Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Review- His Chance at Love

Book Review- His Chance at Love -Lucas, the devastatingly handsome and charming COO of his family’s empire, has always had a different woman on his arm. He enjoys life to the fullest, but he’s never fallen in love or even considered a long-term commitment. Having just watched his older brother fall in love, Lucas longs for that same connection. There’s one woman he wants, but he believes she deserves better. When he allows himself to take a chance on her, one day is all he has before receiving devastating news about his future. Scared to face the truth of his unfortunate fate, Lucas runs without so much as a goodbye. 
As he accepts his new reality, Lucas returns home to ask for another chance. Even though he falls hard, he’s plagued with guilt as he struggles with his decision to take someone with him down his path. But when tragedy strikes, Lucas quickly realizes that life is even more fragile than the Alzheimer’s that haunts his family. He’s terrified to face the unknown future alone, but will she stay by his side after everything she learns about his future?   AMAZON

Lucas was everything that the book blurb said and of course more.  He was so much loved by people and not only the women that he dated.  He had real charm, he cared about people  he was kind, and went out of his way not to deliberately hurt people.  Even the company driver, Mario called him, "sir even though Lucas was always encouraging him to call him Lucas.  Why?  Mario wanted to show respect to Lucas because Lucas had aways respected him.  Says a lot about the character that Lucas showed.  His family and close friends were also a good added addition.    Especially since I believe the story between Alex and Caitlyn was the first one that I had read (Her Chance at Love).  While I enjoyed the friendships especially the one between Lucas and Stacey,  I think that I liked the first book better.   This one was slower paced and seemed to bog down at times.   I saw the caring between the two of them but not sure that I really felt the spark between them. Yes, yes, there was some sexual tension  but I'm not sure what was missing.  Maybe it was also the subject matter of Alzheimer’s being more in the story too.   I would definitely read another book by this author but this one just didn't do it for me.   I would have to say it was just okay.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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