Sunday, April 19, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Ramona and the Renegade (Forever, Texas Book 2) by Marie Ferrarella

 Deputy Joe Lone Wolf never would've guessed that helping someone at the side of the road in a thunderstorm would throw his carefully controlled world into a tailspin. But that's exactly what happens when he realizes the sexy "stranger" is his childhood best friend, Ramona. He's spent years convincing himself that she deserves more than a former rebel with a scarred past. But all it takes is one stormy night in a deserted cabin with Ramona to make the fierce lawman change his mind.

Falling for Joe is a risk veterinarian Ramona Santiago knows she shouldn't take. Everyone she's trusted has let her down and left her alone…except him. Can she possibly hope that she and Joe were always meant to be more than friends?  AMAZON LINK
     3 STARS


This book had good main characters.  The only thing is that for me it just didn't seem to really have all that much going on. The story itself was slow.   The "love" from a distance thing went on a bit too long for me.  Although it was clear that both Joe and Ramona had not had an easy childhood.   Their friendship is still in place..kind of.  And Ramona is SO prickly with Joe that also got kind of got old for me, even though I was understanding some of her issues.  Her world was at loose ends with all the changes that were doing on. 
There is a lot of inner dialogues for both of the M.C.'s.  Along with a fair amount of angst.
There is a H.E.A. that does count in it's favor for the story.  I also have to agree with the other deputy Larry when he basically said, "It's about time."

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