Friday, July 31, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- HOME BY DARK-Rachel Weaver Mason is finally going home to Deer Run, the Amish community she left behind so many years ago. Recently widowed, she wants desperately to create a haven for herself and her young daughter.
But the community, including Rachel's family, is anything but welcoming. The only person happy to see her is her teenage brother, Benjamin, and he's protecting a dark secret that endangers them all.
Determined to keep Benjamin safe from a suspected killer, Rachel has no choice but to turn to the one man she wanted to get as far away from as possible. Colin McDonald was her late husband's friend, and the man who came between them. He's never forgotten her and would do anything to keep her and her family safe. Rachel doesn't know if she can trust Colin, or her growing feelings for him. But as they hunt for the killer, the tension between them builds and soon both their lives, and their hearts, are on the line.  AMAZON

I liked  this story, just had to get used to the fact that it is a slower paced one.  Slowly building some of the background stories of life when Rachel was still considered Amish.  It also went on to show some of  the struggles she was having on returning to the town.  I liked the main characters, Rachel, her daughter Mandy and Colin.   It seems Rachel and Colin have been laboring under more than one misunderstanding for years.  Rachel just wants to get her life together, get her bed and breakfast up an running without any complications, especially a complication named Colin.   Colin on the other hand, just wants to help Rachel and her daughter.  That definitely causes tension between the two of them.    Tension of course comes in when it comes to Rachel's Amish family.  Most of them who are not interacting with her.  Her 14 year old brother Benji was one of the exceptions and he was an interesting character. Good, secondary characters in the story as well.
There ended up being more than just one mystery that needed to be solved and there was a really great twist towards the end.

I like how at one point, Benji was describing directions to an old barn to Colin.  A place that he and some friends went to  What I liked was this, "He was trying to follow them in his mind's eye, trying to figure out exactly where they had been."    Don't we all do this?  Its just that I don't ever remember it being mentioned in a story before. It was kind of nice to see that detail included.

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