Wednesday, August 19, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- HIS BODYGUARD-The Lost Springs Ranch for troubled boys is at stake, and it's a man's duty to give back…
…So there's going to be an auction!  Bachelor #4
Name: Amos Pike, 34
Occupation: CEO of Pike's Pickled Peppers Toy Company
Biggest Achievement: Smiles on children's faces
Bodyguard Meg Loria had never before drawn such an assignment from her family's security firm: successfully bid on a gorgeous guy at a charity auction, hole up alone with him in a secluded cabin so she could protect him from his rivals without his knowledge, and then try—just try!—to keep her mind strictly on her work.  AMAZON

Different, but I liked it. I knew from reading the story information that is had an interesting setup.  Meg is competent, and skilled in her job performance but she also had her own insecurities when it came to being confident about her womanly skills.   Her fiancee had done his damage to her along those lines before he skipped out on her just before their wedding.   Things were going along pretty good and then they seemed to slow down a bit as they went to the cabin.  But that all changed when her unexpected backup showed up.  That's when action started to gear up again along with Meg's family interaction into the story as well.  All in all,an enjoyable story, 

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