Saturday, August 22, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- NEVER A BRIDE-Sheena loved Jared with all of her heart, but he jilted her the morning of their wedding – by text. Instead of being Mrs. Jared Langley, she’s still single and bitter about it. She’s trying to move forward, but it’s difficult when her best friend (who is marrying Jared’s brother) expects her to stay on in the role of maid of honor. As best man at his brother’s wedding, Jared realizes what a fool he’s been – but can he make Sheena see how sorry he is for hurting her?  Maybe it’s too late…  AMAZON

Talk about two people so crazy in love with each other that they hurt each other beyond belief when the high pressure of their wedding overtakes them. Misunderstandings, pain and Jared leaving her at the altar was the result. Oh, and bitterness on Sheena's part. She feels like the time for talk and explanations from Jared has come and gone. She doesn't want to hear it let alone even see him. I kind of felt that those around Sheena were a tad bit insensitive when it came to her feelings after her own aborted wedding three months prior. Yes, Jared was there for his brother, to be his best man but come on. It was a short but not always so sweet story.  A lot of emotions packed into a short amount of pages.   Jared and Sheena's relationship goes from her hating him to seeing if there is any way to work things out.  Was all that love really gone?

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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