Saturday, July 18, 2015

Contagious Joy

Make the decision to take JOY!   Jesse Duplantis Ministries's
Contagious Joy
By Apostle Colette Toach
There are so many cares and responsibilities that will follow you all of your life. I cannot take them all away for you, but I can give you a powerful force that will help you achieve all your goals with power!
Never forget the power of my joy child! You have become so wrapped up in your cares and burdens, that you have forgotten to walk in the one thing that will make all of these cares an easy burden to carry. My burden is easy and my yoke is light. It was never my intention for you to feel weighed down with care or to struggle under an impossible load.
Rather I want you to walk in joy! It is this joy that will be a light in you that will shine for others. It is this joy that will draw so many to you. You have been looking for that missing "something" in your life and you thought that to gain it, that you must work harder.
This is not true my child. Instead I want you to walk in my joy! When you tap into it, the hard work becomes easy. The impossible person becomes a delight. Step into my joy now. Throw your hands into the air and give your cares up to me.
Tap into the joy that is already in your spirit and give me your praise. Praise me for your circumstances and your life. Laugh and smile. Rejoice and praise me for the blessings in your life. As you do this, my joy will begin to bubble out from inside of you and become an contagious force that will effect everyone round about you.
Take time today to laugh and to revel in my presence. Rest in my joy and then become a source of joy for others as well says the Lord.   LINK

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