Tuesday, December 8, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- McKinnon's Royal Mission (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin *


The secret princess's bodyguard As head of a visiting royal's protection detail, Trace McKinnon's focus should be strictly on the external threats against a woman's life. But what happens when he finds Dr. Mara Marianescu a princess incognito as a college professor much more intriguing? And that's only the start of his troubles. When actual danger arrives for this beautiful royal, Trace isn't sure if it's because of a genuine threat from her country or because of the darkness in his own past. Trace knows he should let Mara go and does his best. But the cool, intelligent princess might just risk the one thing she has that is all her own her heart.  AMAZON LINK


An emotional story that was just okay to me.  

 There is a H.E.A. so that is good.

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