Friday, August 7, 2015


BOOK REVIEW- THE WARRIOR-A former soldier in the Jewish army, NATHAN OF RUMAH, just wants a quiet life on his family’s olive farm. But his idyll ends abruptly when he rescues a wealthy and prominent Pharisee and his family from a brutal attack by rebels he calls friends. Nathan vows to right the wrong, never guessing it will lead to his hasty marriage to the Pharisee’s shy daughter, ALEXANDRA ONIAS. The tender passion he finds with his new wife only strengthens his need to seek justice for her and her family. 
A formidable warrior... Determined to end the bloody rebellion against Rome, Nathan picks up his sword again, seeking help from his friend Herod, the newly-minted governor of Galilee, and the man who will one day be called HEROD THE GREAT. Betrayed by friends and hunted by neighbors, Nathan and Alexandra fight side by side to protect their loved ones, their home, and their very lives. But the couple's blossoming love faces ruin when the rebels strike out and Nathan unleashes the full fury of... The Warrior.   AMAZON

What a rich, full story this was.  While I enjoyed it, there were times when it seemed to slow down quite a bit.    The courtship, and friendship between Nathan and Alexandra  was sweet but still had its challenges.  Alexandra was so glad to be out of her father's rigid, hate full household.   Nathan treated her in a way that made her feel precious like she  mattered.  Something she had never felt before.   
The way her father treated his children was horrible and at times hard to read. They were just tools to him, tools to use to further his power. He thought of his daughters as less than dirt, it seems.  Although Alexandra or Lex as Nathan called her, had much to learn she was wiling. She loved her new family and their joyful interaction.  So different than the cold, sterile life she had lived before. It was so The struggles that Nathan went through because of his warrior ways was also well done.  The friendship between Nathan and Herod was strong but also had so many difficulties.  There were battles in this story as well as scriptures and a rich culture of religion.   The false piety was kind of hard to take too but I believe the author stayed true to the times.  Even some of the religiosity we still deal with in our current times.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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