Friday, December 11, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Never Goodbye (The Barrington Billionaires Book 7) by [Ruth Cardello] *


In the Barrington family, Ian is the fixer. He lives a double life—one that has provided him with the skills to save his family more than once. Reuniting with the brother they’d all believed was dead has shaken him to the core. He is driven to find the responsible party regardless of the consequences.

Claire Wendell’s best friend recently married into the very powerful, very troubled Barrington family. When she stepped away from her own life to help Annie and Kade settle into theirs, she had no idea it would put her on a possible suspect list.

She’s bold enough to stand up to Ian and intuitive enough to see past his anger, but love may not be enough to protect the family when the truth about the woman who raised Kade is revealed.

How important is the truth?

Is it worth losing everything?   AMAZON LINK



I had mixed feelings on this one. Often there was rehashing of several things that kind of slowed the story and that I didn't enjoy as much.  So although I liked parts of the story, I can't say it was a favorite. 

 Both of the main characters were complex people.  The story was definitely an emotional one. The Barrington family were dealing with some painful issues, trying to heal.  And a lot of Ian's anger comes from so many unanswered questions about his brother, Kade's kidnapping as an infant. 

Claire was working through a lot of past pain and was putting it to use in business.  She was succeeding and she was relatable. She was strong, funny and a loyal friend too.

Another part that I did like was the humor that popped up.  Connor and Dylan who were twin "adults" added to that humor.  The reason I said adults in quotes is because of some of their pranks.  One of them had to do with Ian and he wasn't amused.  The twins had been folded into the family through marriage.   But they were basically harmless though at times hadn't thought things through.

 Ian has a job that no one talks about but it has it's dangers that the family is unaware of.  He has kept that secret because he had to and to protect his family.  It also brings Bradford into the picture with an interesting twist or two at the end.

There is a good H.E.A.  with a lot of the answers that Ian needed being answered. 


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