Saturday, December 26, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Savage Bytes (Hacked Investigations Book 2) by Sarah Makela *


If Ian and Hannah don't work together, they may be torn apart...

Private investigator Hannah Franklin has a new partner, her lover and technomage, Ian Bradley. But they may be in over their heads when brought in by their friend from the hospital to quietly solve a case that baffles even the police. The victims are being murdered in a ritualistic fashion with their blood drained and organs removed.

When Ian's attention narrows solely to their work, he'll need to keep their relationship strong, or he could find himself repeating a painful past.  AMAZON LINK


This eBook cover caused me to slow down and read the book information because of how good the cover looked. 

The story felt like it started out a bit stiff but it did warm up as time went on.  So did some of the scenes between Hannah and Ian as lovers.  There was just a few of those though.

As it turns out, this story wasn't one I enjoyed as much as I had hoped.  I do have to give the author credit though because of all the medical and technology information.  For me, the murder technique was kind of gross.   But then I'm probably like Hannah when it comes to being sensitive to that kind of details. 

The supernatural part was done well too although I was not a fan of Bernard, the gnome. 

The story winds up with plenty of action and danger, which I also give the author points for.

Included is an excerpt of "Blacklist Rogue".  

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