Friday, August 14, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR- Shane Graham had always looked out for his neighbor, Dorie, but lately he'd had his own share of problems, including an arranged marriage. But then little Miss Dorie—shotgun in hand—kidnapped him from his own wedding ceremony and he found he could no longer ignore her change from scrappy girl to blossoming beauty….
The resourceful yet naive Dorie McCabe knew the struggling rancher would come to the same realization—they were meant for each other! But time was not on her side, so who could blame her for giving him a gentle nudge in the right direction?  AMAZON

This was a story that didn't really go quite the way I thought it was going to in the beginning. It was quite a wild scheme that Dorie had come up with.  Besides, she didn't want Shane to marry anyone but her. The story was okay and I did like Shane, Dorie and her brother.  The only thing is that at times it felt kind of silly.  Don't get me wrong, it had its times of angst and sadness.  After all Dorie and her brother have been all on their own, with Dorie having to everything she could to support and raise her brother.  It all fell on her although Shane had helped when he could, off and on through the last few years.  Like I said it was an okay book just not one of my favorites.  

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