Saturday, August 1, 2015

Prophet Arise -ebook now


Prophets are unique. 
Prophets are different.
 Prophets are sensitive to the Spirit realm. 
Prophets are discerning. 
Prophets hate injustice and unrighteousness.
Prophets are driven to pray when things are out of order.
Prophets love the presence and glory of God. 
Prophets are willing to suffer and stand alone for righteousness sake. Prophets have revelation and insight. 
Prophets are encouragers and exhorters. 
Prophets hate stagnation, and love advancement and breakthrough. Prophets warn when danger is coming. 
Prophets help release people into their destinies. 
Prophets are focused on the plans and purposes of God….
Prophet Arise is available at…/prophet_arise.html #ProphetArise

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