Sunday, May 31, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Her Billionaire Rancher Boss (A Cowboy of Her Own, Book One) by Genevieve Turner *

Her Billionaire Rancher Boss (A Cowboy of Her Own, Book One) by [Genevieve Turner]
 The handsome cowboy is completely off limits...

Benedict Merrill is the perfect cowboy: rugged, wealthy, and handsome as sin. He'd be perfect for Pilar... if he wasn't her boss. In her wildest fantasies she's in his bed every night, but there's no way she can seduce him. Not unless something changes.

She can be his... but not forever...

To escape the burning tension between them, Pilar only has one option: resignation. But once Benedict has her two weeks notice, all bets are off. He wants her between the sheets, on the floor, and anywhere else he can have her. A short steamy affair should be everything Pilar could hope for.

But what will she do when her heart wants more? Can she convince her rancher to stay with her for good?  AMAZON LINK
    3 STARS

I had a hard time getting into this story.  I found it kind of disappointing.  It had the emotions that you hope for in a story and potentially good main characters.  BUT, I found that the main parts of the story were kind of shallow and somewhat buried under what seemed like erotica. Sure, there was tenderness and well written sex scenes but I like more story with my books.  It was also somewhat predictable.   I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it either. 

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