Saturday, August 8, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- TRIED AND TRUE-Disguised as a man, Kylie Wilde is homesteading for profit so she can live comfortably back East. Will love or danger change her mind?    AMAZON

I enjoyed this story maybe not as much as I did "Now and Forever" but it was still from the same crazy, Wilde family.    Now and Forever focuses on Tucker and Shannon, while this story is about Kylie, her family and Aaron.    They had such a wild scheme to each claim land using their military exemption.  That exemption would shorten the amount of time (years) they had to remain to claim the land as their own.   Kylie had more or less been bullied into staking a claim.  Her father was the worst bully of them all.   The things Kylie did to win his love; useless attempts because he wasn't even a kind man.  Kylie was tired of living like a man, she was a woman and wanted to enjoy that femininity.    Not only was she tired but she was lonely and didn't like having to do all the heavy "man" work.   Aaron catches on pretty quickly  about her true gender and is torn between his duty and his desire to protect her.   The rest of Kylie's  two "brothers", were quite interesting, colorful women with some pretty good skills of their own.    There are some other colorful secondary characters in the book too.  I think Bailey's story would be pretty interesting too.

Just to let you know that at the end of this book, there is an excerpt of the "Now and Forever" book that I mentioned earlier.

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