Saturday, May 23, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Anything for Love (Hunter Brothers #1) by Lola St. Vil *

Anything For Love (Hunter Brothers, #1)

 An emotionally scarred beauty who has closed the door on love...
...isn’t ready for a hardened cop who wants to be her hero.
Is she destined for a lonely life, or is there hope for her frozen heart?

Winter’s latest nightmare of a date gets worse with an ex-boyfriend sighting - the same jerk who betrayed her trust. Desperate to escape, she wiggles out a bathroom window to avert a crisis, only to crash into a bigger one.

Winter falls into a police stakeout and lands in the arms of handsome NYPD homicide detective Wyatt. He’s furious at the distraction, but can’t take his eyes off her. As the tension between them heightens, he needs to figure out how to romance a stubborn ice queen and make her melt. Will his efforts be in vain, or can he fight through her defenses so real love can salvage them both?


Although this book had some good moments, it just didn't pull me in like I had hoped.  
I did like how the story was written where one chapter had Winter's view and then the next was Wyatt's.  I also liked that it didn't rehash everything action by action like some books do. I also could see that Wyatt really was a good guy. And he was full of some surprises.
Winter is still coming out of her victim mentality and makes some headway and then slips back too.  She's still kind of shell shocked by a man's betrayal.   But there is also some funny moments as well.  And Winter's friend Jana is someone who made me laugh more than once because of her no filter, outrageous remarks.

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