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This a complete anthology of the first ten Armstrong Dent adventures. All of the individual books have been overall Kindle Short Read #1s. The book comes with a code to download a free five-song EP. 
Armstrong Dent is the leader of a unique team of special ops agents made up of famous celebrities, each with a highly specialized talent. The team’s white hat hacker is a multi-billionaire tech entrepreneur, the cryptologist is a best-selling author of conspiracy novels, and the team’s linguist is a Grammy Award-winning musician. In all, ten team members rotate in and out of the stories. The series is accompanied by the world’s first book series soundtrack with songs written and performed by the author. 

The Boxset Includes: 
Armstrong Dent and the Order of the Copper Scroll - Dent and his team must solve an intricate code hidden within the Dead Sea Scrolls to track down a deadly religious artifact. Failure could mean a massive loss of life and the destruction of the world’s religious foundations. 

Armstrong Dent and the Death of the Sun - Dent and his team must unravel a villainous plot to overthrow the United States government by a Mexican drug cartel kingpin who uses children as bait. 

Armstrong Dent and the Guerrilla Revolution - Dent and his team of celebrity secret agents must solve the mystery of a sunken pirate ship before a long-hidden World War II conspiracy is exposed that could ignite a new World War. A famous revolutionary is poised to spark a new worldwide revolution on the back of this history-changing cover-up. 

Armstrong Dent and the Curious Case of Benjamin's Buttons - The investigation into the mysterious death of the world’s greatest inventor has led to a new top-secret gadget that has the espionage world on edge.   AMAZON

An interesting book.  It had plenty of action, unusual adventures at times and really incredible weapons and gadgets.  Some of those "gadgets" were a surprise.   As was the neural network and various implants.
The loyalty and friendship between the team members was so good to read.  Even the one special non-human member of the team, Intruder.   Even this dog had enhancements, sometimes making it even easier for the dog to understand human interactions.
In the beginning chapter it took me awhile to adjust to the switching back to the events themselves and the special committee they were responding to.  That and getting to know the actual team that Dent lead.  While they were all pretty good, my favorite was probably "Armstrong Dent and the Crime of the Century."
It sure seemed like Backbone was the one that got shot the most on the team.  He wasn't the only one but still just a thought.  

My favorite phrase?  " He's a newbie as green as a crayon".  Now that one made me smile!  

I do have to add there was a time or two when I flinched when a physical torture was described  as well as some of a few other fight scenes.  It didn't last long for which I was glad but I did flinch.

Just as a sidenote, not a fan of the cover.  But then again, it does tend to get your attention.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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