Thursday, December 24, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Codename Romeo (Rogues and Rescuers Book 1) by [Lucy Leroux] *


One FBI agent… one single mother… and a toddler who steals his heart.

All FBI agent Ethan Thomas wants is to come home to his new apartment and enjoy the luxury of his new flat-screen TV and some frozen pizza. Encountering a tiny toddler alone in the hall changes everything for the rough and rugged agent. Relief sets in when the child's mother appears. But when she collapses at his feet just before a blizzard hits Boston, Ethan is in over his head.

Now, Ethan is changing diapers and playing doctor… and loving every minute of it. The mother and child need a place to stay, and Ethan can't possibly turn them away. But this investigator knows people—and the woman he’s falling for is keeping secrets. Can he uncover the truth while protecting them from the dangers of his job? AMAZON LINK  


 I enjoyed this book.  Both Ethan and Julie/Juliet.   And not forget feisty Luna, the tiny toddler. She was a hoot. 

It was filled with tenderness, humor, danger, action and a romance that starts out carefully.

There is a good secondary cast of people who add to the story.  There is even a Russian gangster, Viktor who plays more of a minor but I found interesting part.  I wouldn't mind reading his story as well.

Everything comes to a active ending with surprises but also a H.E.A. and Epilogue.


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