Tuesday, July 28, 2015


What if following your heart means failing your family?
Eila Sood leaves India for the U.S., hoping to unite her family and mend fences with her estranged older sister. She soon learns that her sister’s intercultural marriage, which outraged their parents, has hit rock bottom. To help pay the bills, Eila accepts an accounting job at a strip club, working for the fascinating yet infuriating Brett Wright.  As their friendship and mutual desire builds, Eila chooses keeping family peace over following her heart. After Brett misinterprets her fears and accuses Eila of prejudice, his ex-girlfriend steps in to offer solace.  Eila realizes that whichever choice she makes will rip her life apart. What will Eila choose? Love of her life or a life ruled by tradition?   AMAZON

I really liked this one.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the main character, Eila at all.  Sure she was cute in her awkward at times kind of way.  And at least one person in the book said she was a "trouble magnet" which she was.   Although not in an evil way.  No, it wasn't any of that but how cold and rude she was to her brother-in-law Steve.    I had to keep reminding myself (and the book helped me in this) that she blamed everything on Steve for her family's breakup.  To her, he was the enemy. I found that my feelings about her changed pretty quickly because I got to see the really good parts to her.  She was funny, quirky, mouthy, spunky in her own way and loving.
The clashes between Eila and Brett were fun and they really didn't cut each other much slack.  Eila often ended up embarrassed and Brett often had a "wicked glint" in his eyes around her.  It just made their "non" dating relationship very interesting. Oh, the attraction was there but so where the difficulties.   
Eila had an unusual sense of humor, that the reader gets to hear, even in her internal conversations.   That was something that I really enjoyed.  

I loved the humorous turn of words that the author used to describe some things.   I just have to give at least one example of it.  So here it is, " But not being a morning person, she displayed all the traits of an inebriated money dancing on a tin roof."  This and other similar comments made me smile.   Its so hard not to add another one because I had a second best liked phrase.  But the nice thing is that although they appear in the story, it didn't feel like it was overdone.  The additional cast of characters were enjoyable as well.  I did learn a thing or two when it came to some of India's  customs and some of the foods that were added in the story. 

The  meaning of the title became clear fairly soon and I think really fit the story.   

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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