Thursday, May 7, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Inside Threat (Omega Sector: Under Siege #4) by Janie Crouch

 If he wanted her help catching a killer... he probably shouldn't have seduced her then thrown her in prison.

Hayley Green never wanted to see Omega special agent Cain Bennett again. Ever. He seduced her, then sent her to prison for hacking, and Hayley's only just started piecing her life back together. Except now Cain needs Hayley's help to catch a murderer. Their past is colliding with their still-smoldering attraction...and the only thing more dangerous than the killer is the secrets Hayley's been keeping.
 Hayley and Cain have a complicated history. Cain doesn't trust Haley but he can’t solve his case without her help. The closer they get to catching a killer, the harder it is for Haley to reveal the truth…AMAZON LINK


The books name change threw me when it came to finding it on Amazon but the book itself was excellent.  The title I had originally was "Inside Threat" but it was still subtitled Omega Sector: Under Siege #4 so that helped finding it.
I enjoyed every drop of this tense, edge of the seat story.  Excellent people, whether you liked them a lot or not.  I did like them and the secondary people in the story as well. There is plenty of emotion, mysteries, danger and close calls with death. 
I liked how everything came to a dramatic conclusion.  Everything is exposed and overcome except for the one main thing that still concerns Cain and the agency.  I'm sure that thread continues in this series.  Although I'm not sure how many books it's going to take to get to that answer.  

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