Sunday, May 10, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Guarding The Billionaire: Part 1 by Jenny Devall *

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 I’m not your typical woman, and I don’t have a typical job. I’m athletic, witty, intelligent, and I carry a gun; I’m a bodyguard.

I love receiving new assignments…usually. However, when I found out I’d be protecting the billionaire scientist, Charles Gaithers, I actually cringed. With his gorgeous gray eyes and sexy black hair, he may not remember me, but I remember him…and the time he called me “Fatty Costello” in high school.

The years have passed, and I’m no longer an overweight teen, yet one thing remains the same…what Charles Gaithers wants, Charles Gaithers gets. The crazy thing is that the thing he seems to want right now—is me! A night or two getting to know each other—in the physical sense—can’t hurt, can it?

My plan is simple. 1.) I’m going to protect Charles Gaithers from whoever is trying to kill him 2.) I’m going to protect my heart from breaking into a million pieces when this assignment is complete and our fun is over.

I only hope I can follow my plan.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part serial. Cliffhanger ending!
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  The unusual book information caught my eye.
Both of the main characters were so different from each other; total opposites. One thing I realized that they had in common was their work ethic. That and their attraction to each other. Heather manages to be professional and keep that desire under wraps for quite a while. But you know that isn't going to last forever right? But she still manages to call the shots when it comes to keeping things in line, most of the time.
Charles is a scientific genius with a large determination to come up with a drug cure for a specific disease. And his mother is a large part of that reason since she needs that cure. He is a genius but I thought he was stupid when it came to his decision with Heather after there is an attack at his business and she was just doing her job. No a genius move there.
I really wanted to like this story more and I was irritated at myself for not realizing that it was going to end on a cliffhanger. I don't think I will be following up the story because it just didn't pull me in quite enough.

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