Thursday, July 30, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- "Dreams Deferred

BOOK REVIEW- DREAMS DEFERRED-Ivy Brooks was always attracted to the bad boys until one day, she met the worst of them all and landed in prison as a result. Now, three years later, more mature and the mother of a beautiful little boy, she’s determined to make a better life for herself and her son. She’s also determined to make better choices when it comes to men and she’s not sure her former cellmate’s drop dead gorgeous brother Luke – a former bad boy who professes to have turned over a new leaf – is the right choice. 
Just when she believes she’s made a fresh start, her son’s father, Zeke, finds out about her secret baby and sues for full custody. She kept her mouth shut when the police found jewelry from the heist committed by Zeke in her apartment. But now, to save her son from a life of misery, Ivy has no choice but to testify against Zeke. Luke is determined to protect Ivy and her son at any cost. Will she stay alive long enough to testify? And can she trust Luke to stand by her side without being drawn back into a life of violence?   AMAZON

Good read about the results of  making bad decisions and then overcoming them.  I liked how Ivy worked so hard to turn her life around afterwards.  Her jailhouse buddy Karen, proved to be a loyal but slightly ditsy friend.   But Karen is also looking to put her life back together again.  Her brother, Luke, although he wasn't a felon had already turned his life around.  He still puts off that bad boy vibe that Ivy so likes.   You could feel the attraction between Ivy and Luke and how they danced around it.  Ivy, was unsure of her ability to pick a nice guy, and also she was super busy.  She had her son,her work, school  probation and now some legal problems.  There's also the tricky problem of keeping her son and staying alive.  Luke was doing his best to help her.  The friendship came first,which was nice to see.   Ivy had some good family support.  
I did question one thing about the story.  Because Ivy was on probation, was she really allowed to interact with Karen?  Karen was also a felon, I thought maybe that wouldn't be allowed.  You know, the thing about not associating with known felons. .....

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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