Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WIMPY PRAYER- Just say No to


Jennifer Eivaz
When Peter went to prison, we see in the Biblical account that continuous prayer was made for him by the church (see Acts 12:5-10). Peter went to prison as a consequence of preaching the gospel. His evangelistic crusade was a direct spiritual assault on the kingdom of darkness.
What happened to Peter was a reflection of the battle happening in the spirit realm. We can absolutely assume that demonic spirits were involved, and in this case, moved upon Herod to imprison Peter. As a result of the continuous prayers of the believers for his release, an angel came and physically let Peter out of the prison. Peter was loosed by the prayers of his friends and was able to continue his ministry of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
What did this non-stop prayer meeting look like? How did they connect with God in such a way that Peter received deliverance? It wasn’t specifically recorded what they said or did, but we do see the tangible result. I know from experience that wimpy, stoic, disengaged prayer does not produce this kind of deliverance. Prophetic words of freedom were launched from those intercessors, an angel came in response, and Peter was set free.

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