Problem #3- Vaughn's inheritance is being held up by his eldest brother.    

 Problem #4 A villain who has been lurking in the back ground is still stalking Faith. 

 There are other things going on with both of the families which add to the story.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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