Thursday, December 10, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- The Magnolia Story (with Bonus Content) by Chip and Joanna Gaines



This eBook includes the full text of the book plus an exclusive additional chapter from Chip and Joanna that is not found in the hardcover! A National Bestseller - New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publisher's Weekly. 

Fall in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines, as you read their story about love, adventure—and dreaming big.

The Magnolia Story is the first book from Chip and Joanna Gaines, who captured hearts on their HGTV show Fixer Upper, which ran for 5 seasons. It offers fans a detailed look at their life together—from the very first renovation project they ever tackled together, to the project that nearly cost them everything; from the childhood memories that shaped them, to the twists and turns that led them to the life they share on the farm today. 

In The Magnolia Story fans will finally get to join the Gaines behind the scenes and discover:

  • The time Chip ran to the grocery store and forgot to take their new, sleeping baby
  • Joanna’s agonizing decision to close her dream business to focus on raising their children
  • When Chip buys a houseboat, sight-unseen, and it turns out to be a leaky wreck
  • Joanna’s breakthrough moment of discovering the secret to creating a beautiful home
  • Memories and photos from Chip and Joanna’s wedding
  • And more...

Discover the secret to Chip & Joanna’s success—and the ups and downs they experienced along the way. You’ll laugh, maybe even cry, and realize that you can also dream big in your own life.



What a wild ride this couple has been on. And it made for good reading.  

Joanna was a follow the rules, in the box thinker who plays things safe.  Well, she was before she met and married risk taker, Chip.  

I found the explanation about the Magnolia flower interesting and it showed how appropriate the title of this book is.  Of and of course how they used that name in many places too.

I liked how the book flowed as Joanna and Chip's P.O.V.'s were shared. I also liked how their faith in God was shared.  They began to see the many just in time miracles that showed up in their lives when they trusted God and did the right things. 

 One of my favorite things was when Joanna said that Chip was wild at heart.  What a great, fitting, description. I've watched the Fixer Upper show quite a few times and thought that Chip was a fun, kind of goofy guy.  It was good to see that he was SO much more too.  Got to look at some of the 'inner workings" of the man.  It also answered the question of whether or not his real name was Chip or not.  

Joanna said something that was easy for me to relate to and it was good to see that it wasn't just me.  She doesn't like her house to be messy (or cluttered).  If it's too messy, she can't think straight.  I totally get that.

They've learned a lot through their whole process to date; both together and individually.  It benefited other people as well as their children too.

There is a Q & A at the end of the book with both Joanna and Chip.   

I borrowed this book for free with my Prime Reading membership

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