Tuesday, December 22, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Inherited Love: A Medical Romance Series (A Dalton Sibling Book 1) by [Katie Mettner] *


Cinnamon Mabel Dalton always struggled to fit in. A musical savant at an early age, Cinn’s life was anything but easy. After a failed marriage and broken heart, she worried she would never find someone who understood her devotion to her craft, and her family. Then her Grandma Mable passed away, she inherited a two-hundred-pound Saint Bernard, and her whole life changed.

Dr. Foster Kern, the director of the Little Ivywood Humane Society, spent hours with Mable Dalton being regaled with stories about her granddaughter, Cinn. Suddenly face-to-face with the woman he had heard so much about, he realized Mabel didn’t do her justice. Cinn’s exotic looks and giant heart were exactly what he’d been searching for, but he truly believed a woman like Cinn would never be interested in a guy like him.

Cinn and Foster team up to protect her grandmother’s legacy, but neither of them could predict how quickly they would discover a mutual happiness they’d both been searching for. When fate unwittingly reveals Cinn’s hidden truth, she has two choices; trust her heart to Foster or run away from a lifetime of love.  AMAZON LINK

 4.5 STARS

I really liked this story a lot. A lot of that had to do with the winsome main characters.  They had depth and heart.  Even Brutus the inherited Saint Bernard had a lot of heart. 

I liked that Foster was NOT the expected hunk that some stories feature.  It was something different and he also had some self-esteem issues because of his less than stellar ripped body.  He did however have tenderness, honesty and caring along with his very skilled vet skills and  youthful face.  It just made me like him all the more.

 It didn't hurt to find out  Cinn was a gorgeous, talented woman who cared so much for others.  She often put others before her self when it came to taking care of them. 
The author strung me along for quite awhile before revealing the "stomach issues" that Cinn had.

 Mabel who refused to be called Grandma was a whole other bundle of interesting.  Slowly over time, we get to know more about her even though she is now dead.  Definitely a character with depth. 

 I had my suspicions about the harm that was going on at the shelter and I guessed correctly.  HOWEVER, there was so much more to that part of the story and I enjoyed the twists that came out.

I liked how the story ended and the Epilogue was sweet as well.


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