Friday, December 18, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Falling for Zeke: A Sweet Romantic Suspense (Stryker Security Force Book 1) by Sara Blackard


If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's exciting clean security romance series.


An ex-Army Special Operations member burned once by love. A single-mom stalked by a powerful enemy. Can he risk his heart for her safety?

Zeke has everything he could want.

A multi-billion dollar inheritance allows him to protect others...

… and with the camaraderie of his brothers-in-arms.

He spends his time growing his security firm and keeping his head down. Love is the last thing on his mind, until Samantha and her daughter are in need of his help.

Samantha used to have a comfortable life.

Now she waits tables to put food on her own.

Forced from the life she had built, Samantha works to restore what was lost. With her daughter in tow, she begins a new life in the Colorado mountains. It’s not perfect, but it’s all theirs. But when the tempting Zeke offers to help her, she begins to wonder if love could heal her shattered life.

What will Samantha do when past troubles come knocking?

Will Zeke protect his heart or will Samantha shatter his defenses?  AMAZON LINK 


I really liked this story a lot.  Zeke and Samantha(Sam) made for good main characters. It was pretty easy to like both of them and care what happens to them. This story had plenty of emotions, action, attraction, and a developing romance.  Both Zeke and Sam both are longing for a family of their own.  It's clear to see that Zeke is blessed with at least one family, the men of his team.

 The story does a good job of showing how lonely and abandoned that both main characters had felt as they were growing up.  Both also have something else in common.  A fear to open their hearts to more pain; like falling in love.

Eva, Sam's daughter  was delightful.  And so was the interaction of Eva with the men of Zeke's security team.  Eva quickly "adopts" them as her uncles. There was more than one funny moment between them as the men quickly "adopted" her right back.

Kiki who is Eva's aunt, adds a lot of questions about her motives.  The rest of the Carmichael family motives are plain as day. 

The dangers are still out there for Sam and Eva but that does come to a satisfying end.  So does the rest of the dangers.  

There is also a welcome H.E.A. 



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